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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


More dispatches from Vic, who lives beyond the 17th moon of Uranus:

Vic Ferrari Internet Icon: HASERT WONT GO
Vic Ferrari Internet Icon: WE DONT RESIGN

Well, Vic is almost right. So very, very close. In the sense of being completely full of shit. Shall we go down the list?

James "PhoneJammer" Tobin - Implicated in an election tampering scandal - Resigns as party chair.
Bob Ney - Pleads guilty to federal corruption charges - Resigns committee posts, won't seek reelection.
Randy "Duke" Cunningham - GOP Congressman, guilty of bribery - Resigns.
Michael "Heckuvajob" Brown - Head of FEMA. With others, bungles Katrina response - Resigns.
David Safavian - Top GSA Procurement Official in Bush White House, arrested on charges stemming from obstructing a federal investigation - Resigns.
Claude "StickyFingers" Allen - President Bush's principal domestic policy advisor, arrested for shoplifting - Resigns.
Tom DeLay - GOP House Majority Leader and smug asswipe, indicted for fund-raising violations - Resigns.

I'm sure there's more that I've forgotten. Vic, once again, you're wrong many times over. I'll tell you one thing, though. Republicans hang on to their power positions like rabid wombats, claws scraping as they are finally dragged into doing the honorable thing. Now, there have certainly been Dems who've done the same, Bill Cinton and William Jefferson being the most recent examples. But, Vic, Vic, son, please, face the facts. Modern Republicans are not honorable, and the more you rant and bleat about how they never resign, the dumber you sound. And believe me, there has to be a lower limit to how dumb you sound. We just haven't found it yet.



vacreeper2003 said...

Vic is beside himself JC! He sees the writing on the wall, and wants to gouge out his eyes for reading it! I'll bet he wishes he never finished the 4th grade in Alabamastan!

What's even more amazing is that Vic is all for the GOP in Foley's district BEGGING the people to vote for Mark Foley in the November election!!!!

Now that's a pedophile supporter if I've ever heard of one!

Jay156 said...

ummm...dumb shit...that's retarded even for you creeper...I'll try to explain this so that even an AWOL shit stain like yourself might be able to understand.

You see, ass clown, the ballot has to carry Foley's name... All of the votes cast for Foley will go to Negron...You can't actually vote for the new guy, so you have to cast your vote for Foley if you want the new guy to take office...So marking your ballot for Foley doesn't indicate support for a pedophile, you slow witted piece of dog shit.

However, your comments do indicate something....1. You're a dumb ass 2. You're a desperate dumb ass. Clinging to anything that might have wings at election time.

FRisson1 said...

Apparently by all the name calling Jay is running "Dumb Shit", "Shit stain", "Dumb ass", "Desperate dumb ass, LOL. I wonder what the new nics Jay, Vic and Virginia will adopt on Paltalk when the neocons get their asses kicked in November and they are embarrassed to show their faces under their current nics .... LMFAO..... this is toooo rich for words, lol

Anonymous said...

Vic Ferrari is right. Hastert will not go anywhere. If you guys could stop foaming at the mouth long enough to get facts you would know whats going on.

George Soros is working overtime lately.

Jay156 said...

oooh frisson...tell ya what genius...Ill be here, and I'll be handing out the same ass kickings to you liberal puddles of drizzling shit that I always have...I've come to look forward to election days this past decade...even in 04 when you folks where basically saying the same shit. It makes bashing you fucks all the more fun!