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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


As we celebrate ghouls and goblins on this Halloween day, my thoughts turn to the upcoming mid-term elections in a few days. I think that the Republicans better be prepared to see their beloved president turn into a lame duck.

My predictions:
Dems take House
Dems take Senate
Bush is transformed into a lame duck overnight.
The world rejoices and everything is right again.

Be prepared America, Be prepared.....


Jay156 said...

Polls seem to say "Doom and Gloom" for Republicans...The Dems seemed poised to take control of both houses...Sen. Kerry, do you have any comments?



AnonymousPoster said...

It was indeed a scary day. John Kerry came out of his cave and spoke. He should have stayed in the cave.

Anonymous said...

Note how Jesus Claus is hiding. He's cowering in Mommy's basement ustil all this blows over. This is a VERY IMPORTANT recent development and every lefty on this blog is silent.


Anonymous said...

"You know, education -- if you make the most of it, you study hard and you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq." - John Kerry

This slime drenched libby stuck his foot firmly in his mouth (via his asshole) and now tries to cover it up by saying he "botched a joke"

How could a politician pull an isabellah like that

Michelle said...

I don't agree with Kerry's comments, but it is true, the poor youth of America have been taken advantage of, especially by slimeball recruiters. Also lured by the thought of their education being paid by uncle sam and big bonuses. Little did they know they would be giving their lives for the lies of traitors.

Jay156 said...


lol you blasted people for defending Mark Foley...then you turn around and try to spin in what you would have liked for him to say...He called our soldiers dumb. He didn't call them poor, disadvantaged, or anything else. His comments had nothing to do with inner-city youth being persuaded by recuriters. He said either you pay attention in school and make yourself smart or you end up in Iraq....Don't spin this into social commentary, it wasn't. It was nothing more that a glimpse into the heart and mind of an elitist.

Michelle said...

And... the point is...anyone with any intelligence would not have joined the military to go to Iraq, after they already knew that it was based on lies. You have to be a total dipshit to do that. So, think what you may of me, I don't give a flying fuck what republicans think of me. I also think Kerry is a dipshit. I cannot understand why he would pick this moment in time to make a stupid statement like that. That is political suicide and it makes me wonder what side of the court this guy is playing on. I have always wondered about him and his connections to Bush. I do not trust him. I might have placed my statement in another sentence, instead of incorporating it in my statement of not agreeing with Kerry. That is the only thing I regret.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Is Michelle one of the most ignorant Americans you have ever run across? This statement by her... 'And... the point is...anyone with any intelligence would not have joined the military to go to Iraq, after they already knew that it was based on lies. You have to be a total dipshit to do that."...Is just as bad if not worse than what John Kerry said. Come closer Michelle... BITCHSLAP!

As if that wasnt enough fodder for stupidity, she then says this..."I have always wondered about him and his connections to Bush."... I knew it would come!!! They will blame Bush for John Kerry's stupidity. Is there no limit to their ignorance? Michelle would blame Bush for the shit that comes out of her butt.

Jay156 said...

So michelle, you think Facetious Muse's son is a dipshit?

Interesting...Spin your ass out of this one smart one!

AnonymousPoster said...

Go ahead Michelle, let's see you try! Our soldiers are the most well educated bunch this country has ever had. If you campare them side by side, they are better educated than the average American public.

Oh and Michelle, you just called your butt buddy Vacreeper a dipshit too, since he claims to be in the military.

Michelle said...

LOL, Bitchslap moi? I don't think so , you are a coward, I do not fear people that have no gonads to at least gain their own identity. Bring it! Anytime. I stand by what I say, I think those that go to war, especially Iraq, knowing it is unjust, are dipshits. Even if I thought their decisions to go to Iraq is wrong, it is their choice, not mine. If they joined the military to protect our nation's borders and interests, I see nothing wrong with this. That is my opinion and I stand by it. Continuing to let this administration use Americans as pawns to gain global domination and wealth is something I am not willing to condone. I never said anything about those that were pulled into the military before the lies came to light. Don't try to spin this shit you cockroaches. Crawl back in your holes and lick your wounds. I do not dishonor anyone. I think the biggest dishonor is to those that were and are used in Iraq for sitting ducks. Those that have sacrificed everything for this country and got shit on by it in return. Leadership that is allowed to continue,knowing they are killing more of our troops daily. Those leaders that feel that just one soldier is a sacrifice we have to make for an invasion that didn't have to happen. One soldier dying in Iraq is one too many for me. I do not apologize for what I said because in this day and age I do not feel there should be wars. The difference between you and me is... I do not make alliances online. I am not afraid to express my opinions without the help of cronies that do not even have the nerve to use their identities. Jeez, it must be really boring over at Conservative think, or you all are really kinda scared. Very interesting. Spin away, like I said, I don't care what you think or what you write on the blog. When I shut this down, I shut you off. lol..Go on!

Jay you people seem to have a problem with Muse's son, not me. I think you are a sick bastard to keep bringing it up. Very tasteless of you, but what does one expect from such scum as yourself.

I'm still laughing at the fact that a republican would threaten to bitchslap me, that would really be a fine day, I have alot of pinned up frustration. Get off your computer and get a life ya moron.

Jay156 said...


I wonder why you hate that I brought it up? Could it be that you're too fucking hypocritical and cowardly to say something so vile to her yourself? You've been exposed for the disgusting bitch you really are...All I did was to point out the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Why scary days ahead for Republicans? I should think the Democrats are facing something scary if they win. They will have to "put up", and we all wonder if they can. Perhaps we will be surprised either way? I just think either outcome will be interesting. Not everyone will be happy, but it's shameful to see such lack of civility. I'd say "please, oh please, let the Democrats have it", if I thought it would change the climate......but sorrowfully I doubt it would. Too many seem to "WANT to be unhappy".

Michelle said...

The difference between me and you Jay is...I don't get into peoples personal lives. I don't look at their agony and grief and then play on it with my lil friends to stalk and harrass people online. That is very sad and lacks any kind of character on your part. (And!!! Before you bring up any pedophiles in our Congress, its like this, they are elected public officials, meant to be scrutinized, I pay them, they answer to me. Just like Bush and his cronies!) Just because I do not believe in the military in Iraq has nothing to do with the reasons someone's son died. People are given choices in this world and when they make those choices, especially to go to join the military to go to Iraq, it should have been based on the truth. I did not make the decision to send men and women, and boys and girls into Iraq. This administration did. They made that decision, not me. Like I said you can spin it all you want, it wont bother me. I shut this down and walk away. I know that friendships online are not the be trusted and people especially in this blog will do what they want for numbers and drama. I will not change my beliefs because a group of my friends want me to change it. I don't change my opinions to impress people. I don't believe in war, never have, never will. But, if we have to play Army, let's get leaders who play it right, not feckin' morons like Rumsfeld. Anyone who agrees with our troops being in Iraq are sad, pathetic individuals. I guess they feel our brothers and sisters, son's and daughters, are indispensible. I beg to differ and will never excuse the decisions made by this administration and Congress, and I will never forget it either. I believe people will get their just rewards for the decisions and the way they live their lives, in the end.

Facetious Muse said...

Michelle, ty for not playing into Jay's trap. Let's get some facts straight my son was in ROTC he was even in the ROTC jr, he always planned to be in the military following my famly's footsteps. In my family serving ones country is a duty one should take to heart and be honored to do so.

With my son being in ROTC he was NOT called to active duty, he made the decision to voluteer 2 days after 9-11.

Now since it seems as though there are a few that want to try to use my son and his death for their personal agenda let's get this straight.


He thought that he would be protecting the US from terrorists of 9-11, many many people did not expect or know the truth behind Iraq and anyone that got 'tricked' and mislead into Iraq deserve apologizes from Bush and his croonies.

I know the letters I got from my son and I know how he was feeling at the end, he felt used and he had a right to.

DO I think my son would have voluteered if the truth was out about Iraq? If he knew about the lack of WMD or no ties to 9-11, no I truly believe with all my heart he would not have.

But again I say he thought he would be going after the 'bad guys' not that you would be sent to Iraq for war profitters.

Jay I asked you as a Mother please do not bring my son up again to futher your agenda, you did not give birth to him you didnt raise him and you never knew him, you have no right to use my son for your self centered needs. Jay as a fellow human I imploy you to refrain from mentioning my son in such a way, please.

Michelle, good for you taht you don't let some try to control what you say, we all could use more people like you.