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Saturday, October 07, 2006


For all Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy fans I got 2 shows that should be on your list to watch.

Oct 10,2006- Spike TV presents the Scream awards. An award show for us horror fans as voted by horror fans. The show starts at 10 pm EST. Please check out for more info.

Oct 23,2006- Fuse TV presents the Chainsaw Awards. This is another Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy awards show as voted by the horror fans out there. Please check out for more info. The Show starts also at 10 p.m.

Please join me by voting at both sites for your favorite horror movies.


Anonymous said...

i hear that pink little girl ruffled panties are all the rage for tough guys like you. since you're such a big well-known, late night horror show host known coast to coast and across the internet will you be handing out an award in your Mary Janes and pinafore?

zombiemaster said...
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zombiemaster said...

Hey Asshole:
That post wasn't for the likes of you, so please do the world a favor and go back to your Barney Videos.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Zombie just posts it on a site thats put out there for all to read.. except you!

Zombie, will you ever grow up?

Anonymous said...

wouldn't growing up mean getting a real job and stuff? doesn't growing up mean acting like a big boy instead of a little girl? no, zombiemaster© will never grow up. bbbbbbbbwahahahahahaha

FRisson1 said...

Dear anonymous coward, why not comment on the subject matter of the contributors instead of making feeble inept attempts at slamming the contributors.

As far as I am concerned anyone who can't put their nic on a comment is a cowardly immature pussy that no one pays attention too .... get a life anonymous (that means ALL of you anonymous pussies out their)

Anonymous said...

first off, no one gives a crusty fuck what you think, frisson. are you zombiemaster's mommie? your just another hypocrite that's full of shit, because you have lots of friends who post anonymously all the time, you dumb bitch. different when it's someone you don't agree with, huh? you are so 2-faced. either stick a tit in his mouth, STFU or go over to your favorite place and call all them pussies you coward.

FRisson1 said...

LMFAO...... I feel the same way about anyone friend or foe who doesn't have the balls to sign their nic to anything they have to say. Posting messages just to belittle people is a waste of every ones time.... the poster, the person belittled in the post and all the readers that have to sift through all the bull shit to find anything worth reading