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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Oh when will they quit fearing the truth? Once again people are being banned in Dummie's and Assy's room for voicing their disagreements. How fair can a room be that bounces for anything other than TOS violations? Now you can say r@ghe@d, fudge p@cker, death to all Muslims, you won't even get a dot in most cases. But don't dare bring to attention the unfairness and racism that exist in Dummie's and Assy's room, they will ban you in a heartbeat. I wonder if Dummie and Assy know that paltalk is starting to frown on these types of actions? Paltalk is now becoming more aware of the unfairness in certain rooms and they are drawing attention. Of course people such as Dummie and Assy believe that since they know a couple of red paltalk admins, they are exempt from any discipline of any type.

Does Dummie & Assy think they are gaining friends by their fake sweet acts? Better question would be, are there that many stupid people on pal, that buy into Dummie and Assy bullshit? I would say no, after Banned. Now I think it is time to let people in on a secret I have kept to myself. Remember when Banned opened and how it was an over night success, and how it took one pretender to bring it down? Yes I am speaking of Livid, he knew exactly what he was doing and I will admit, I was naive to the max about the entire situation. I have had enough of staying quiet, although since I will not give away my sources I am sure I will come under major attack. Those that were in Dummie's and Assy's private admin meeting months ago will know this part is true at least. Dummie and Assy were so scared of what I stood for and how many people respected me, they had to try to discredit me in anyway they could when I told them I was leaving 2way and would not be coming back (this is when 2way was still owed by Dummie & Assy). What followed was nothing short of 'who done it' novel outline.

Dummie and Assy decided to call a private, admin meeting only to try and discredit me, well funny thing is that Livid who was a 'newcomer' to SI was also called into that meeting. Now what followed in that meeting is now a part of Paltalk History, Dummie and Assy tried to say I lied to them about a certain issue, which when people tried to help me 'prove' it, Dummie and Assy would block their nics. Now since a few saw past this little plod Dummie and Assy also tried to bring my son into their little witch hunt against me. This proved to be more destroying to them than they could have ever imagined. Now Livid was in on all these so call private admin meetings and he was not an admin, some even pmed me asking what was up with that. Now at the time I didn't have the info and I was like I have no clue and the only reason I could think of was that Dummie & Assy feared Livid would take many of the chatters with him, so they wanted him on their side (boy was I wrong).

After about a month I kept receiving pm's about what Assy was doing (not so much Dummie) and they were giving me their support against Assy's BS. After a while I got tired of it and I did the woman thing and directly pmed Assy, asking her why she was bring my son into it and why was she lying. Did she ever respond to my questions, or try to explain her actions? Of course not she did what her and Dummie are known for doing, she blocked me and banned me from the room in fear I would address that issue in room I guess.

That was the last straw for me and I did in fact open Banned. Now I was giving out hats left and right, one day Livid came into the room and I told him if he wanted to be an admin here's the code, that was the extent of me asking him. Well he never did hat up and he kept going to Dummie's room, until him and Assy got into it (supposedly). As soon as he and Assy got into it, he runs to Banned and asked for the code again, i gave it to him. Now it wasn't long before Livid's true colors started to show to me and the other admins, which I hope some of those admins still have the courage to share what they know about this situation. Livid within a week was trying to change the entire rules for Banned he wanted people to fear the admins, ask around I am sure some admin will let you know this.

So of course I was thinking it was just me, due to personal issues with Livid and myself. I didn't want my personal bias shallowing Banned and I did not take away his hat, goodness only knows how much I wish I did. Well long story short (too late I know) Livid left Banned and he spinned such stories it was amazing, I was even questioning the facts. So many at this time had being to think of Livid as this wonderful Liberal that was mistreated, without bothering to get the full story(and people wonder why I say both parties are corrupted). Now mind you while Banned was open I ended up sick and was not able to keep Banned open and Livid seeing the opportunity jumped at it and gained his short lived fame. Livid then the day after I came back from the hospital opened his own room to compete with Banned, with me just getting over some major health issues and my personality of not engaging into childish wars, I simply let Livid hang himself.

Well through out it all I just thought that Livid was a power hungry little demon, never did I suspect the truth. Now I will share with you what I have known for a few weeks now. Livid was part of Dummies and Assy's group set out to destroy Banned and to discredit anyone that disagreed with them. Yes, you heard me right, why do you think you see Livid hiding in Dummie's and Assy's room? Now I didn't come to this conclusion, in fact I would have never thought this, but some have come to me with pm's and shown me this evidence. Is it true? I can not say for a fact that it is, it is anyone guess, for I know pm's can be faked. But what I do know is true is that so many that were upset at the way Dummie and Assy ran their room, ran right back into the lair with raw meat tied to their legs. What I do know is that anytime someone speaks against Dummie and/or Assy they are bounced and/or banned from Political GUMPtion in an New York Minute. I also know that Dummie & Assy read The Rattler and that they attack anyone that doesn't defend them as they think they should be.

Now what I don't understand is how is it two catty ass bitches such as Dummie and Assy can continue their lies and getting away with it? What I can't understand is how so many in private disagree with Dummie's and Assy's room actions and yet they stay quiet whenever in the room. What I can't understand is how can people enjoy a room that controls it's chatters with fear and lies (is this how Dubya continues to have support?).

Every time I get banned from Political GUMPtion I feel pride, every pm I get telling me what violations Dummie & Assy allow in their room I shake my head, but mostly I cheer whenever someone has the balls to tell the truth no matter the cost to them in pal land. Now attack away all you followers, but before you do I ask only one thing, ask yourself if I said one thing here that wasn't true. To those that fear responding due to fact they will prolly get banned from Political GUMPtion, I say to you is a room on pal worth comprising your integrity?

Ok now attack away, I am ready and kind of looking forward to it :o) And to Dummie & Assy, banned me all you want, for always the truth will come out. There are too many that disagree with your actions and although they might 'fear' being banned from Political GUMPtion, they know I do NOT and that I will always spread the truth.

~~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~
~~~~~~Sweet Smiles of Truth~~~~~~


Jamie said...

I am still laughing about Dummie and Assy hahahaha at Political Gumption. First of all, neither of those women have a clue about politics . Both are desperate for "friends" If they only knew what is being said behind their backs!!!!!!
Mystic, Keep being the sweet person that you are, and do not worry about those fools.

Facetious Muse said...

Awww thank you jmie, you are a sweetie :o) (yes I remember who you are ;o))

Anonymous said...

Pardon me folks; but, is this bullshit really this important to you people? Seems to me like, when I was about two years old, I learned if something or somebody was unpleasant, I tried to stay away from it; but, maybe that is just me.

Anonymous said...

muse, i'm just curious. do you think anyone really gives a rat's ass about this? i don't even know what you're talking about. do you think this will have an impact on the elections next month?

Facetious Muse said...

well anonmouse(not a typo) I think perhaps you should educate yourself on the orgins of The Rattler and it's reasons for being. I mean last time I checked The Rattler is to show how paltalkians (some) use their 'power' as admin to control chatters with fear and how STUPID some neocons are. Now there are plenty of political blogs to read and I would be more than happy to give you afew links, I even have some for neocons :o)

~~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~Sweetest Smiles~~~~~~~~~

Michelle said...

Muse good for you for speaking your mind! When they got a room going together (dommie & abby), I felt the room was just too much of a clique straight away. So I stayed away. The new one, is it really called Politcal Gumption? I have not been in there and probably will not be a fly on the wall. I think the reason people stay in those rooms is for companionship and out of lonliness. It is quite sad, really. Many times, with many rooms I didn't participate because I would have the room voices in the background while I did work. So, I missed alot of text, lol. I really don't have alot of experience with these ladies. Abby used to be nice, but I never had too many private conversations with her.
What ever the topic maybe, I don't think any of us should stop someone for posting it, unless it is abusive, etc.
Alot of people that read this blog are from Paltalk and can relate. At least in Paltalk you can't have anonymous names and you know exactly who is trying to communicate. Carry on Muse, people do need to be accountable, I truly believe this.

Vox said...

I like being a fly on the wall. I was taught that you learn more from listening than you do from talking incessantly as so many paltalkians do.

I speak up when inspired. I do enjoy observing though.

Facetious Muse said...

Michelle the room name is Political Junction it is most times the number one room in SI, and tyvm

Vox Hi hun, yes listenning you can dscover many things, but there always comes a time when someone needs to speak up. Thats why I am such a Facetious Pain :0)

Just_April1974 said...


Everyone knows me, and knows what I stand for, and what I refuse to stand for, that never changes, no matter where I go, or whom I speak with. Thank you for always being such a kind, sweet, and supportive friend to me.

Just..... Me

Anonymous said...

My Nanna always said "when the mouth is open the ears don't work". Well, that's true, and it's interesting to be the "fly on the wall"......the perspective might make one gag, but it lets one see the real fools. :)

Seems to me subjects about Paltalk on blogs is pretty much like Paltalk.....nasty, crude and rude. Redundancy is boring!

My opinions are more humble every day. :)

Facetious Muse said...

Always my pleasure April Sweetie. I am honored to call you my friend.

Facetious Muse said...

anonymous, I can understand your views and could never fault you for them. Most times (not always) I try to stay more on political issues, but times I simply cannot keep my smartass mouth shut. Now I will be the first to admit that does get me into trouble, but I feel good about myself and that is important, for at the end of the day, one only has themselves to answer to.

People that bother to get to know me, know how I really am and know most times I am jus being a little satirial type of person, but there is always truth in my words.

Paltalk can be a wee bit harsh at times and very harsh at other times, but one can also learn (sometimes) on pal. Once in a while you really cn meet a true friend and you can luck into some valid info you didnt know existed.

So I hope that you can sort of understand my views, I mention what Dummie does, for it does truly hurt some. See to some paltalk is their only commutacation with the outside world due to various reasons and peole need to learn to have empathy and compassion. I can't say I won't be posting more threads like this (that would be a known lie), but I can say I will still post threads of political issues too. Thank you

Facetious Muse said...

BTW with help from a friend I have the link to watch Iraq for Sale online free. Please take time to watch this and pass it on to your friends. Ok heres the link for all of you that want it.
Iraq for Sale

Anonymous said...

Facetious Muse, I think you are somewhat naive about Paltalk. It isn't a place to ever "count on anyone" as a friend. It's nothing but cyber gossip and egos.

Dommie and Abby offered up a room where free speech was allowed, and if it offended it was best to leave for a while. I sure wouldn't blame them any more than I would blame the casual chatter who goes there everyday for entertainment, someone to chat with, to escape loneliness, to preach an opinion or whatever their reason for going. It's simply Paltalk! We're responsible only for ourselves and not for any ADMIN of a room.

Livid was one of the reasons I would often leave Dommie's room for a while. He bored my socks off with his "cause" and his silly notion that he could make a difference in Paltalk. lol Too, when he was an admin in YOUR room, he made Dommie's room look like one led by a saint.

Are your feelings the way they are because Livid took you for a ride? He eventually showed his true colors, but was anyone surprised?

Sure, there are people who go to paltalk for their respite from loneliness in their real world. However, they, too, have to see paltalk, or even blogs, for what they REALLY are, don't they? I'd think so just for their own self-preservation. When one engages the tripe, one can't expect roses in return.

Maybe I'm the naive one? :)

Very sincerely,
Anonymous C (the C is for contented)

Facetious Muse said...

"C" Livid didn't have a chance to take me for a ride, as I am not one to engage in 'love affairs' online and have (anyway I'm spoken for lol) no desire to do so.

I think you misunderstand the thread, Dummie & Assy ban people that dare disagree with them and that is simply wrong.

Also as bad as it might sound some people do in fact believe most of what they 'hear' on pal. There have been several times that I'm aware of people getting scammed on paltalk and I think that is horrible but it does prove that for some pal is a reality.

As far as having friends on pal, this I have to disagree with you on, I have meet people in real life that I first meet on pal and they did and are my friends. Hell people are marrying people they meet online.

As far as my views about Dummie and Assy, they will not change till the day they apologize for the hurtful things they do to others and the sneaky ways they do them. Neither have the 'pussy balls' to speack to a person and hear their side of it, now they are using massive invites in competion against other rooms, how silly is that.

Many are fooled by Dummie and Assy and I only hope that they do not ha ve to learn how they are in reality, for they both can be quite crude.

Anyway thank you for your comments, they were thought provoking and nicely written, if only more could learn to be as civil as yourself when posting anonymous. I really do thank you for that :o)

~~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~

FRisson1 said...

Personally I find it rather classless to air your personal gripes about people on a blog I had assumed was to deal with Politics.

Anonymous said...

Frisson, I could agree with that but for someone on this blog saying that it all started as a rebuttal to The Tattler, though it does contain politics. I could be wrong.

Anyway, show me a blog with "class", and I might change me mind. :) As you must know, Paltalk and chat programs run the gamut of "classes".

Anonymous said...

Frisson1 said...

Personally I find it rather classless to air your personal gripes about people on a blog I had assumed was to deal with Politics

Frisson have you ever read what you've posted on the Worms site?