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Friday, June 27, 2008

Democrats are brilliant.

One good donation deserves another.
Bill and Hillary Clinton on Friday contributed $2,300 apiece online to Barack Obama’s campaign after Obama and his wife, Michelle, wrote checks for the same amount to Hillary Clinton.
The Obamas’ donation - the maximum amount they could give - was meant to help retire Clinton’s campaign debt.
But since Obama already has called on his top fundraisers to join in that effort, the Clintons apparently felt free to give back.
The donation swapping came as Obama and Hillary Clinton attended their first joint campaign stop in the town of Unity, N.H.
They pledged to work together and called on voters to set aside the hurt feelings of a bruising primary.

Ok, who is the winner here?

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Anonymous said...

It's enough to make you puke...and in UNITY? They couldn't get any cornier with the script at this point.

-Jeremias X

Anonymous said...

Democrats writing checks. Where have I heard that before?

tommyjohnson44 said...

The really sad thing is Clinton and Obama both think they just got $4600.00 richer.