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Saturday, June 14, 2008



Dear Rattlers, what a busy week we have had blogging, hasn't it been amusing watching people trying to defend the indefensible?

It is a cold Saturday afternoon and I am snug and warm inside my little valley hide-away, far from the madness of that place known as the United States of America. Through the week I was sent a recording of Vooette's meltdown in Mainstream Politics. For several days I just kept pushing it to the bottom of the pile of things to do as I knew the outpouring was predictable. Lots of bleeding pussies, cunt whores, and "You can't do drama with me you half white black bitch!"

Now seeing as Vooette is camera shy and doesn't post a profile or even send his photograph to a woman whose life he is about to wreck, we have NO idea whether he is BLACK or WHITE, half or FULL anything. What we do know is that his rants leave us with an image of what we call here in Australia " a raging Queen" Which is a homosexual person who likes to cross dress. His vocabulary which is not one of his strong points at best, is reduced to an unintelligible flurry of four letter expletives even a fool with a single digit IQ could manage.

Poor Vooette, has a 'yellow belt' in hurling vile abuse at women. Yet we hear him time and time again tell us how he 'respects women'. MMMM.....well the displayed behavior simply doesn't match the claim. I do recall the room pissing themselves laughing at Vooette's melt down, and others even more lame brained than he his thinking he was 'slapping' me around. I had the fool on mute, and frankly if I had heard this live I would have broken a rib laughing.

Vooette several people have told me that you just can't let this go, that you are furious that you have been outed for being the fake, and predator that you are. I had over 150 IM's supporting me, and many women thanked me for the warning. Sorry if I screwed with your victim list. Never mind there are plenty of dumb and desperate women out there who will find you irresistible. God knows why, they must like their men on the far side of dense.

Rattlers on my Pal list and I know there are many, if who want the Vooette meltdown audio files, they are classic pieces of lunacy that will have you rolling on the floor, just leave me an off line message and I will send them. I was thinking of sending the audio files to the USA Attorney General's Office to alert them that this clown is masquerading as a legal professional.

The reputation of the USA for breeding buffoons has advanced considerably ever since George Bush Jr. starting strutting the international stage, looking lost and bewildered as to where he was, and why he was sent there. Having Vooette running around screaming like a cast member of Le Cage Aux Folles, who just discovered someone took the glue for his stick-on fingernails, is petrol onto the flames of an already laughable international reputation the USA has throughly earned in the past 8 years.

For all those Paltalk clowns one meets around the place who believe that Aunty Kate is afraid of Vooette and won't go back to his room, for a fear of being slapped with his handbag, let me tell you it is not fear of the flying sequins that keeps me away, it is principles. For all of SLINK's misgivings and his confusion about whether it is OK to reward the bad behavior of the Republican party, I have not heard of any woman he has shaken down and hurt. He does have to balls not to red dot speakers, who disagree with him, and I don't find myself in agreement with him on much at all. However, I do respect his courage to slog it out and not cry like a big girl's blouse and abuse his admin hat in the way Vooette did this week.

On the audio files Vooette said that Aunty Kate only got to where she did in life hiding in a 'white' skin. There is no doubt that people in the USA and Australia get a better ride through life if they are not dark skinned. It is true I have never had a taxi cab go sailing past in the rain without stopping. Other members of my family suffered much more overt discrimination than I have done, that is also true. Vooette says I would not have achieved what I achieved if I hadn't pretended to be white. That I would not have been accepted. Vooette, I, and many other Aboriginal people who are much darker than I am, had enough talent that we achieved success in spite of the disadvantages that existed for ALL Aboriginal people regardless of skin colour.

Vooette, you are only 42 years old according to a conversation we had, so YOU did not experience the discrimination of your black brothers and sisters before the Civil Right Bill was signed in the early 1960's. All the HARD WON fights were over and your punk arse has had a free ride since by comparison. You said that you can't trace your heritage back to slavery, that your family were FREE immigrants to the USA. Which is why you probably made that outrageous statement the week that Rosa Parks died, which was "Rosa Parks didn't' do anything special" Remember that fight we had Vooette? I bet there are plenty of people in Paltalk who recall that. You didn't win that argument either and flew into one of your vile rages. I just laughed at you then, and I still do. Remember I said to you then Vooette you never had to live through a time when someone said to you, "get to the back of the bus Nigger!" And you didn't. You came along after it was possible for black Americans to go to University and ride at the front of the bus. As the son of free immigrants you never suffered the decades of discrimination of the black Americans who can trace their heritage back to the dark days of street lynchings and beyond. So you sit your punk arse down and don't try to act like a black American who shares that history of suffering, because you don't.

Vooette with all your immigrant privileges and opportunities that were not available to people like Buddy Romance and others, you did nothing with those opportunities, so you come into a chat room pretending to be an educated man. What pisses you off about a man like Obama, is that he too was born after the real fight for civil rights were won and he did something with the advantages. While you are a total loser who hangs around a chat program shaking down women who are desperate enough to fall for your bullshit.

Vooette, being a woman and to have achieved what I have done was quite a feat in my country, at the time, without the disadvantages of being an Aboriginal woman, which was never concealed. In fact my achievements were often held up as an example to other women Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal alike to show what was possible if one worked hard, and ignored the obstacles. So you see you silly little punk, you could never take me on, I would whip your dumb arse with one hand tied behind my back and anytime you want to humiliate yourself as you did in the meltdown last week, let me know, I'll make time just for the sport.


geezus claws said...

You just can't let it go can you Kate. You sit there day after day, fuming in anger for some payback, and the story changes every time you tell it. Now all of a sudden Voo is gay. He wasn't gay in your first post. Now all of sudden you didn't hear his rant because you had him on mute. You didn't mention him being muted in your first post. Now all of a sudden there's an audio file of the incident. No mention of one before.

And the funniest of all .....
The Attorney General of the United States of America is going to get a call from some old bag in Australia warning them about a made up nic name on a chat program who's pretending to be a lawyer.
Oh yes that one will go straight to Homeland Security.

Kate if you want us to hear a good audio file we can laugh at, please tape that call for us.

PS: You never did explain to everyone why you named Mitsuk as the victim, when you clearly stated in your first post that you were keeping her identity private.

AUNTY KATE said...

Geejuz Cloddhooper, you are dense. Do you imagine that I REALLY WOULD call the US Attorney General's Department to report a clown in a chat room?

geezus claws said...

Are you denying you said in this post?
I'll refresh your memory. Here's your quote:
"I was thinking of sending the audio files to the USA Attorney General's Office to alert them that this clown is masquerading as a legal professional."

Anonymous said...

WOW judging from the comments on the last 4 blog posts from Kate, she better just give up and keep quiet. She's digging a hole deeper and deeper

Anonymous said...

It's not the first time that a woman fell in love with a gay man.(especially one who is hiding it)

The problem here is that this gay man actually hates women. He only uses them as toys to prove to himself that his hate is valid.

Anonymous said...

IF the ole bag, auntykate, has 150 supporters why doesn't she open her room and get her 150 purported supporters to join her?

Bet that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

Touch Down

Anonymous said...

All I want to know is, in Kate’s and Voo’s marriage which is the wife?

AUNTY KATE said...

ANONYMOUS 1:20 There are no limits that a man will to go to when he fears being outed for a predilection for other men. Whether Vooette is actually a "Queen" or not I really don't care, it does not effect me one way of the other. All I am saying in this blog is that when he gathers up his skirt for a rant he reminds me of the she/males I knew from Les Girls many years ago. All foam and feathers, spitting and scratching and like a cat on heat.

For the rest of the dimwits who have posted here, what can I say? You all seem to hang around in wait for Aunty Kate to titivate you.

As for opening a room? No thanks, my I am more than happy to support the other rooms on Paltalk where the room owners don't launch into allow vile verbal assaults on women when they can't win an argument.

As to the comment about the USA Attorney General. I want you kiddies to look up the word FACETIOUS.

Carmen_ said...

With all due respect, Kate, there's an American idiom that applies here: When you find yourself in a hole STOP DIGGING.

Anonymous said...

"I was thinking of sending the audio files to the USA Attorney General's Office to alert them that this clown is masquerading as a legal professional."

Anybody else see the jest here? I sure don't but I'm legally blind. Maybe I missed one of kate's hundred thousand commas, none of which serves any real purpose. Makes you wonder, huh? I mean how does a woman who cannot construct a coherent sentence become a published writer? And how does she win an award for it? Wait, I think I know the answer to that. Can anybody else guess? Come on now. There's got to be somebody out there who can guess what the award would be.

Anonymous said...

Listen up people. It's time to play "What's Wrong With This Sentence!" Ready? Here we go:

For all of SLINK's misgivings and his confusion about whether it is OK to reward the bad behavior of the Republican party, I have not heard of any woman he has shaken down and hurt.

Name the subject and object (direct and/or indirect) of this sentence. The winner will get a copy of kate's book. That is when it's finally published. In a decade or two.

AUNTY KATE said...

ANON: For those who are obsessed with sentence structure on blog posts, that are usually written very late and night and never checked for perfect syntax, I say blah blah, like I give a shit about nit-pickers.

AUNTY KATE said...

Carmen: I don't feel any sense of being in a hole. The last blog post was part tease, part seriously addressing Vooette's girly rant. It is of no consequence to me how individuals perceive me to be.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from voo? that is his tactic , if he cant win an argument he goes on a screaming frothing rant and tries to be as vile as possible and thinks that wins the argument or makes good conversation, it is not too hard to see that obviously the man (term used loosely) has some serious issues in real life that he needs to sort out. I mute the room when he takes the mic most of the time being as that he rarely says anything of value.

geezus claws said...

But note how Kate was so insulted when Voo went on his rant. So insulted that she had to mute him.
But hasn't Kate witnessed these rants before? Not only witnessed them, but joined in with him and enjoyed it. How could she be insulted if she was an active participant before?
That of course is obvious. The tables were turned and the rant was directed at her.
So what is she saying now? Yes her victim/predator storyline is the main theme. But what is the secondary theme?
Her second underlying theme is Voo's viscousness towards the guests of his room, and Voo's tolerance towards unfair admins.
But yet Kate was an active participant in this behavior before. Not only active, but encouraging it. You can even see shades of it on this very blog. The way she attacks those that disagree with her. The classic method Voo taught her.

Kate you are nothing more than a jilted Vooite that was cast aside like a fat girl at the prom. Now you have nothing. You've alienated all those you mocked while you were under the hand of Voo, now you've bitten the hand that fed you.
You're lost. Alone. An outcast. And what's worse is, you've gone against isabellah, who you know will go straight to Voo to ensure your exclusion.

You'll be hard pressed to find a new Paltalk life by use of this blog.

AUNTY KATE said...

Excluded from the Voo Club? OMG, how will I ever survive. LOL

Anonymous said...


i have two comments for you regarding voo. i am a female chatter, neutral, and free from paltalk drama and have the following observations to share. I don't care who likes whom in this scenario. None of us are perfect and some of us can get on others' nerves pretty easily for whatever reason.

However, one thing that I have noticed about Voo is this -- whenever someone claims that s/he is a racial minority, but not Black, and speaks of discrimination, Voo makes sure he reminds them that no other race could have ever experienced what blacks have experienced in the US.

It is as if there is a victimization war going on. If the chatter identifies him/herself as lets say Latino/Latina, Voo then promptly reminds them the difference between race, culture, and ethnic identity. Its as if he is the only person of the only race that has suffered the most atrocities on this planet. I am not sure if he is looking at the whole planet for I find his views of racial woes to be quite ethnocentric.

Last, but not least, it is clear that Voo is intimidated by intelligent women who disagree with him. He does not engage them with respect and dismisses them on the mic and when he is done saying his piece he declares that his were the last words spoken and that he does not need to hear anymore on the topic.

He did this with a woman from the UK once (forget her name) while she was trying to explain something from a more global perspective and historical reference.

Voo in his all victimization glory of being Black hears half of it, tears the decontextualized part that he heard, rips apart the woman, calls her stupid on the mic, and when he is done, he said that he is done speaking about the topic and does not want to hear anything else from her. The lady came on the mic, quite dumbfounded, and said ok thats fine, lets move on. I suspect she felt that any more words from her could have censoring or banning consequences.

I know that Kate might rub some people the wrong way in the chat room. However Voo's daily act of one-upmanship of being a racial victim, coupled with silencing strong intelligent women is really pathetic and is a sign of weakness. Just my two cents.

AUNTY KATE said...


As with all abusers, and Voo is certainly that, he feels threatened by a woman he knows are not afraid of him, and that is certainly me.

As I said in my blog post Voo's family immigrated to the USA from somewhere, and precisely where he never said. But he is only 41 years old, and therefore has no experience of the racial discrimination that has left deep scars on the psyche of Black Americans who can trace their heritage back to slavery.

Voo also has no empathy for other minority groups, such as Native Americans or the other minority groups you have mentioned.

He swings on the coat tails of the African Americans, whose collective suffering he never endured, because it gets him some cyber pussy in the African American rooms.