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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Some new Mark Foley IMs have surfaced:

Maf54: hey, Bushie, I'd like to slip that congressional majority off of you and measure your vote tally...
Maf54: you look so sexy stripped of your leadership positions
Maf54: what are you wearing to your arraignment? Some sexy cutoff shorts?
Maf54: hey, your friend Denny Hastert looks good, like a rockhard beachball
Maf54: I'd like to squeeze his appropriations
Maf54: Come on over, i'll sit in my committee chair and you can sit on my lap

Most of the capos of the Religious Right have been strangely silent on the Foley issue, whereas they'd normally be howling for blood if it was a liberal or Democrat involved. Could it be that they value power over principle? Nooooooooo, couldn't be.

Luckily for Foley, there is a religious organization that has welcomed him with open arms. Mark Foley has announced that he will be taking his vows and becoming a Catholic priest. The Catholic Bishops have decades of experience sheltering pedophilic priests from accountability, and Foley will be a perfect fit. I hear that Foley will soon be receiving his first vestments, first rosary beads, and first altar boy. You never forget your first.

Finally, the Oxford American Dictionary has certified the new compound word "Schadenkarmafreude," defined as "The feeling of joy one experiences when someone who richly deserves it finally gets what's coming to them." Maria Garrison, a liberal Democrat, was asked about the new term: "Well, at first, I had this overwhelming sense of satisfaction seeing a Republican sexual predator get publicly humiliated. But the more I heard about how the Republican congressional leadership had concealed and covered up for Mark Foley, the more I realized that this was shaping up to be the final comeuppance for these bastards. I knew this was no ordinary emotion. It had to be schadenkarmafreude."



Eff25 said...

Honestly, not to censor, but I'd hoped this issue wouldn't be a topic here. I suppose the policy of exposing hyprocrisy, and that it is a major public story, warrants it, but it's more of a reminder of a sick individual than of anything else to me. Oh well.

Michelle said...

Eff it is a sick issue for sure, but the way the repubs and the media are spinning it, alcoholism is a reason to for being pervert. Another example of not taking responsibility. For sure they will go on about Clinton, the only difference is...these are children that are suppose to be protected from this sort of crap. If it was just defined as "over-friendly" gestures, we have really really big problems with our lawmakers. This one can't go by the wayside. Foley has mental issues that needed addressed. Nobody witnessed him abusing alcohol, which in itself is a red light he is using alcoholism for an excuse. I really think this is an issue and an eye opening view of Congress and the way they define child abuse. Hmmmm

Just_April1974 said...

What gets me, is when it is a republican, alcoholism and drug addiction, such as with Rush "The Pill Popper" Limpballs, then it's an ILLNESS. But when it is a homeless person, a democrat, or someone of insequential importance, then they are low-life, scum of the earth, bumming, leeching, dope-heads who should be locked away according to these hypocrites. FUCK THAT!! STOP fence straddling and pick one fucking side for your supposed moral beliefs!A pedophile is a God damn pedophile! I don't care if they are straight as an arrow, popping pills, drinking whiskey by the gallons, or smoking CRACK ffs! A predator is a predator! STOP enabling these sick bastards! I hope I have maid my views crystal clear. Thanks. :D

Just my thoughts.

Facetious Muse said...

House Speaker Dennis Hastert rose to power because of a sex scandal, and now another one eight years later is threatening to take him down.

I amazed at how this was handled pre media sharing this info.

Tom Reynolds, the head of the National Republican Congressional Committee, says he told Hastert about the e-mails last year. Last year? Denny Hastert’s let a degenerate child predator roam the halls of Congress for a year without moving on it?

The GOP leaders are all scrambling. You only scramble when you haven't told the truth.

Remember one key fact: When Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-LA) first learned about the Foley e-mails, he went to Rep. Tom Reynolds, the chair of the GOP House campaign committee. Not, the Ethics Committee. Not the Speaker. Not the Capitol Police. He went to the top GOP House political operative, why?

Makes you think, huh?

~~~~~~Forever A Facetous Pain~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~No Smiles on this~~~~~~~

Jay156 said...

who, pray tell, other than Foley himself, is defending him or taking his piss poor excuses as anything more? Virtually everything I've seen in the media have only reported that Foley stated these things. I'm curious as to the names of these reporters that are defending the guy and his excuses? Nobody wittnessed him using alcohol? That proves you know jack shit about alcoholism because the majority of functioning alcoholics go on with their lives without giving red flags to others. Maybe get a fucking clue before you shoot off your mouth?

Michelle said...

I will shoot off my mouth all I want to shoot it off on this issue. Alcoholism is not an excuse to be a pervert or a pedophile. Foley, an alcoholic, victim of molestation, and gay. Hmmm, he forgot to throw in addicted to prescription drugs, caffeine, cocaine, he was a transvestite, abused by his parents, bullied on the playground, forced to watch porno with his parents til he was 21, ummmm (thinking of more excuses), the voices made him do it, his slave master ordered him to stalk boys! On and on, excuse after excuse can spew from his mouth, but I have no tolerance for pervs.

Jay, you might like to defend these sort of people, but I for one will not make up excuses for this piece of shit Congressman or other that tries to abuse children. Forget it. Anyone who covered it up, Dems or Repubs need to go down. But, in the end, Foley did what he did. To me, if my kid was in this page program and he was 18, and still in high school, that does not make him an adult. He is still a child. Still in the program, and still off limits by the pervs in Congress. I hope this whole thing blows up and really shows the hypocrisy of this Congress. For shame on these parents for not speaking up, they make me sick too!!!

Jay156 said...

well, fortunately for all of us, you aren't making any laws...The issue of what you feel has really nothing to do with anything...The law states a person is an adult at the age of 18.

By the way, I understand that what I said about alcoholism was far beyond what you are able to comprehend, but let me try again. I never said that alcoholism was an excuse. I merely pointed out that what you said was ridiculous. You stated that alcoholism was never WITTNESSED...I simply said that in functioning alcoholics it rarely is.

Michelle said...

Jay, perhaps in the end, he did not break any laws. We will find this out. Perhaps he will get away with it because that law is not right. There are high school kids that are eighteen years of age.
Ethically and morally he has done something wrong. There is no excuse for it, especially if some of those pages were under the age of eighteen. If all the facts come out and he did meet these kids and he bought alcohol for them or provided it, then perhaps he will be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
Jay, you are right about one thing. Most alcoholics do hide their drinking. I just find it hard to believe in his position that nobody knew about it, but that is my thoughts. This was not the point I was trying to make. No more excuses, we dont need them, we don't want them anymore. To argue or debate over his excuses is fruitless, and I won't do it. Be blind, turn your head, but these kind of people are creating future Americans. Teaching them to lie, cheat, steal, molest, and kill. Then, get away with it. To be an alcoholic and harm yourself is one thing, but to reach out and pull children down with you is quite another. Anyways, to debate the issue here is useless, it just makes me more angry with all the new developments coming to light.

Jay156 said...

michelle, possibly when you stop cheering for the downfall of all republicans and focus your venom on Foley, the guy who might deserve it, then possibly you might receive some respect.

Michelle said...

Where do you read I am cheering the downfall of Republicans??? Everything they are doing, they are doing to themselves.

Jay156 said...

yeah...they sat on the story until October, they stick the pedophile moniker on every member of their party, and yes, they blame Hastert for covering it up and knowing all about're right the republicans have done all of those pathetic things themselves....grow the fuck up

Jay156 said...

by the way cuntbag...LOL its funny to me that I'm in your head to the point where you have to address me all the time....and your icon? easy, lib brains are mushy and easier to conquer than Mexico in the game of Risk.

Michelle said...

Excuse me? You are the one that addresses me. Like I said...really hitting a nerve, huh? Cuntbag? What are you a sixteen year old? You are the one that needs to grow up. You are only showing what you are really made of Jay. Continue on, you are doing such a fantastic job of making a fool of yourself. :) Oh yeah, the icon, it has been there for a while, you just noticed it? Jay, ya better think about the Risk comment, you are the one being manipulated and used in this game.