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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Tonight on mic, Vic Ferrari was like a master illusionist, trying to make the 24/7 Teen Sexathon infecting the Republican Party vanish in a puff of smoke. As usual, Vic was miles away from the actual issue, dismissing pedophilia as "no big deal," and "much ado about nothing." Now texslim, who is a genuine Republican conservative, and not a phony Bush cultist, reamed Vic hard (if you'll pardon the expression), lecturing that decent, elderly Republican women in Lubbock, Texas would be horrified to hear someone try and spin pedophilia. It's damn likely that those Republicans who are not driven away by the mere fact that a gay person was in the national leadership will abandon the ramparts once they hear sociopaths like Vic try and use sleight-of-tongue to douse the victims with slime or point fingers at decades-old scandals. As I wrote before, merely trying to minimize this cover-up by bringing up Ten Kennedy and Chappaquiddick demonstrates a dangerously cavalier attitude toward sexual predation that voters can't help but abhor.

But none of that is why I'm writing this post. No, this post is about Vic and his tragically neglected education. A Vic clone was in the room tonight, named Vic-Folley-From-Alabama. When Vic got up on the mic, he first tried to demonstrate his superiority, like a child haughtily jutting out his chin at some slight. He cackled, "You must be like most loony libs , who can't spell, because the name is Foley, F-O-L-E-Y. Not Folley."

Fine, then. Vic was right. You know, that's the first time in as long as I've written this blog that I've had occasion to type that sentence. I suppose there's a first time for everything? So, would Vic maintain and turn this into a streak? Yeah, I know, stupid question. Vic went on to claim that Foley broke no laws (the FBI is investigating), that this stops with Foley (no, Hastert, Reynolds and Boehner are all suspected of covering for and facilitating Foley's predations), and that Democrats never get punished for this kind of thing (except for all the ones who were censured or impeached). So, at this point, Vic's only mark in the "W" column is for spelling. But surely, that one he can't lose, right?

At the end of his rant, I had frazzled him a bit from the text, you know, just refuting his lies, taunting him with reality, the usual stuff. So Vic cries, "Hey, Claus, why don't you call me when you get some proof! That's P-R-O-DOUBLE EFF! Bla-blu-duh-I mean--"

Proff? Call him when I have proff?

Vic, you want the proff?





FRisson1 said...

Don't you love the neocons like VIC and the Slinkmeister using that wonderful phrase "a bunch of naughty emails", that was coined by Tony Snow, to try to minimize the situation. Personally every time I hear them say that I want to puke. You would think they would wise up by now and quit using the word "naughty". Using that phrase just makes it look like they don't give a damn about "Foley's Folly" and are pissing off what is left of their declining Republican base.

IsabellaSays said...

lolllllllllll EXCELLENT POST JESUS!!!!
LOLOL POOR OLE VIC.. STILL IN DENIAL.. wakey wakey vic honey ;) lol

OhSoozanna said...

Mark Foley's actions were morally and professionally wrong. There is no debating that fact. Another fact is that while you all are chomping at the bit to convict someone that has not even had the benefit of an investigation yet, you end up showing just how rabid you are and how you have no respect for truth. Its Clinton revenge all over again. Thats all it is. Why dont we wait and find out the whole story and who knew what when before we go off convicting people, Claus. Afterall, its the way we American's do things. I forget that you aren't concerned with truth, but let's just see what it is. Foley behavior was morally wrong, yes, but has he broken laws? We dont know, yet.

There is another story in the midst of the bigger story. Isnt it ironic how the democrats suddenly find fault with being a gay person? Isnt it ironic how the democrats now find that deviant sexual behavior is something to question? Seems not so long ago they defended to a fault, people's rights for being gay. They also defended any sexual behavior as if it were written in the constitution. They want rights for gay couples, but not gay republican lawmakers. Now, since a republican lawmaker is openly gay he's to be condemned? They defended ad nauseum, Clinton's right to a bj, but refuse to see that that wasnt what got him impeached. Make up your minds. Either you approve or you disapprove, but it cant be both depending on who did the deed. Claus, for you, we understand that you have a thing for Vic Ferrari and its all entwined deeply in homosexuality, but Vic is not gay. You are kind of like Foley chasing pages.

Jay156 said...

soozanna...they don't have time to wait for real justice. Elections are coming up and this is what it's really all about.

Here are the facts about the country...First of all, given the current environment, low Bush approval ratings, low right way/wrong way poll numbers, and low congressional confidence poll numbers the democrats should be RUNNING AWAY with the House and the Senate, not just barely taking it over. That tells me that America isn't exactly on fire about democrats.

Secondly, not so fast on that Congressional take over either. Dewine and Santorum, both were all but dead just a few months ago, are continuing to narrow the gap in polls. Dewine is raising so much money that the Republicans are actually focussing on other races!

Thirdly, take a look at the COUNTY by COUNTY results in 04. Those numbers are staggering. Do you really think Democrats have done that much to even put a dent into that?

Nancy Pelosi is already telling us that she's a no-brainer...then again, we've known that for some time.

zombiemaster said...

man, i see how much jay is a stupid inbredded reject

Jay156 said...

Thanks Zombie...your lack of response tells me you agree with me...Now go back to writing about horror movies. You're out of your league here.

Jay156 said...

lol, I somehow missed Isabella's nose stuck up Claus' ass YET AGAIN!

I'd like an official investigation as to how many times Isabella has clapped like a walrus in heat in response to something Claus has pulled out of his ass.

Just remember Isabella....Claus is gonna drop you like a bad habit after the elections....Your housewife routine bores him....and when it happens, don't act shocked, hurt, or anything other than totally aware it was gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the year 2006: " man, i see how much jay is a stupid inbredded reject" - zombiemaster

OK which one of you leftyz wants to tell zombie that inbredded isn't a word.

Jesus Claus said...

Actually, both Santorum and DeWine are dong progressively worse. Haven't you been reading the news? The RNC is trying to "firewall" against the Dem takeover, by focusing heavily on only a few states. The removal of funds from Ohio is an indication that they know it is futile, since Brown has a 14 point lead now.

County data tells you little if you don't account for population. Most counties never were more than a 5-10 point swing, and the aggregate opinion is that the tidal wave is building.

jay, you're completely disingenuous. A few months ago, the CW was that the Senate was safe for the GOP, and the House was leaning toward staying Rep, with some Dem pickups. Now, the House is in serious danger, and the number of seats moving from safe to in jeopardy for the GOP is exploding, rather than shrinking. And the Senate is in such danger of shifting that the gOP is abandoning marginal races to make final bulwarks against the tidal wave. Face it, son, this is a disaster for you and your party.

Jay156 said...

make sure your around on election night Claus...I will be

Jay156 said...

LOL, even if heaven and earth shift for you dems and the sun shines on the dogs ass and you win this election it wont bother me in the least. Here's why.

1. I get to play offense for a little while against you shitstains....That sounds like real fun.

2. The country gets reminded again of lib politics...It gets to groan at the stupidity of Pelosi, Kennedy, Naggle, Kerry, and Hillary, a direct reminder of why the majority of this country is truly conservative.

3. I get to hear Claus on the defensive instead of the offensive...I've kicked his ass with my Chicago Bears like defense, imagine the fun I'll have with my Indianapolis Colts Political offense! :)

4. None of this probably will happen, but it was fun to think of the kind of hijinks I could get into if the libs are able to actually pull themselves together long enough to have a good day. Oh by the way, 2 years of liberals fucking up is just the type of thing an 08 presidential election needs...LOL

Eff25 said...

Should I be flattered by the EFF?