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Friday, October 06, 2006


Conspiracy of Silence, a documentary listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3, 1994. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies.

Many children suffered the indignity of wearing nothing but their underwear and a number displayed on a piece of cardboard hanging from their necks when being auctioned off to foreigners in Las Vegas, Nevada and Toronto, Canada.

At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired. Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed.

A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired FBI Agent Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by the participants involved.

See it for yourself:


Anonymous said...

Gee who would've thought the Discovery Channel (an American company) would do a story about a conspiracy in America, using a commentator that's English.

You idiot. The real story here is how a dumbass like you gets sucked into believing anything someone throws out on YouTube.

May Alex Jones be with you ....

Anonymous said...

I always knew these people in Washington were sleeping with boys, but I never knew the sex parties angle.
God stuff. Keep this info coming.

Jay156 said...

Seriously? Seriously? You would actually bring this in front of adults and claim that it convinced you? I know you like to do other things with your Sundays and that how dare a church ask YOU for money....the nerve, I get it.

But, to pull this piece of shit out and write a scathing blog claiming the type of shit you did is crazy... You're the type that listens to the citizens band radio so you can follow ambulances just so you and billy bob can watch somthing interesting on Friday night.

Facts, some politicians are scum, some in church leadership are scum...The vast majority of both do amazing jobs and help people. When is your atheist group planning to go out and rebuild some houses in the gulfcoast? Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't occur to you it is not proper? It is in the news and is actually happening. This is not the rantings of somneone who made this up. It's real and it has been real for a long time.
These horny men can't get women? They have to use innocent male kids?
Get off your republican notions and look at this with a clear, objective vision. It's wrong.

Vox said...

When I was 16 years old I worked part time helping my Mom where she worked. We both worked for an old man who was a staunch republican. He was an immigrant from Germany and began his life in this country selling vegetables that he grew on his rented land door to door. Eventually his business grew into what is now (even though he has passed away) many multi-million dollar businesses. He literally lived the "American Dream" and is a testament that this dream once existed and was once attainable through hard work and personal integrity.

He was a pretty nifty old guy and it is because of him that I originally became a republican. I often think of him when I see what the party has become and of how upset he would be to see just what it has become.

He gave back to his community through charity and also by making many loans to local people wishing to create their own business. He gave loans to people that his own financial advisors would tell him weren't worth a damn. Some of those loans were no interest loans. He loaned them money on their word and a signature and on his faith in them. He was never disappointed with his decisions. Every person he helped not only made money but also followed his example.

To look at the man you would have never known he had so much money. He wore patched pants and shirts, was often seen throwing back a few in the local bars. He was even arrested once by a rookie cop who didn't know who he was for vagrancy. Instead of becoming angry about it he let things play out and enjoyed a good laugh about it for many years after.

Even the homeless would mistake him for being down on his luck. I remember a story that made the human interest section of the local paper about a homeless man who approached him downtown one day and said, "you work this side of the street and I'll work that side of the street and between us we might get enough money to get something to eat". So, they met down at the end of the downtown strip and the old homeless man made $4.35. The old man I worked for gave him $20 and told him that he had already eaten that morning and that someone had given him $20. He told the homeless man to go get something to eat. LOL

He really was a kind, sweet old man who managed to make a more than adequate living to support his wife and children.

I tell you about this man because while I worked for him, until his death, he was a huge supporter Boystown. I know this because I am the one who wrote the checks for him to sign. He gave thousands of dollars because he believed in the mission of boystown.

All I can say after listening and watching this video is that knowing him as well as I did I know for a fact that whether it be true or not, if he had heard of this he would have held back his donations until the issue was resolved one way or the other.

If it be true, and if it were possible, that old man would be clawing his way out of his grave to make sure the truth came out.

Stories like this one make me wish for blissful childhood ignorance again and yet it's ignorance and choosing to remain ignorant that helps to perpetuate such atrocity in the world.

What is it about our species that allows some of us to perpetrate such horrific atrocity? It can't be ignorance alone. How do these people find each other in the world? It just makes one...sick!

Vox /|\ )o(

Jay156 said...

well of course its wrong! The Grinch was wrong...(also made up)...but I saw him on TV! And I bet if you search for the Grinch on YouTube you will find him there too!

It's just too bad that all the copies of the tape were destroyed, this would have blown the cover off of this dastardly operation! Now we will just have to trust our faithful rattler bloggers to find us more truth.

Anonymous said...

You have to admit Jay is right on this one. Yes Washington has more than it's fair share of sickies, but there's no way that grainy underproduced peice of crap came from the Discovery Channel.

Note: The only real proof would be the TV Guide listing which is 12 years old, so probably not accessable. How convienant. The more I read Facetious Muse, the more I wonder why.

Michelle said...

Thanks for bringing this up Muse. I have known about this for a few years when all the Gannongate stuff was going on. So soon does America forget that, eh? Children are the last on the list to get retribution. To argue with those that cannot possibly believe that people or Gop (gasp) actually do use children as sex slaves or abuse them, is fruitless. Some are just brain dead. Putting blinders on does not remove the situation. I'm glad someone got a copy of this documentary. I for one do not want to go through my life being a blind patriot.

Alot of atheists help charities and do charitable work. Sorry to tell ya, but Christians are not the only people on earth with values and morals. I really hate generalizations about people. Jay do you have pics of when you were rebuilding the gulf coast? You should post them so we can see your charitable work. Thanks

Facetious Muse said...

Jay you idiot, you can get this video in many many places and if you would once quit acting like such a prick and do some damn research you might just find out some of this stuff for yourself.

Investagation the old issue of TV Guide, Check into old programing of discovery that day, god are all you neonuts this lazy?

AnonymousPoster said...

After watching this I have many doubts as to the validity of this depiction of the story. Heroin addicts being paid to tell their story, some people only interviewed in jail, so called consensually recorded phone conversations where one party asks who is listening and the other says no one, missing parts of the video and the harsh quality of it, vulgarity used, courts saying the evidence was not conclusive, people who would not speak about it, and the choppy timeline of events portrayed... I could go on. This is also a YouTube bit and anyone can post on this. I have to wonder what lead you to search for this with the keywords: conspiracy and child abuse. I can imagine that parts of this story are true, but this is just one voice. This doesn't contain real factual based information. The flag blowing in the wind with the nice somber music playing while the woman was talking about losing her child was a nice touch. Its sad, but manipulative to the viewer.

Also, what in the hell did that story have to do with this subject Vox? What does a political affiliation have to do with any of this? There are creeps all around us. They don't choose one political party or another based on their sexual deviance. The democrat party has crumbled from what it once was too. I know you want so badly to prove that republicans are nasty people but get real... there are nasty democrats as well. Creeps are creeps no matter who they vote for.

All in all, if there is any truth to this, its a horrible offense. Too bad this video, proves nothing. You can cease chomping at the bit.

Anonymous said...

What did I say in the comment section earlier? I KNEW facetious muse would pull the "go investigate the old issue of TV Guide for that day". What a load of CRAP. Muse just admit you got suckered by a YouTube Alex Jones wannabe and we'll call it a day. Next you'll be telling us that Boystown hosted the 911 inside job reunion party.

Anonymous said...

That's wacko if I ever saw wacko!

Jay156 said...

I've spent two weeks in the gulfcoast...a week in Bayou Le Batre and a week in Biloxi...proving that to you is right behind being hit by a truck on my important things to accomplish today list. Gotta love liberal bitches.

Michelle said...

Fuck off Jay! :)

Hanging out at the casinos don't count, sorry....

Facetious Muse said...

OK I m really getting tired of some of the BS comments. First I almost never say my views on things I post. I try to share things that I have come across. It is not up to me to decide for others what they believe or don't. So to all of you morons that made sme silly ass comment to the effect of me geting sucked into anything, well ya all need to learn how to read.

I am so sick of the few that never has anything productive to say, just bashing and more bashing. And if this offense you too fucking bad. If one can only use insults, vulgar langauge and general BS tactics, they don't know a damn thing.

I can point out many, many postings and comments (ty Michelle ;O) that show info and data that cannot be debated. what do all of you insulters do? You simply ignore them or if you are really bad like Jay you act like you actually made a point, when you didn't.

Enough is enough isn't it time we worry about issues and how a person will react solutions to all the problem we now are facing?

I know a few converstaives taht really do have a head on their shoulders, unfortunely they don't post here often, we get the neonuts like Jay and the chicken shits. Time to stop all the BS it really is.

Jay you need help and I am not being facetious at all, your anger is not healthy. Also Jay where do you se me saying it convinced me? Jay also I have family is LA and have been back there many times to help out as many people as I possibly could and I intent to return as often as I can. How dare you act like you know me. How dare you assume what faith I have or do not have you judgemental little prick. I take it you claim to be christian, yet you judge others, you condemn, you hurt, you lie, you attack, good job as being such a good christian.

Also you can get copies of 12 yr old TV Guides, try your local library, it's that building with lots of books in it.

Now come one and do what you are best at, attacking with no solutions or no desire to have a solution.

Michelle thank you hun,sorry I was gone for a while and Jay decided to take his frustrations out on you, what a man he is huh.

Michelle said...

Muse? You can't think Jay could ever bother me? lol I'm a pretty tough gal. :) Speaking of the vulgarity of it all, I should not have used profanity either. To be honest, when someone like Jay calls me a liberal bitch, it makes me very proud. The only thing I dislike is when someone misquotes me or interprets what I write as something other than what it is. It is very time consuming, something I have very little of lately.

Jay156 said...

it seems your nutsacks are really big until someone decides to answer...then you play the "Im just a girl, dont pick on me you mean man" game...I will continue to blast you until my dying breath as long as you continue to fill this post, the internet, and the world with complete's lazy ass people like yourselves that sit on the sidelines bitching and moaning at the people out there breaking their asses. You don't impress me frankly...and Michelle, what a completely vile, disgusting, classless, and ignorant thing to say.

I wish I was at the casinos those weeks. I would have much rather been popping quarters into slots than to see, hear, and smell the things I did over those couple of weeks. I know you think you and the tree huggers are the only ones capable of loving others, but thats not the case....In fact, and this is straight from the mouths of people in the region....It aint the liberal tree huggers in the muck at all...It's church people, it's know those people you blast for being hypocrites? Those are the folks out there helping the gulfcoast...maybe if you loud mouthed hippy bitches put down your signs for a moment you might have the time to go dig a house out from under a ton of mud? Don't you ever judge me again you toothless slimy whore.

Michelle said...

LOL Jay!!! You don't know me either or what I have done in my life to judge anything. I do not condemn conservatives, quite to the contrary. I see no conservatives running things in this country. I wish to a point they were. So, you are the one that is judgmental Jay. You have deep issues. Sociopathic issues that make you seem more than what you are. Just another citizen in the world. Nobody has to kiss your ass for the charitable things you do in this world, you just do it, and hopefully someone will be grateful you do it. Anyone can come on this blog and claim to have helped the people after Katrina, what makes you any different than them, without the proof, like I said, you can just fuck off! Let's say you did help after Katrina, have you done anything since?? Do you help Habitat For Humanity or any organizations that help those less fortunate? Do you volunteer at homeless shelters, soup kitchens? Do you tutor children that need assistance. Do you donate food, clothes, or your time regularly? Do you go visit nursing homes to just talk to our lonely older citizens? Do you volunteer at centers for disabled people? These are the things I do Jay in my life, not just when a disaster comes up, but when I am needed. I don't need a disaster to see poverty and need all around me. Do you look in a disabled vets eyes and talk to him about how fucking proud of Dumbya you are? Even if he has no arms to shake your hand? So, don't talk to me about how you dug out mud, show me proof, matter of fact, I don't need proof. You deserve to be digging out dirt and shit. Because your soul is so very dark and black.

This is really very funny, you said, and I quote," and Michelle, what a completely vile, disgusting, classless, and ignorant thing to say." I think calling people "nutsacks, bitches, and slimy toothless whores" is more vile. Do you think you impress me or any other person on this blog? You are just a tool and a toy Boy!!!