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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Keith calls out the Republican Party on their cynical scare tactics. When will they learn? Bush and the GOP failed to catch the perpetrators of 9/11, and have emboldened terrorists with their dishonestly conceived and incompetently executed policies. Americans simply do not trust Republicans anymore, and exploiting terror is their last, lonely hope. It will not work:



Eff25 said...

I hate to say this, as it may not be the most intelligent thing to say, and I'm not intending to claim his points aren't relevant, but even I am starting to think that Keith's starting to get long winded. I think maybe, just maybe, he could concise his commentaries down a bit.

IsabellaSays said...

you gotta love this guy... he gets right to it doesn't he?

brickpile3 said...

go keith go neocon basterds/smacken all back to the hole they crawled out of

Michelle said...

Brillian Keith! It is about time someone voiced what many Americans are feeling. I have always felt that Republicans have used 911 to promote their political and war mongering agendas. It was the beginning of a fear campaign against Americans. Now, after the discovery of remains from the WTC, it only illustrates that my feelings, just as many Americans, was correct. This administration cares nothing about the living or deceased victims of 911. They were used and discarded. The USA can spend billions of dollars on wars, but, it could not recover all the bodies from WTC? It makes me what about the initial investigations of 911 and how they were carried out. Keith may be long winded to some, but, when you have people that still support this administration, knowing all the lies, corruption, and disrespect to the American people, one has to keep repeating until those people wake up. It is so sad and very sickening to think about how republicans have to be reminded of their consciences.

Anonymous said...

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