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Sunday, October 29, 2006


A fitting tribute to a noble catch-phrase:

Oh, and of course, yet again, Bush lied.



vacreeper2003 said...

This is tooooooooo funny. Damn dumb neocons!

FRisson1 said...

So glad you posted this JC. I nearly fell off my chair when I heard it on "Countdown". Tony Snow has sold his soul and become a liar like his Boss. he he he

IsabellaSays said...


Michelle said...

As I wipe a gentle tear away from my weeping eyes, I will always remember Stay The Course (sniff), it will be missed.

FRisson1 said...

why haven't the neocons voiced an opinion on this little video ..... don't they want to make a comment or refute the lie ....LMFAO

Anonymous said...

Really now, should the "neocons" be bothered by this.....or anyone else for that matter?

As a moderate, I find the little games so infantile and makes everyone look stupid. I haven't witnessed, so far, that "liberal PROGRESSIVES" are being progressive. I keep waiting to see if they really do understand what the word means.

Has EVERYONE been reduced to bickering for the sake of bickering? No one makes a point, no one seems to be logical, no one seems to have self-respect or respect for anyone else.

Keith Olberman exemplifies the angry buffoon and should be taken as such. If he's a souce for information you consider of value, then you need to realize how far you have sunk.

Note the thread where you lambast Rush Limbaugh for his outrageous display regarding Michael Fox. You're doing the very same thing using Olberman and YouTube.

Oh well, if we can't be intelligent just be "users". No one wins!

Michelle said...

Jeez, some people have no sense of humor.

The difference is...Olbermann stated the obvious and spoke the truth. Fox can't control his disease, what is the excuse of this administration? Democrats didn't make the repubs lie. Democrats didn't force repubs to keep spewing the same ole shite to Americans until they have become a running joke. Democrats didn't make them pedophiles. Democrats didn't make them be corrupt. And!!! FYI...there are many angry people in America who feel the same as Olbermann. You Moderates have no balls, get a backbone and figure out what you want instead of joining the bullies and picking on the underdogs. Show some grit, then show me where conservatives have been progressive in this administration? What I find interesting, is that you didn't talk about lies or how the repubs claimed that dems would cut & run, you called Olbermann a buffoon because he voiced his opinion about the deceit.

Anonymous said...

I thought the thread where Jesus Claus ran and hid without admitting his name was created to offend a religion was funnier. He got busted for calling someone a bigot, while his bigotry shined. What a dumbass!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I have a great sense of humor when something is funny. I love sarcasm in it's most effective and proper place.

I called Olberman a buffoon, because he is neither entertaining nor informative. He's just another cog in the wheel of negativity with no solutions and plenty of bile. If that's what you prefer, it's okay with me.

I can see where many things are wrong with our media and government. I do think in the end fairness will reign. In the mean time, I will not eat at the trough of bitterness and hatred, especially just to be amused. I don't think snacking there makes anyone happy.