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Friday, October 13, 2006


Keith Olbermann interviews former Faith-Based Initiatives official (and Special Assistant to the President) David Kuo, about his new book, Tempting Faith. Not surprisingly, the White House and Republican leaders think the Religious Right is made up of out-of-touch nutcases, and regard them with derision and contempt. Now, I personally am thrilled to hear that at the very least the GOP will not try to enact the repressive, sociopathic hatefulness that is the Christofascist agenda, but you moronic social cons who are looking for Republicans to fulfill your wishes, must really feel stupid:



Anonymous said...

;-) @ JC

Jay156 said...

the real message is pretty clear here Claus....Get the message out that ALL REPUBLICANS think Christians are nutballs...I mean someone wrote a book, must be true.

Then get him out on 60 Minutes and tell people..."Take a fast from politics." Lol Claus, the only chance democrats have is for the Republican base not to vote! That tells me the Democrats haven't exactly done a bang up job of "winning the hearts and minds" of the American people.

Michelle said...

I can't stand that fat fucker Rove. Everytime someone puts his face on a blog I want to puke. I wish they will keep the sneaky bastard hidden in a dungeon so we don't have to see him. The only reason he was not a politician is because nobody wants to vote for porky the pig. Oink oink!!I can only hope this liar, manipulator, cheat, and user is fully exposed one day.

Jay156 said...

Brilliant Michelle...fat jokes...I'm sure you're quite the looker.