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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well as we all know by now lord buttfuck`s radio show dreams are crashing like Enron`s stocks did in the early 2000`s.

Looking for a possible new job, i mean A job, voo decides to try out as a reporter.

You can take a man out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of a man.

Keep trying voo.

Till next time



geezus claws said...

Note how Kate was so insulted when Voo went on his rant. So insulted that she had to mute him.
But hasn't Kate witnessed these rants before? Not only has she witnessed them, but joined in with him and enjoyed it while watching the victim. How could she be insulted if she was an active participant before?
That of course is obvious. The tables were turned and the rant was directed at her.
So what is she saying now? Yes her victim/predator storyline is the main theme. But what is the secondary theme?
Her second underlying theme is Voo's viscousness towards the guests of his room, and Voo's tolerance towards unfair admins.
But yet Kate was an active participant in this behavior before. Not only active, but encouraging it. You can even see shades of it on this very blog. The way she attacks those that disagree with her. The classic method Voo taught her.

Kate you are nothing more than a jilted Vooite that was cast aside like a fat girl at the prom. Now you have nothing. You've alienated all those you mocked while you were under the hand of Voo, now you've bitten the hand that fed you.
You're lost. Alone. An outcast. And what's worse is, you've gone against isabellah, who you know will go straight to Voo to ensure your exclusion.

You'll be hard pressed to find a new Paltalk life by use of this blog.

geezus claws said...

Oh and great post Drama Pro. It does eventually seep out of him. LMAO

Weetbix101 said...

Claws on Mushies aka ArchieWanker, do u ever have anything political to discuss?

Mr Bwahahaha ur by far the dumbest,useless dickhead on Paltak lol.

Ok u hates Voo but yet spend most of ur times in his room (go figure!)

U can't stand Isa nor Kate yes 99% of ur comments are addressed to them (go figure!)

U can't stand JC and his blog yet ur in here everyday ranting like an hysterical little church lady (go Figure!)

Ur borderline obsessive about these people,and i wonder ...why?
Your medical condition if left untreated can lead to some serious early dementia.

Hope u have health cover.

Hey sweety last but not least,stop being a coward and reveal ur own Paltalk nic.

C'mon u CAN do it!

geezus claws said...

Buckwheat Dix your spelling, grammar and inability to form a coherent sentence aside, I was able to grasp this little nugget of what you spewed ...

"Claws on Mushies aka ArchieWanker, do u ever have anything political to discuss?"

Wetdix do you realize you have just left a comment that has nothing political in it? But that's OK because the post itself has nothing political in it either. Nor did the earlier posts left by Kate that I commented on. Perhaps you can enlighten us on how to post something political on these posts that are clearly NOT political.
Could it be you're frustrated because it's painting your Paltalk heroes in a bad light? Hey let's just blame Voo and lively's behavior on Bush !!!

PS: Geezus Claws IS my Paltalk nic. But I see you're too engrossed in learning English to look that up.


(extra laugh for BuckwheatDix)

Hmmmmm I wonder.

a said...

This is too funny. I fell from my chair laughing. TY DramaPro

Weetbix101 said...

Must take greater care of my spelling and grammar lol.
That's all it takes to send the little church lady into a hysterical fit.
Hey i don't want to be aggravating her mental condition.

Funny though,no one has heard about a Geesus Claws's nic coming into Voo's room.

She wouldn't be lying,would she?

Bwahahahaha may be she did!

Anonymous said...

Weetbix Sucks Oatmeal is betterac

Weetbix101 said...

ANON 10:34 agree i don't eat weetbix myself, too much sugar.
Long ago i was sitting at my desk about to register as a new user for Paltalk.
A box of cereals on the shelves caught my attention and it became my nic.