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Friday, October 27, 2006


Speaking of how low will they go.....

Watch out! The neocons are at it already! The GOP fix is chomping at the FOXNews You Decide '06 Desk!

This time in Virginia's unexpectedly hot Senate race between incumbant racist and all around bigot Senator George "Felix Macacawitz" Allen and former Secretary of the Navy James Webb.

Turns out James Webb's last name has been cut off on part of the electronic ballot in Alexandria, Falls Church and Charlottesville because of a computer glitch - and wouldn't you know it - in some of the strongest Democratic precincts in the Commonwealth?!!

And what do we get from the Hart InterCivic Corporation peddling these voting machine hijinks - I mean beside the large financial donations they bestow upon the GOP every election cycle? Well, here we have it. Hart InterCivic officials responded to the problem like this: we "INTEND TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM BY NEXT FALL."

What? Next Fall? Riiiiiiiight! Next Fall. After the damage has been done. After the votes have been counted and after the GOP benefits, yet again, from another voting machine faux-pas! Voting machines manufactured, programmed and maintained by corporations and individuals who enjoy a most profitable symbiotic relationship with Bush Republicans.

And what do we get from the Commonwealth of Virginia election officials? "...the problem won't cause votes to be cast incorrectly, even though it might cause some voter confusion.

What? The people responsible for ensuring our elections are fair, uninhibited, and accurate are willing to sanction "some voter confusion" promulgated by the balloting process? And after that butterfly ballot fiasco that so characterized the Florida 2000 presidential vote? Is this what the citizenry is to expect from the so-called glorious digital age? I believe I can speak for 99.999999% of Americans in saying that the idea of using the voting machine was to enhance the voting process, not destroy it! Alas! It appears but a wounded technology.

How many more interations of impropriety must the people endure before government restores the legitimacy of our electoral processes? How much longer must we languish the insolence and the profit-driven machinations of corporate whores who are all too willing to scrap our democracy for the promise of a quick buck? Why are right-wingnuts so willing to relegate our cherished freedoms to but the trappings of liberty?

The citizens of Virginia should be thoroughly outraged and beating down the doors of every election official's office and demanding the instruments of corporate (read GOP) tyranny - the digital voting machines - be forever barred from the polling place.,2933,224499,00.html?sPage=fnc.politics/youdecide2006



Anonymous said...

Boy you really ARE an idiot vacreeper

Anonymous said...

creeper I'm convinced you're gay. The only question is, were you born gay or were you sucked into it?

FRisson1 said...

anonymous don't you have anything intelligent to say ...... Good Lord the neocons are running scared and directly at a brick wall

Eff25 said...

Creeper, what you say may be right, I don't know the whole money trail situation, but, with due respect, please calm down a tad. I remember what the ballots in Florida looked like. The people who read them but couldn't understand them were idiots, and this is from someone that can't do the word jumbo, let alone basic logic puzzles. Yes, there are exceptios, but most people should have been able to figure them out. And, as dismissive as the election officials sound, they should be right. If there's confusion, I'll be mader at my fellow Virginians than at the election officials or HIICC/ The more outrages comment, even considering the logistics, is the delay in fixng this error. the error should have been caught far earlier. The company must be investigated. My current leaning is to vote all Democrat, though it's not an easy decision, as it's all republican incumbents up for reelection vs. lesser experienced democrats.

AnonymousPoster said...

Too bad you read everything with blinders on. The article states...

"The Democrat's full name appears on the page where voters choose for whom to vote. The error shows up only on the summary page, where voters are asked to review their selections before hitting the button to record their votes."

Its on a SUMMARY page, NOT where they CHOOSE who to vote for, but that doesnt matter. Drop the seed, doesnt matter if you twist the truth. Vacreeper, its funny how you just glided over that part in your post..lmao

Eff25 said...

Now leaning toward Webb (D) and Drake (R). I'm more sure of th Webb vote than I am of the Drake over Kellam vote.

Anonymous said...

frisson1 said...

"anonymous don't you have anything intelligent to say ...... Good Lord the neocons are running scared and directly at a brick wall"

Isn't that what you said before the LAST election? Are you going to finally leave America this time?

FRisson1 said...

anon y mouse, I applied to immigrate to Canada, after the 2000 election. At that time the Canadian Government said that just because G.W. Bush and Dick "The Destroyer" Cheney were going to be in office didn't make me a political refugee...... I wonder if they would still feel that way now? lol

Anonymous said...

frisson, Im sure Mexico would take your lowlife ass. The mexicans cant stand it so much so that they are coming here. You should fit right in with the rejects who are still there. Leave Bitch, leave!

FRisson1 said...

My Father was working for the US Government in Mexico when I was born and I lived in Mexico for the first 6 years of my life off and on .... so I would feel quite at home.

For your information many Americans are immigrating to Mexico to retire. If your poverty stricken ass could ever afford to travel you might find that many parts of Mexico are quite beautiful. Mexico City is very metropolitan. I went to school in Mexico City and when my brothers and I returned to the states we were so advanced in our studies that we had to be advanced a grade in the US elementary system

Bush, the corporate whore, wants to encourage guest workers in the US so that the corporations and big businesses can continue to keep the working poor American's wages at an all time low. For the last ten years the minimum wage has lagged way behind inflation in the US.

The Bush administration and do nothing congress in the last 6 years has made no effort to close our southern border. As a result drug traffic and crime in the border states continues to grow..... but the Democrats will take care of the problem after the 2006 election .

Anonymous said...


I hardly believe you were promoted a grade ahead as the immigrants coming here are basically in special ed status in the schools. Even those who can speak english are very far behind in test scores.

If what you say is true about your past, then all I have to say is,


Anonymous said...

frisson the moron said: "Bush, the corporate whore, wants to encourage guest workers in the US so that the corporations and big businesses can continue to keep the working poor American's wages at an all time low."

Bush doesn't vote in the Senate the last time I checked frisson. AND the last time I checked it was a DEMOCRAT MAJORITY that voted for S. 2611. As a matter of fact there were only 4 Democrats that voted Nay. The majority of Republicans voted nay

Sorry to kick your ass in front of everyone frisson, but you should get your facts straight first

FRisson1 said...

The sponsor of S. 2611 is Senator Arlen Specter, When did he become a Democrat??????

May 16,2006 the Senate passed Sen. Jeff Bingaman's (D-NM) amendment to S. 2611 that significantly reduced the number of legal immigrants who could enter under the bill's "guest worker" program.