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Monday, June 02, 2008


ALL of Australia's combat troops in southern Iraq will be home by the end of the month, the head of the Defence Force says.,23599,23796066-5007133,00.html


Weetbix101 said...

Pull the troops out of Afghanistan too.

America voted to go to war to protect their oil and geopolitical interests in the region.

Let them fend for themselves.

Its been 6 years since it all started,all they've managed to do is secure Kabul.Some achievement!

Many afghanis have died, women conditions have not improved , dope is flowing more than ever,Bin Laden is still missing,
Blackwater continues to protect Karzai (lol!)

Billions are wasted bribing murderous , criminals backwards Warlords to achieve some semblance of peace.

AUNTY KATE said...

Australia spent 2.6 billion in Afghanistan and 2.3 billion in Iraq. We have spilled the blood of innocent people, and it was all done on what Mr.Rudd has told Parliament was an "abuse of intelligence". That is as close as any western world leader will go to calling the USA President Bush a liar.

Nephilim70 said...

When the TommyJohnsons and the Karl Roves of the world are rounded up for the gallows. I will be there in the crowd cheering heartily!

ononotagain said...

I had a tangle with ALFIE over this, with Cartman heckling in the wings. Neither of them would even view ratttler.
None so blind as those who WILL not see!

Weetbix101 said...

Afghan war, random facts:

Thanks now that the Taliban is gone,women in Afghanistan are getting a better deal since the invasion,or are they?

After the US and allies invaded Afghanistan around seven years ago, they misleadingly claimed of bringing peace and democracy and liberating Afghan women from the bleeding fetters of the Taliban. But in reality Afghan women are still burning voraciously in the inferno of fundamentalism. Women are exchanged with dogs, girls are gang-raped, men in the Jehadi-dominated society kill their wives viciously and violently, burn them by throwing hot water, cut off their nose and toes, innocent women are stoned to death and other heinous crimes are being committed. But the mafia government of Mr. Karzai is tirelessly trying to conciliate with the criminals and award medals to those who should be prosecuted for their crimes and lootings....................

How much control do the warlords have over Afghanistan's drug trade?

Experts say the warlords take a cut of the money made from the country's drug trade, estimated at $2.3 billion last year, half the country's legitimate gross domestic product. "The military commanders who control the country are personally profiting from the drug trade," Gannon says. Rubin says the warlords profit at every level: they tax the opium grown locally, they charge tolls on the roads used to transport the opium to wholesale markets, and they take a share of the profits from the centers where the opium is processed. In addition, many warlords help get the drugs to international markets using their existing networks for moving men, money, and arms......

Afghan defense minister is a drug lord?

A report in the German newspaper Der Spiegel draws attention to "an open secret", which throws light on why action is not taken against the narcotics network. "Even the topmost member of the central government," it says, "is deeply mixed up in the drug trade." Describing the situation in the Kunduz province, where German soldiers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led (NATO) International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) have been deployed, the report says that Afghan Defense Minister Mohammed Fahim's power in this part of Afghanistan "is in large part supported by drug money. Up to now, his commanders have been regulating the opium trade within their spheres of influence. It's their primary source of revenue. Anyone who interferes with the trade in their districts lives dangerously."

Karzai's own brother is a naughty boy?
"Many chastise Karzai for being too docile in his dealings with corrupt governors and police chiefs and for maintaining ties for the country's former warlords. But Karzai's latest troubles are closer to home in nature: They center around allegations that one of his brothers is involved in drug trafficking. His younger brother Ahmed Wali Karzai is influential among the Popalzai, a Pashtun clan, in Karzai's home province of Kandahar and is the chairman of the provincial council. It is believed the Ahmed Wali is also the head of a group involved in opium and heroin trafficking that smuggles drugs to the West through Iran and Turkey. Sources in security circles claim that he provides protection for drug transports in southern Afghanistan."

Its not all gloom and doom, there is some good news ahead particularly for contractors, survey shows that wars are becoming more expensives and last longer.

Korean War $691 billion
Vietnam War $650 billion
Persian Gulf War $92 billion
Iraq/Afghanistan $758 billion (to be continued....)