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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Tonight I find myself in an angry mood, so here is a rant for all to ponder and comment the shit out of if you want.

There is one thing I don't get about the elected officials we have in our offices right now. It seems they run in a circle that is similar to insanity. They make empty promises to get the office, then they forget all about the "little people" they used and abused to get there. Then, like an actor preparing for the role of their life, they find themselves up for election. So they start making good on the promises they made in the beginning in hopes that people will forget that they were fuck-ups for the years they held the office. At the same time they glad-hand the very same people for their votes again and THEY FUCKING GET IT! (Mr. Bush, does that sound familer to you!...yeah, I'm talking to you, asshole!) So, who is to blame? Depends on who you ask. If you ask a republikkkan (spelled like that on purpose), they will tell you that if he is in the GOP, they would vote for him because of the party line. You ask anyone else they say it's the lesser of two evils! LESSER OF TWO FUCKING EVILS? Have we gotten so fucking brain dead that we have to settle for that? (Talk to anyone on the ConservativeThink blog and they will verify that by the way they explain why they support Bush and his horde of criminals and mental midgets who run the White House!) Then, when a group comes along to try to rethink the way the country is run, they get attacked, slandered and made fun of and for what, daring to want CHANGE in this country so we can go FORWARD instead of backward, which is the way the GOP is nowadays. I ask you if that is right or fair? Is that the way the founding fathers wanted this place run, yeah I said place not country. (Can't wait to see the comments for that one. Right, Mr or Mrs. I'm-not-smart-enough-to-ask-mommy-to-think -of-a-name-for-me-so-I-go-by-anonymus-when-I-make-stupid-fucking-retarded
-inbred-comments-and-look-like-an -asshole-each-time-I-do-it?!)

And another thing that makes me wanna hurl is fucking Fox News. Why in the fuck is this station still around and who was the fucking dumbass that allowed Tiki Barber to co- host its morning news show? The fucking guy is a fucking football player, not Dan Rather or even Don Imus (who by the way I am waiting for to rip Rush's colon out of his ass live on the EIB or as i call it, the Extremely Imbeliclic Broadcasting Network durning old pillhead's show). This news station is a disgrace and should be yanked off the air for its 24 hr parade of hate it displays. (proudly I might add) Real Americans support AIR AMERICA radio, not tabloid tv, and while we are at it, could we stop by MSNBC and duct tape Joe Scarborough's mouth and force him to listen to Marilyn Manson for 24 hrs straight while being whipped by an 80 year old dominatrix. (maybe MEMOTHER could apply for the job, she always was a NAZI bitch!) Better yet, let's lock him in a room with JESSEADO for a week. Glenn Beck, you ain't too far behind either!

In closing, I want to say a big ole heaping FUCK YOU to the ass who thinks I'm so stupid. Its idiots like you that keep me posting what I post. So, keep those words of encouragement coming and I'll keep supplying you enough rope to hang yourself with.

My Name is Zombiemaster (spelled correctly I might add) and I approve of this message....



Jay156 said...

Yeah, using people from the world of sports to do commentary is totally ridiculous....

Wait a minute, doesnt MSLSD pay Keith Ohlberman? Don't you all stand and applaud like retarded monkeys everytime Claus links something from youboob with ole Keith? Where, oh brilliant ones, did ole Keith come from? Times up! ESPN was his last paying gig before he started hanging at the bottom of the ratings with the rest of the crew from MSLSD. And by the way, he does radio for ESPN with Dan Patrick every single day still!

But, you're right Zombie....only an idiotic shitstain would listen to a sports personality.

AnonymousPoster said...

Air America allowing two Saturday Night Live comedians to host programs is even dumber. I guess you didnt think of that when youre trashing Fox for a football player hosting did you? So typical of you dumbass liberals. Take your blinders off.

FRisson1 said...

Hey you guys and the rest of the neocons listen to Bush and he is a former cheerleader and has come to be known as a comedian or at least a comical speaker so what is the difference.... LMAO

Anonymous said...

Frisson? Did you intentionally want to make that stupid response?

I hope not.

Jay156 said...

sucks when you get your ass kicked and no one wants to dare add their name to the post doesnt it zombie? lol