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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Meanwhile, at the House of Representatives...

You have to watch this recap by Keith Olbermann of the Foleyrama scandal. Keith really put this into perspective, and addresses several newly discovered instances of House Republican leaders being informed of Foley's predation, and doing nothing about it.

Most importantly, Keith is not satisfied with playing the typical he-said/she-said game that most of our news media is so fond of. When these people make statements, this reporting team finds out whether their words contradict known facts or other statements, and then presents the contradiction clearly. If every other news source would simply do that, there might well be a more comprehensively and accurately informed populace.

In this report, they highlight how Hastert's statements are inconsistent with the facts, and what Boehner, Reynolds, and Fordham say. And they cover all of the other tendrils of this scandal, the staffers that tried to get Hastert to do something, and Hastert's negligent abandonment of his responsibility by allowing these incidents to be swept under the rug.

I've heard that Hastert is trying to hang on to his job. All I can say is, having a scandal-ridden enabler of sexual predation as the head of the Republican House is the best thing that could have happened to the GOP. Please, Denny, for the good of America, drag your party into the tar pit. We'll let you lead again after the next 40 years of Democratic rule.



Jay156 said...

Claus...I've been alive for 9 presidential terms...6 of those have been Republican....The majority of this country thinks and votes Republican...Win something first, then maybe you can start talking about ruling something for any given amount of time...but win something first.

Jay156 said...

lol...old Keith does stuff that no other reporter does! How far up your ass could that head possibly be? He gets no ratings, he has one point of view, and he couldn't place his political bias to the side if his plastic hair depended on it. Edward R. Murrow is turning over in his grave I'm sure.