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Monday, October 23, 2006


Jesus Claus posted a warning to those in paltalk that racist people still exist in this modern era of time and people use this to SLANDER him about his name. Look, Jesus' name is not about slamming people who are Christian, it's a statement about people's mentality when confronted with something they don't like. As evidenced in the comments section by AP and his inbred brother anonymous, they fell right into the trap and I can't help laughing at them.

Also, my post about the farting also proved that people will say anything about any subject, and yes, it was fun showing how pious people can be by saying how gross I was, or for me to light matches (been there, done that and got a scar on my nutsack to prove it). So, once again I show the world I can get a reaction out of anybody and my friends, the joke's on you. LOL

yours truly


Anonymous said...

It's racist, not rasist.
It's people's mentality, not mentally.
It's anonymous, not anonuymous.
It's pious, not poius, and
it's truly, not truely.

Sorry Bud, the joke is on you.

Anonymous said...

No, Zombie, the joke would only be on us if you ever won the National Spelling Bee! :) While everyone else was learning to spell you were setting fire to your little balls! lol

Facetious Muse said...

But, still some say that Sheikh Yur Buotty remark(s) were not racist. Amazing that to some mis spellings are a worst offense than hate-filled remarks.

Jay156 said...

facetious, noone is saying the remarks were definately not racist. People that aren't flaming liberals that have commented on it are just having a hard time feeling any sympathy towards Voo.

Why is it that he can call a person's wife a whore? Why is it that he can call people's children stupid or inbred? Why is it that he can call some one a fag or tell them to suck his dick, but he gets the free pass and the sympathy card because he happens to be black?

Sorry, when it comes to Voo there is no such thing as off limits...He has made the rules and there is nothing anyone can say to this worthless sack of shit that will ever make me feel sorry for him.

Eff25 said...

I can't speak for other times, but the time in question gives him some protection because mentioning his alleged hypocrisy distracts from his status as a victim, which he is regardless of past behavior.

If you want to comment on Voo, make a blog post about him, or petition one of this blog's contributors to make a post about Voo

Facetious Muse said...

Jay, you are wrong in your statement that "noone is saying the remarks were definately not racist" an anonymous poster said "Sheikh didn't state anything racist."

Now perhaps you have not been back at that thread, but I assure you that someone did in fact state it was not racist. You can take a look for yourself.

~~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

ONE person said it wasnt racist. Boy facetious muse you are so dim. If one person with blonde hair said the sky was green would you assume all people with blonde hair thought the sky was green?

The fact remains that voo deserves no protection or respect. Voo not only has spoken the things Jay has said but worse.

Anonymous said...

Who is Jesus Calus? anonymous, you missed one:

it's evident, not eveident and apparently zombiemaster can't remember how to spell his own name, and if he DID, he'd know that he spells it as one word, so he shouldn't abbreviate it using two initials. The man is an idiot, plain and simple. He's almost, but not quite as literate as isabellah LOLOLOL LMAO LOL LOL HAHAHAHA LOL LOL LMBO LOL HAHAHA LOL Need I say more?

FRisson1 said...

Muse..... It seems that when people have nothing to say on a subject they pick on peoples spelling.....How OCD can you get to worry about someone else's spelling. If I get the jest of a post who cares about the poster's spelling ..... I know who cares the insecure freaks that are always looking for the little errors of others to make themselves feel a little more secure

Anonymous said...


When people claim to be always putting themselves above others and trying to get others to believe that everyone else is beneath them; savoring opportunities to point out others incompetencies, deficiencies, inadequacies, and insufficiencies, like Zombie, and others; then yes, I will always do the same in return to them. Remember you get what you give. Keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Claus STILL won't respond !!!

Zombie is responding FOR him?


This is proof positive that Claus made his nic to harass a sect of religion


Anonymous said...

But Jesus IS responding. Jesus is sock puppeting through zombiemaster. Somebody call Lois Lane (isafellah)

Anonymous said...

Of COURSE Claus made it to offend Christians!

Anonymous said...

Seems some people are obsessed with Jesus Claus. Get a life.

Facetious Muse said...

Anonymouse, I was repling to Jay saying and I quote "facetious, noone is saying the remarks were definately not racist."

If you are going to reply to something I say, may I suggest you know what the hell my reply was in refernce to, so you won't look like such a fool next time?

Frisson, it seems you are right, people that are insecure and are seeing their world fall apart feel the need to attack on personal issues, instead of opening their eyes and seeing that they too were fooled. I guess they fall into the describation of 'SORE LOSERS'. Some will never reach maturity, if they can not admit they we're wrong. I truly do pity them.

Jay156 said...

um, world, as you so ridiculously put it, is not wrapped up in who wins elections. Frankly the difference between Washington liberals and Washington Conservatives is pretty negligible. You get insulted because you spew complete bullshit and try to pass it off as fact. I don't know if you get your stuff from, Alex Jones' radio show, or if you just simply make this shit up as you go along. The result, however, is usually something way off in left field.

Maybe you don't realize that Alex Jones is considered whacko propagana by most people. Maybe your point of view comes straight from the Weekly World News, I don't know. What I do know is that most of what you say here is completely insane.

Facetious Muse said...

Jay, huh? Where did I say "my world, as you so ridiculously put it, is not wrapped up in who wins elections" to you?

BTW Jay I am NOT a democrat, so you really need to quit making assumptions, you are usually wrong when you do.