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Thursday, October 05, 2006


This Foley scandal, and the cover-up by Republican leaders, is only going to grow. Already there are calls for Hastert to resign, and there are indications that other improprieties by OTHER congressman are likely to be revealed.

It was very amusing, then, to see HofbrauTheGreat traipse into the room with the latest Republican spin from the spurious pen of Matt Drudge.

Ever since 9/11, Republicans have had enormous electoral success by exploiting the fear generated by the attacks, and by stoking the native hatred of their base on God, Guns, and Gays. It has seemed that, no matter what the issue, Republicans met with victory by aggressively spinning issues, and misdirecting attention from any failures or malfeasence they engaged in.

So, what can you do against a foe who is blocking every attack? Well, in this case, history has a lesson.

First and foremost, this is an entirely Republican scandal. The sexual predator was a Republican, the men who covered it up were Republcans. Democrats neither created nor fueled this scandal. But, in the past, military tacticians have recognized the effectiveness of biological warfare to decimate an unknowing enemy.

Many ancient generals, such as Hannibal for example, have harnessed virulent toxins and used them against their foes. Ordinary arrows that can be deflected by armor or shields will sicken soldiers who touch them. Soldiers who eagerly break open abandoned caches of weapons and supplies will soon fall prey to hidden disease.

What does this have to do with Hof and the Foley scandal? According to Hof, who gets his information from the dubious Drudge Report, the IMs that ABC News reported on may have come from an 18 year old, rather than a minor. Now, at this point, the scandal has moved far beyond those initial reports. Foley has resigned, more pages have come forward to report his predations, and now it has been reported that Foley may well have come to the page residence while intoxicated, perhaps hoping to rendezvous with a minor.

The average American voter is going to be sickened and horrified by these revelations, and even more horrified by the GOP leaderships' craven attempts to cover-up and especially their failure to act in the best interests of those pages for possibly as far back as 11 years. Republicans have been very successful in spinning bad news, but this newest scandal is very much like a poisoned volley that has been fired at them. In their eagerness to advance aggressively and spin this, they have tried to deflect by pointing plaintively at other sexual scandals, or have tried to undermine a small point, as Hof did, without addressing the larger scandal.

Any reasonable person is likely to look at people like Vic Ferrari, Brutelogic, and Hof as apologists for a sexual predator and his enablers. This is one time when the Republican instinct to dissemble will backfire badly. And as Hof cries in full throat for everyone to look somewhere, anywhere but at the crimes of his party, his skin is paling from white to a putrescent green, and he wonders why he can't stop coughing...



Jay156 said...

Let me see, 18 is the age of consent...meaning the guy may not have sent sexual messages to a minor. But, as our lib card carrying member of the ACLU (American Cock Lovers Union) has so graciously explained, "it doesn't matter because it's all ready out there!" (hmmmph...tongue stuck out) This is a story if, and only if, Foley sent these messages to a minor. If he was 18 then we are merely dealing with the issue of a homosexual Representative. Aren't the democrats supposedly the party where the oppressed homosexual can go to find acceptance? (why do you think Claus is such a staunch democrat?) It seems in this case that the democraps are smearing this guy around because he is "one of those dirty fags." Tsk Tsk broke one of your most cardinal turned your back on a cock smoker

Jesus Claus said...

Turns out Drudge was wrong, and the site that outed the page got their information wrong. Oops!


Jay156 said...

says who? and by the way....grown men that say "oops" are way to precious...only the "oopsy" crowd has you beat on the gay meter

Jay156 said...

"The people who want to see this thing blow up are ABC News and a lot of Democratic operatives, people funded by George Soros."

A quote from the Speaker out of the Baltimore Sun...Basically nails it.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is ridiculous. These senators and congressmen have been sleeping with the male pages for ages. Now, all of a suddden it is an issue. I can't stand the Paltalk Republicans (being a dem), but then I can't stand the Paltalk dems, either. Both sides are about hate.
But let's get real, this has been going on a mighty long time and it will continue to go on despite any so-called ethics committees.
Next - on to something new to whine about, please.

Michelle said...

Jay says,"The people who want to see this thing blow up are ABC News and a lot of Democratic operatives, people funded by George Soros."

Let's see...It's not the fact Foley did something wrong and it's not the fact that Repubs covered his ass, No!!! It is the fact that we are all out to get the Gang Of Pedophiles (GOP)Boohooo, Boohooo, Democrats are picking on us again and we can't control the media, Boooohooooo!
Jay just go fuck off, I am sick of people like you that defend these criminals. Americans may not have the capacity to understand the corruption in Iraq, but, they sure do understand this issue. To me, it isn't even about about Repubs in Congress, it is about ALL of Congress, they all are making me sick. When it comes down to American's having to vote for the lesser of two evils, it is pretty damn pathetic. And... Jay, Democrats don't have to smear Foley around, he did that on the internet, he did that to himself. Jeez!!! I could pull my hair out trying to figure you Repubs out!!! Take some responsibility! Ugh!!@

Facetious Muse said...

I can't understand what is going on. I mean isn't the republican party the same ones that spent millions of dollars and made oral sex and BJ a household word. Didn't they do all of this over a president getting oral sex from an adult female?

Now all of a sudden it isn't that big of a deal when a republican has acted in inapprorate way with a male page (several are now rumored). Someone please explain this to me.

If a married man engages into oral sex with a adult (meaning non-minor) that is just the most horrid thing to ever happen. But if a man uses his power to e-mail and text sicken messages to a male page (now last time I check the page was 17 when it started but this changes so much, please do not quote me on this)it isn't that big of a deal?

Also I got another question, Republicans are to be for family values and believe homosexuality is against 'God' & morals, yet they don't have a problem with this?

Now I guess Foley is saying he was abused by a priest when he was a child and that he drinks, how come this is an acceptable excuse for him? Why is that republicans are always screaming people; especailly democrats according to them, are playing the victim card as an excuse for bad behavior, but isn't that exactly what Foley is trying to do?

I'm sure I will get no real answers to any of these questions, at least not from republicans.

One thing I really want to say, this is a important issue and I really hope that people will quit making this an party issue. What Foley did is unacceptable, no matter his party.

Now the cover-up is a totally different issue, republicans are always swearing they are the moral and rightous ones, well why did they drop the ball on this? Was it really more important to retain seats then to protect the children that become pages every year? Are our children nothing to this admin? Please tell me no.

~~~~~~Forever A Facetous Pain~~~~~~
~~~~~~~How can anyone smile~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

"First and foremost, this is an entirely Republican scandal. The sexual predator was a Republican, the men who covered it up were Republcans. Democrats neither created nor fueled this scandal."

First and FOREMOST, this is an entirely bi-partisan scandal, unless certain alleged crimes are meted out by political party. That is one of THE dumbest statements I've ever read. If the man is guilty of a crime, then it has NOTHING to do with his political affiliations. And as for Democrats fueling this scandal, of COURSE they are! Look at what you just wrote, you ignorant slut! Democrats are trying to put a political spin on something that SHOULD, by all rights, have none. If indicted, then the judiciary system will decide if the man is guilty or innocent of criminal wrong doing, regardless of his political affiliation. Democrat OR Republican makes no difference to me; I don't recall seeing a box to be checked next to gender preference, sexual proclivity, fetish or deviation on my voter registration card or on any ballot I've ever cast. You people are PATHETIC!

Jay156 said...


It appears that the question of whether or not Foley did anything with an underage person isn't entirely answered. Until someone proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he did, indeed, molest a minor then you will see me speak against him...Not as a republican, but as a person that understands how utterly vile that act would be. But, as far as I know, this is still America and guilt has to be proven. As a card carrying member of the ACLU, I'm sure you would have to agree with that.

Anonymous said...

It isn't about the fact that one of the guys may have been 18. It has to do with the facxt that ethically, a person in a position of greater power should not take advantage of person in a position of lesser power. that is why it is wrong for therapists, teachers, etc. to date the patients, students, etc.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a fuck, republican or democrat? This is a problem and it needs attention.

Jay156 said...

I totally agree! People with positions of great power should never use their influence in such a way!

I was just sitting here thinking...I mean this is bad enough on the Representative level, but what would happen if the President of the United States was to take part in a sexual act with an individual that yielded little to no power. I mean IM's are really bad, but imagine if someone like the president was to actually have sex with a page, a mailroom worker, or an intern...I mean we want to crucify Foley, and rightly so, because our politicians should be held to a higher lever, but what would we do to a president if he was ever involved in something like this? I sure hope it never happens!

Michelle said...

All I have to say about the bipartisianship of this issue. Republicans are getting back what they have been putting out for years. Both parties can say they have no integrity now. Karma is a bitch.

Jay156 said...

"both parties can say they have no morals now"

Why? How many millions of democrats and republicans are there? A few have done really fucked up things true, but to say both parties have been proven to have no morals is totally stupid...

Does that logic apply to all groups?
I guess ALL priests are pedophiles...all cops are racist, all teachers are peodphiles, all blacks mug whites, all latinos steal cars, and all liberal women are total fucking whackos....Isn't it time for the overdramatic bullshit to end?

FRisson1 said...

After the comment from Jay above all I have to say ....... again ..... isn't Jay a kick in the pants, he is so funny ......LMFAO

Jay156 said...

yes, quite funny....lumping people under one convienent definition is something I thought you liberals despised? guess not

Michelle said...

Frisson he is hilarious, so hilarious he should be a comedian.

Jay, I said, "Both parties can say they have no integrity now." Where did you get the quote "both parties can say they have no morals now?" I am most certainly going to make a generalization now!! (can't miss this opportunity) Why is it that Republicans twist and turn events in history. They try and talk themselves into a new reality. It is getting really quite disturbing. I would like to know why the people that speak up here are labeled "liberals?" Are liberals the only people to speak up and question the government or have an opinion that is opposite of a Republican? It really makes one stop and wonder...hmmm.
Jay, Dear, you are the only one being over dramatic and sensitive about the Foley issue, it must really disturb you that he was found out.

Jay156 said...

whatever michelle...your quote wan't that I misquoted it. Kind of like calling sheep shit goat shit, doesnt really matter much does it?

When you have an opinion worth considering maybe then I'll give it more time, until then, kiss my ass.

Michelle said...

Jay I think your life is one big "misquote." Evidently my quote was good enough for you to misquote it, lol. The ass kissing part I will leave for the likes of Vic, Brute, and Archie, I am sure they enjoy your ass more than I could ever dream!