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Friday, October 20, 2006


In case you thought racism was gone from either America or Paltalk:

Sheikh Yur Buotty: Voo I still own the deed to your great grandfather



Jay156 said...

Voo would be the first person to use whatever was at his disposal to degrade someone else...not an ounce of compassion for this bucket full of human sewage.

Anonymous said...

JC just how far down can the levels of your hypocrisy go? Your claim here is that this person is being hurtful towards the black race. Am I correct? But yet your nic was created to do the exact same thing towards a segment of religion. I'm not saying what he said was right (although it was funny), but you're just as guilty as he is. And what's worse is ... You're too stupid to even see it.

What's the motto of this blog? .... The stupid. It burns us.

Well you just got burned boy

Anonymous said...

Claus has the typical democrat syndrome... do it, but claim its wrong only if they do it.

Eff25 said...

What utter nonsense. How Voo behaves, even what Claus' motives might be, doesn't change the insensitivity of the statement that's been attributed to Sheikh Yur Buotty. Why can't you condemn that with sincerity? Then you might have some apparent moral ground to attack Claus and the victim.

Anonymous said...

Good idea eff25

I think what Sheikh Yur Buotty did was insensitive and I condemn his actions.

OK now it's your turn eff25. Time for YOU to condemn Jesus Claus for HIS insensitivity.
Why do I get the feeling you won't respond just like JC hasn't?

Eff25 said...

Apples to oranges, but I'm not in the mood at this time to explain my reasoning. Perhaps later.

Eff25 said...

Ok. I shouldn't leave you in suspense.

A. It's not clear to me that Clause intends to be malicious with his name.

B. If you're going to assert that he does, you need to provide evidence to support that.

C. Anytime one makes a choice to be a part of a belief system, he risks being satirized, mocked and subjected to bigotry, but he can escape that to a large extent, albeit at great personal cost. A black person cannot escape through disassociation any of them, because they are an attack on his person, who he is and always will be.

vacreeper2003 said...

Jay once again shows us all just how much the ignoramus he really is. First of all, Voo does not need to resort to racial bigotry to make a point, nor does he - so his "Voo would ..." claim is trash. Secondly, it is the neocons who, when Voo smacks them down with logical and factual debate, inevitably retort with trailer-trash comments such as that Buotty made - it's how neocons deal with losing a debate!

As for posting the comment - it should be posted - for all the world to see - as a reminder of just how intolerant, irrational, and ignorant RepubliKKKlans are. And Jay proves the point.

Anonymous said...

eff25 that was the most pathetic attempt I've ever witnessed. I also notice vacreeper avoided the issue like a true lefty would. AND I notice JC still hasn't responded to defend himself about his bigotry. But in the meantime, let's examine eff25's statement.

eff25 said: A. It's not clear to me that Clause intends to be malicious with his name.
eff you're either blind, stupid, or a liar. Or perhaps a blind stupid liar. It's crystal clear what reaction JC was provoking when he created his nic, and to say otherwise is being intellectually dishonest.

eff25 said: B. If you're going to assert that he does, you need to provide evidence to support that.
eff are you serious? Jesus (religious figure) Claus (fictional figure) The evidence you seek is right in front of your face. I could say the same thing about what Shiehk said. Where's your evidence he was bigoted? It's right there dumbass.

Sidenote to vacreeper:
vacreeper said: as a reminder of just how intolerant, irrational, and ignorant RepubliKKKlans are.

vacreeper I will now dismantle your logic with 100% pure American history.
The KKK was formed after the civil war by Nathan Forrest (Democrat)
Jefferson Davis (Democrat) was President of the Southern states.
David Duke (Democrat) former leader of the Ku Klux Klan (1974-1976) ran for Senator of Louisiana as a Democrat in 1976. He then ran for President on the Democratic ticket in 1988
Democrat Senator Robert Byrd's outburst of racist bigoted slurs, more specifically the "n-word," on national television in March of 2001. (Former member of Ku Klux Klan)
George Wallace (Democrat) Elected Governor of Alabama in 1962 was quoted as saying: "In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw a line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say: segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever." "I'll never be outniggered again."

What's the motto of this blog again? Are you people pretending to be this stupid?

Anonymous said...

Who knows if this Sheikh Yur Buotty is a democrat or republican? What I do know is that I personally have been called some horrific names in text and on mic by some of these people (including Lord Merciful Voo) but somehow its ok? It is offensive to me to be called a cunt, slave beater, or any of the other horrible terms that they use, where is the outrage there? Voo is one of the more profane and insulting people on Paltalk. I guess he can dish it, but no one is to give it back to him? Jesus Claus you, are not innocent of this either. Get off your high horses.

Eff25 said...

eff you're either blind, stupid, or a liar. Or perhaps a blind stupid liar. It's crystal clear what reaction JC was provoking when he created his nic, and to say otherwise is being intellectually dishonest.

Do you even know how a logical argument works? It's not my job to find your evidence, nor am I obligated to interpret it as you want. I was intellectually honest because I was honest about my understanding then. Also, on the subjective end, his name doesn't offend me, and, for all I know, clause could be a Christian, and maybe, if he is, he can laugh at himself.

eff are you serious? Jesus (religious figure) Claus (fictional figure) The evidence you seek is right in front of your face. I could say the same thing about what Shiehk said. Where's your evidence he was bigoted? It's right there dumbass.

You're grasping at straws. First, a religious figure is not excluded from being fictional, though Jesus may have existed (there's debate over that). Second, since you like simple talk, here's one, get a sense of humor. You talk about intellectual honesty. Well, perhaps you're not being that way comparing the name Jesus Clause to someone's crude and hateful "joke" about a person's own family.

Eff25 said...

Btw, your historical argument against vacreepers is weak, too. Why? Because creepers intent, if you're interpetation skills were half as good as you believe them to be you would know this and, one hopes for your sake, be able to counter, was to make a comparitive statement based on how creepers sees the Republican party as it is now. Honestly, I don't agree with using such labels, and the historical case may rest more strongly against the Democrat party. But it still remains that the effective argument would have been to ask creepers to prove the implication, and for you to show defensible Republican policies you think are advantages to the black community. Finding a handful of Democrats spread over decades and over a century who were Klsan members doesn't address the issue, it avoids it.

Eff25 said...

An aside. The clock in the blog is several minutes fast.

Vox said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vox said...

Perhaps the key word in all of this discussion is "interpretation".

anonymous has chosen to interpret JC's nick as an attack on a religious belief system whereas eff25 I believe has chosen to see it as an assertion of JC's own beliefs and an expression of what JC believes which any intelligent person would see is his right to do.

I can say this because I have taken the time to talk with JC and discuss the issue of our differing beliefs. Have either of you done that?

I am not sure I totally agree with JC's beliefs and maybe he did make that nickname to offend or perhaps just to cause a little controversy and create some discourse. Perhaps he's just sharing with all of you his own choices. Why don't you simply ask the man what he believes and remember, he doesn't have to tell you or answer you and you are free to extrapulate anything you choose from what he does or doesn't say.

I can tell you he does have an opinion on the subjects of God belief and religion, but only he can express it correctly because it's HIS OPINION. So, I won't attempt to explain it for him. That isn't my place, or yours.

eff25, I can see how it could be interpreted as purposely offensive, but I can see your point of view as well. You and anonymous are expressing your own opinions on what he meant or may have meant by choosing that nickname. I don't know why he chose it. I never asked him that. I could make a guess too, but I'll let JC tell you both if he chooses to do so, but I won't insist on an explanation because he doesn't have to tell me, or you, or anyone. He, like anyone else, just has to be comfortable with his choices.

Mary aka Vox /|\ )o(

Michelle said...

If Jesus Claus' name is offensive, then, those that celebrate Christmas and also celebrate Santa coming to town should also be accused of being offensive. I guess corporate America (made in China) can also be offensive. Jesus Claus is such a great nic. wtg!

vacreeper2003 said...

Anonymous - let me dismantle your revisionist history -

Don't let political party affiliation fool you. Let's take a look-see. The party of Lincoln, the Republicans, were, for all intents and purposes, a revival of the Federalists who went the way of the Dodo when John Adams tried to hijack the Constitution with the Alien and Sedition Acts. Lincoln believed FIRMLY in a strong central government at the EXPENSE of state government - and with his election in 1860 - the South found reason to pursue its traitorous ways! States rights was the Confederate mantra!

And what political party from the time of President Jefferson found the Federalist to be out of touch with the Constitution? Yes, the Democrats - While Thomas Jefferson called himself a "Republican" he was refering to his belief that States' right trumped Federal power and not a political party affiliation (Jefferson and his followers are often refered to as Democratic-Republicans).

Let's cut to the chase and look at today. Which political party is the proponent of "States' rights?" I believe it's the Republicans who argue the Judiciary is too invovled in state matters and the legislature passes too many laws that usurp state authority. It is the Democrats who argue for an activist, strong central government to serve as the "great" equalizer.

Let's see - how hard can this be for you anonymous: Republican Party established in the 1850s in opposition to the Jacksonian Democrats who were staunch States' rights proponents. Today - the Republican party serves as the proponent of states' rights and the democrats are the ones who support a strong central government.

The big switch-a-roo came with FDR when the Democratic party needed a strong central government to handle the economic strife of the Great Depression and began to bridge the racial divide. The Republican party switched to the party opposed to an activist Central Government.

In the 1960s, the Democratic party finally rid itself of the Dixiecrats - the relicts of the pre-FDR Democratic party.

Anonymous - you didn't dismantle damnit - but you did make a fool of yourself.

Michelle said...

In 1988, David Duke ran in the Democratic Party primary for President of the United States. After a poor showing in the Democratic primaries, he appeared on many state ballots as the nominee of the Populist Party and received 47,047 votes in the 1988 general election. David Duke switched to the Republican party in 1988. David Duke was elected in 1989 and served as a member of the House of Representatives and was a full participating member of the Republican Legislative Delegation. He served on Committees: Health and Welfare, and Judiciary. He was recently elected to Chairmanship of the Republican Parish Executive Committee of the largest Republican parish (county) in Louisiana. (St. Tammany RPEC, At-Large Representative, term 1996-2000)
I guess since the Democrats did not endorse David Duke he found a home with Republicans.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the leftyz just skipped right over George Wallace isn't it. It's like he wasn't even there. They totally ignored him during their spin tatics, hoping he would just fade into the sunset. Sorry libbys, but I remember the racism.

"I will never be out-niggered again" - George Wallace (Democrat-Ala)

PS: Martin Luther King day was signed into law by Ronald Reagan.

.....And I notice Jesus Claus STILL hasn't addressed the hypocricy of his bigoted name.

AnonymousPoster said...

Can everyone stand up and give some applause for Vacreeper? He has been itching to use that little bit of information he dug up on the internet for a long time. (One little thing that he hoped no one would notice...over that many years the democrat party has changed as well.) What it has to do with one asshole making a inappropriate comment we will never know. But, why would vacreeper really care? He is one of the most vile on Paltalk.

Good try vac, but we still know what you are.

Anonymous said...

........ and Claus wont address it anonymous. The democrats go through life with blinders on. Just look at vacreepers comment. So oblivious to any remembrance of how racist the democrats are. Yes, I said are, not were.

Michelle said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vacreeper2003 said...

Anonymous - I didn't have to look that up - methinks you assume too much.

Again - you made an utter fool of yourself!

Michelle said...

I didn't skip over Wallace, I don't think the piece of shit deserves to have a comment or any other racist. But, I do believe you should at least state the information correctly. I didn't vote for any of the men listed, so I don't feel I have to answer for them. As for Voo, hey, people get back what they dish out. Some people are vile in this world. It won't be the first or last racist comment to Voo. Also, why should JC address the comment about his name? It is not racist. Isn't that what the post is about? To use the usual tactics of changing the dynamics of the post is such a bore and juvenile. A commen tactic used in Paltalk.

This article Message to America from the Racist Republican Regime:
Happy Martin Luther 'Coon' Day

by Jackson Thoreau really enlightens from a white man's point of view of the Republican party. It proves the point that yes, there are Democratic racists in the present and the past, but if you want to start listing names, let's do it. You will find that the racist Republican mentality far outweighs the Democratic in the here and now, not fifty years ago. The list Thoreau provides does not give updates of other Republican racists that have recently made the news, such as, George Allen's "macaca," or monkey remarks.

Since someone brought up Jefferson Davis, why not examine the history of Trent Lott:
In 1998, Lott's connections to the racist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) were revealed by FAIR and several mainstream media outlets-- including the Washington Post (12/16/98).

The CCC is the successor to the notorious white Citizens Councils, whose history dates back half a century to the 1950s when the groups were referred to as the "uptown Klan." In December 1998, Lott denied any personal knowledge of the CCC, falsely claiming through a spokesperson that his links to the group amounted to a single speech made over a decade before he'd entered the Senate. But the facts showed otherwise: In 1992, Lott praised the CCC as the keynote speaker at its national convention; in 1997, he met with top CCC leaders in his Senate office; his column appeared throughout the 1990s in the group's newsletter, which once published a cheerful photo of Lott with CCC members who were also his close relatives. Lott was also the guest of honor at a 1982 banquet hosted by a Mississippi chapter of the old white Citizens Councils.

And Lott's legislative record demonstrates that his connections to the CCC were no fluke. In 1978, then-Representative Lott was behind a successful effort to re-instate the citizenship of Confederate President Jefferson Davis (Associated Press, 6/2/78). In 1981, Lott prodded the Reagan administration into taking the side of Bob Jones University and other segregated private schools that were suing the Internal Revenue Service to restore tax exemptions withdrawn a decade earlier because of the schools' discriminatory racial policies (Washington Post, 1/18/82).

In 1982 and 1990, Lott voted against extending the Voting Rights Act, the law passed to insure that minorities-- especially Southern blacks-- had access to the voting booth. In 1990, he voted against continuation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the crown jewel of civil-rights legislation that desegregated education and public accommodations. In 1983 Lott voted against a national holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr., and in 1994 he voted to de-fund the MLK Jr. Holiday commission.

And Lott's 2002 support for Thurmond echoed a statement Lott made in 1980: "You know, if we had elected [Strom Thurmond] 30 years ago, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today."

Anonymous said...

Sheikh didn't state anything racist. eff25, vacreeper, michelle, and Jesus Claus have all assumed that Sheikh doesn't hold the deed to Voo's great grandfather, when if fact he may. Ownership of said deed may be null and void but the statement didn't imply it was still a legitimate document. You idiots are too easy.

Eff25 said...

Anonymous said...
"Sheikh didn't state anything racist. eff25, vacreeper, michelle, and Jesus Claus have all assumed that Sheikh doesn't hold the deed to Voo's great grandfather, when if fact he may. Ownership of said deed may be null and void but the statement didn't imply it was still a legitimate document. You idiots are too easy."

You truly are reprehensible and disingenuously disgusting person. It's not even worth explaining it to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm disgusting? You're the one asking me to show proof that Jesus Claus made his nic to mock a religion. Have you shown proof that Sheikh doesn't own a deed to Voo's great grandfather?
You seem to have this need to follow JC's path in this post, no matter where it leads. I suspect there's a Freudean sexual explaination to it all. I find it funny how you blindly stick up for a guy that clearly has read this post, but has yet to respond because of his chickenshit nature.

Michelle said...

Talking about giving someone enough rope, lol.

It's ok to mock slavery, but whoaaaa, when someone mocks the obvious corporate take over of Jesus and Santa Claus the world is going to fall apart!!

JC probably doesn't reply because he figures you are obsolete, get a real name!! People can't reply to people that use the same nic as five other individuals. Jeez, you all are feckin' brain dead.

Eff25 said...

Stop addressing me, you're not fit to debate me. When you gather some real decency, then we can talk

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! So Democrat of you eff.

"Dont address me"

Laughing out loud!!!

Eff25 said...

Keep baiting. You really can't be that stupid. You're disingenuosness is boring.

Anonymous said...

awww eff. Another democrat who can dish it but not take it. No surprise. When you run out of argument, you either attack or say dont talk to me. waaaaaa

If you choose to dish it, be prepared to take it. Get a backbone.

Eff25 said...

You know damn well your argument is absurd. Don't expect me to legitimize it.

Eff25 said...

Now Good night.

Anonymous said...

I knew eff couldnt stand not commenting. It even commented twice! LMAO

vacreeper2003 said...

Anonymous said "...all assumed that Sheikh doesn't hold the deed to Voo's great grandfather, when if [sic] fact he may."

Do you think so Anonymous?

Well damn, I own the deeds to Monticello AND Mount Vernon!!! Oh yes, lest I forget to mention, I also own three houses in the Hamptons and my great-great-great grandfather was General Tecumsah Sherman.

And I sold JC rights to his nic for $25,000,000.00 - so you can stop blaming him.

Vox said...

Well...THAT was a exercise in futility.

Do you people EVER wake up and say, "I don't want to argue and be mean today"?

Try it once in awhile. See if it helps you at all. It helps me get through the day.

Mary aka Vox /|\ )o(

Jay156 said...

lets see if we can reach a level of intelligence here. (It would be a first for this site, but hell its worth a shot) an insult directed at an individual doesn't necessarily mean the person hurling the insult feels that way about the entire of the population. For example, I can call Claus an asshole without calling the entire group of tree hugging pussy liberals assholes. My comment was aimed at Claus, not at all pussy liberals.

Now, saying that you "own the deed to your great grandfather" isn't exactly a kind thing to say, nor is it original or intelligent. But let's really examine what it was...It was directed at Voo specifically. What if the comment was issued to someone lilly white like Claus? Saying that "I own the deed to your grandfather" would imply that this Sheikh yur buotty guy thinks he dominates Claus on paltalk...Because Voo is black though, we immediately think that racism is involved and that we should all be outraged...That outrage, keep in mind, comes from the same people who think Jews or "Zionists" are beneath the level of worm shit. The shitstain liberals will be quick to point out that they don't hate Jews, just Zionists. Ok..Sheikh doesnt hate African-Americans, just Voos.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Jay!

Anonymous said...

There are 3 truths in this thread.

1: Jesus Claus was a hypocrite for denouncing Sheikh's statement when he knows his own nic demeans a religion, which makes him just as guilty.

2: Proof that Jesus Claus is reading this thread are in the deleted posts.

3: Jesus Claus is too much of a pussy to address truth #1

FRisson1 said...

Jesus H. Christ, (any relation to you Claus?)I know that this is a free speech blog unlike "conservative think", but it is very hard to have to put up with all this neocon illogical dribble week after week.

Why doesn't Jay go post on "conservative think"..... maybe it's because no one goes there since they decided to censor their blog? I don't think Jay could go a day without some attention negative or positive.

Jay you could really help that dying blog by posting on it, since it seldom has a new subject posted.

As far as what JC (Jesus Claus) posted, all racial prejudice and other bigotry should not be tolerated..... If we all spoke out against such speech it would be a thing of the past.

I have a cousin named Jesus Hector Alvarez, MD. No one seems to have a problem with his name or with his mother for choosing that name. It seems only right wing moral majority Christians like Jay panic about the name Jesus being used by ordinary people

As far as I am concerned anybody can call me anything they want. I have known for a long time who I am and what I believe in and stand for, so name calling just doesn't impress me.

Eff25 said...

What is so hard to understand about this? Voo's very family was attacked and demeaned by that insensitive remark, a family which could very well have had the evil of slavery put upon it in its past.

The statement was racist, because slavery and the black mans' state of slavehood is the basis upon which it was made. Saying you own the deed to someone's ancestor is not the same as saying I 0wNj Yu0 like some kid with his video game. It's not the same as mocking characters in a religion and popular myth, or as conflating them to be at least satirical or, at worst, hateful. You have the free choice to associate yourself with Christianity, Islam, etc. Voo has no such choice when it comes to his family, and they should never be used as a part of someone's immature drivel. Referencing his family that way reminds Voo, though he doesn't need it, that there are still people out there that see him as property, as of being subhuman. Even if the person that made the remark didn't mean that, didn't think it through, it was still a terrible thing to say. I know some of you get that, but what's not gotten by some is that the contexts aren't equal. There is no moral equivalency. Jesus Christ isn't your great grandfather, your ancestors may have faced hardships and bigotries, but they weren't made into property.

The disingenuous comparison is sick to its very core. You take a mock name with an ambiguos meaning as yet not explained and try to contrast it against making fun of the family history of a human being.

Absurd, through and through.

Finally, even if Claus is trying to be controversial and is pushing some standard of decency, did you stop to think that he might be making a statement about commercialism, or something not intended against all Christians?

Are you happy? I've explained it.

Oh, Mary, to clarify: My assertion on Claus is none, none that I intended. I've mostly been characterizing what his name appears to be. I don't know his intent. I admit that it would help if he said something.

Eff25 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Eff25 said...

"2: Proof that Jesus Claus is reading this thread are in the deleted posts."

I'll correct this for you.

I'm not a contributor and even I can delete one of my comments if I'm logged in.

Conclusion, you don't have enough evidence to accuse Claus of deleting a post.

This is a repost. I mistakenly thought there had been only one delete.

Eff25 said...

Btw, I'm not a Democrat, not officially. Also, I define myself as being moderately liberal. I'm agnostic with atheist sentiments. So, if you feel inclined to insult and label me, there you go.

vacreeper2003 said...

Well Jay, then I suppose it would be perfectly legitimate and harmless to say "well Senator George Felix Macacawitz Allen, when can I mail you the tattooed lampshade Herr Himler made from your grandfather's skin?"

I wonder how most Jews would take that comment? Oh, it would only apply to Macacawitz, and lord knows it couldn't possibly be offensive to other Jews or anyone else for that matter. But Jay and anonymous would equivocate such a comment claiming it to be harmless because it was directed to Macacawitz. It would be wrong to think such a comment is meant to demean Jews in general.

It is perfectly clear that Sheikh is a goddamn racist and meant the comment to elicit a response from Voo as a black man (as if he could be something else) - not as Voo.

If one of my troops said that to anyone - his/her ass would be courts-martialed and making little rocks out of big rocks in Leavenworth or maybe on the business end of a little friendly fire in Iraq. It was a patently racist comment.

Jay156 said...

funny how you come to the aid of Voo. There is another man named Magnum on paltalk who I think most of you know. The man is African-American but has received tons of insults, many of them racial in nature from the slime that proudly call themselves paltalk liberals.

Voo has been one of the most vile offenders of insulting people's family in chat. On many occassions, Voo has personally insulted my wife and children on paltalk. I wonder where your pittbull like protection of the sanctity of family was during those times. In fact, most of you vile fuckers responded with pats on the back to your hero. Excuse me if I don't jump to Voo's defense here...He has been on the offense for years around here. Many of your responses to me will be, "you reap what you sow." Well, I'd say that response also fits nicely on the vile bucket of shit known as Lord Merciful Voo.

Eff25 said...

I don't know about what Voo has said to you, nor anyone else recently. I've not been in PT for a few months.

Anonymous said...

I have heard voo on mic saying obscene sexual things about children, family members and not to mention the insults and sexual inuendos hurled toward members who dare question him. These include me and my children as well.

Voo deserves anything and everything anyone can hurl his way and more. He is a vile piece of trash.

Anonymous said...

eff either you have been in a hole for years or choose to be blind. Voo's behavior is not new.

Facetious Muse said...

I see some mention Voo's behavior and yes this 'pussy liberal' will admit I have seen Voo say some very questionable comments, but the one thing I have not ever seen Voo say or text is a racist remark.

Racism is nothing but hate, no good has or ever will come of racism. Now for people to try to make this an issue of differenting opinions is disgusting.

This BS ranks right up there with some saying all republicans are pedophiles, due to Foley's actions. It is not believable that Sheikh Yur Buotty did not mean his remark as a racist comment.

I understand that many use the blog as a tool to get attention and to vent. Others use the blog as a way of speaking their views and some to educate or to be educated, but come on enough is enough. To turn what Sheikh Yur Buotty said into "was it realy meant as a racist comment" goes beyond ridiculous, it is pathetic that some even attempt to do this.

Nics being compares to what Sheikh Yur Buotty is really reaching for something that is not even the same ballcourt.

Now I know some little attention seeking moron will be repling to this, but you all know that (unless you are in fact a racist) that Sheikh Yur Buotty comment(s) should NOT be tolerated by any human, no matter their political views.

To come and say some of the things I have seen here only help to increase racism and that is just sad. Some people really do need to grow up, get a life and stop acting like a child.

Ok all you little scared anonyMICE attack away (oh you too Jay, don't want you to feel left out)

~~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~

Eff25 said...

Voo spent much of his time in Mainstream Politics, which I rarely went into, from what I recall, and I've only been in a room with him a handful of times.

Jay156 said...

There isnt a ranking order on what is vile or more vile to say. Saying I own your grandfather is more vile to you than saying someone's wife is a whore? Bullshit...take the crap elsewhere.

And by the way, Voo is a big boy. He has a black hole where a heart should fit. He didn't feel a damn thing about the comment. He is using it for attention. Believe me, this guy is as vile as they come.

vacreeper2003 said...

Jay - get the cow manure out of your ears - I've heard Neonuts insult Magnum - his commentary is often indicative of a sociopath! Don't blame just liberals.

Voo insults individuals - Sheikh's comment was meant to demean the black man - it's no different than poking fun at Jews in concentration camps, Jay. And yes - some hatred is more vile than other hatred - don't equivocate, Jay. You have to be on the ouside of the hate box to know the difference! Just like there are nuances of lies (wink, wink, nod, nod)....there is hateful, hate, and hatred.

I'll say it again - Sheikh's comment was meant to illicit a reaction from Voo - not as a Paltalk speaker, but as a black man defending his race against slavery - it was meant to interrupt Voo's thinking - but it failed as such comments usually do with Voo. The fact remain - the innuendo is just too obvious. Sheikh's comment wasn't an insult - it was an affirmation for neocons like yourself, Jay. If that doesn't make sense to you, then I know I'm right.

But Voo is above that - he doesn't chase after the doggie biscuits the likes of neocon nitwits like Sheikh toss at him. Voo attacks individuals (neocons, and liberals on occasion) and their comments - not races of people - and he certainly doesn't make jokes out of slavery, concentration camps, torture, and institutionalized pedophilia like the GOP does.

The bottom line is Jay - you enjoyed Sheikh's comment - you think it funny and you think it right - why? Because Voo is a better man than you, and you just don't know what to do about it.

I have a suggestion: Suffer bitch!

Anonymous said...

"...but the one thing I have not ever seen Voo say or text is a racist remark."

If you havent heard Voo say "honkey white ass" or Honkey this or that.. then you havent been listening. I think you probably think its not racist to mention a white persons race though. Such hypocrits you dumbass liberals are.

Jay156 said...

You back him because you agree politically Creeper....Voo can and has said the vilest shit imaginable and you pat him on the back for it

What really made me laugh about your last comment post was that you genuinely seem to believe that Voo is a good person. LOL...Either you're the blindest and dumbest mother fucker walking, or the both of you have an ass banging thing going on.

And by the way, you're all man...I mean the way you called me bitch on a blog site....I bet you actually flexed and squinted as you typed that....It's pussys like you that make real men roll their eyes whenever they read or hear the psuedo tough guy bullshit....Go on sucking Voo's dick and then pretend to be a real man on a blogsite...Im sure know one will suspect that you like the feel of a johnson burried in your ass.

Eff25 said...

Can't you two, or however many, get it? Creeper might not have been so directly defensive of Voo had you had the maturity to have politely expressed your negative criticism of Voo from thew beginning.

Here, I'll put the request in for you.

Would a contributor to this blog please create a post discussing the conduct of Voo?

Anonymous said...

eff are you angry because vacreeper's tounge can go farther in Voo's ass than your's?

Eff25 said...

Tell me, are you really mad at me, or mad at the rational Christians whom must surely have asked you not to speak in their defense anymore?

Michelle said...

I have to say that the remark was obviously racist , but, Voo does dish out alot of shit to people. He gives back what he gets. I am not supporting the comment, but, I have to say I have heard Voo at least twice demean white women, in which I left the room. Like I always say, the end does not justify the means? Something like that. In the initial post about Sheikh Yur Buotty, what disturbed me was the obvious attempt by certain posters to make it political. What is even more disturbing is that someone would support the racist comment, as long as it is aimed at Voo or (gasp) a liberal. Do you think perhaps it upset another person in the room that is not like Voo? Paltalk is full of people with ugly souls, I don't see why anyone is surprised about the comment.

Eff25 said...

Ugly souls? There's a reason I stopped going to Pal Talk. Heck, no offense to those here that may have and would, and I've sometimes agreed with her, but there are, I'm sure, still people in Pal Talk that seem to think JaneBond is a saint.

Eff25 said...

* would believe as such.

vacreeper2003 said...


I see you've worked your way down to your favorite position - on the bottom.....of the barrel in this case!

First, bright boy, I don't know Voo personally - strike 1.

Secondly, I'm not a homosexual - strike 2.

Thirdly, you're still a suffering bitch - strike 3.

You're out Jay...out of intelligent conversation! I knew it wouldn't be long before you expended all of your golden words - and even they were fool's gold; but I'm no fool, and you lose once again!

If there's one thing I don't fear n this world - it's craven little cowards like you, Jay. It is clear to me you lack the integrity, honor, and fortitude to be much of a man. Those of us in the armed services have nothing but contempt for little girly-men like you - you aren't worthy of being called an American and you certainly are no patriot.

As for Voo, once again I say Sheikh's comment was made to elicit a comment from a black man, not Voo the lawyer - but you just can't cope with the fact that Voo didn't fall for the schtick! But take heart in the fact that there are other little neonut bigots (like Sheikh) to keep you company in PalTalk!

And Jay, you really should grow a pair before you tilt with the big boys - you're false bravado is, well, amiss in this conversation, and like you, is devoid of substance and doesn't amount to much.

Vox said...

"2: Proof that Jesus Claus is reading this thread are in the deleted posts."

That proves nothing since one of the deleted posts is mine. I made a mistake and accidentally omitted something I wanted to say and posted before I realized it so, I went back, deleted the post and reposted.

Vox /|\ )o(

Vox said...


"Oh, Mary, to clarify: My assertion on Claus is none, none that I intended. I've mostly been characterizing what his name appears to be. I don't know his intent. I admit that it would help if he said something."

I realize that, eff. No worries. :-)

Mary aka Vox /|\)o(

Jay156 said...


I'm wondering what branch of military you serve in. It seems that you have a lot of time to hang out online. It's widely known that you claimed to be on leave for the entire summer....Either you have some pretty sweet leave details or something else is going on.

1. You're full of shit and not in the military
2. You've fucked up royally and received your walking papers.
3. You're ripping me off by doing this instead of serving the military.

You claim to be an officer, yet you display all the maturity and honor of a 4 year old who has been told they have to sit in the corner for shitting their pants. There isn't anything false about my bravado...I'm not the one puffing my chest out on paltalk....I'm not the one calling another grown man a bitch....Creeper, you've proved to be nothing more than psuedo-macho hillbilly that thinks empty threats frighten people. You aren't impressive, you aren't intimidating, and you damn sure aren't able to hang with me on my worst day. Maybe venture outside of your little protected Political Junction room once in awhile....or tell dommie that you don't need her protection...She likes to make sure she keeps her widdle creeper weeper and her widdle Clausy poo nice and safe. Get away from the room full of shitstains that do nothing but agree with you all the time...I mean, you've proven you're a real man and all with the big blog talk.

vacreeper2003 said...

Oh Jay - you stuck on that "suffering bitch" thing. I'm so sorry Jay. I won't call you a bitch anymore. But I will call you a yellow-bellied coward of the first water.

I'm not going to explain military leave policy to you - join up and you'd understand how it works. A coward isn't worth the exertion.

As for maturity - Jay - cowardice is the hallmark of an immature man, and you are one great, great coward. I'm actually embarrassed for ya!

In fact, you're an embarrassment to your country. I'll bet the whole family is proud, huh, Jay? Coward-ass punk! You disgrace your country, and you have the nerve to call yourself an American AND a patriot. Shameless little man!

Jay156 said...

I understand fully I have 3 brothers in the military and my father also served proudly.....The military doesnt give summer vacations when we are at war.

vacreeper2003 said...

Your comment begs the question - what happened to you?

You're not a homosexual are you, Jay? The RepuKKKes are changing that don't ask, don't tell policy, so you better see a recruiter soon!

Oh yeah, the military doesn't like bigots, either, Jay, sooooo...maybe you shouldn't see a recruiter, after all.

Obviously you don't understand what "use or lose" leave is. You see, Jay, I didn't take much leave over the past 3 years, and now I've got to use it or lose it. I lost 8 days from FY06. And Jay, just because you see my nic in PT, doesn't mean I'm there.

Don't worry, I'm making sure the Iraqis don't come and get ya! Ya little coward-ass - hiding behind your family.

And Jay, don't say when "we" are at war - you aren't one of the "we" - you're one of the many neonut cheerleaders. Just don't hike up your skirt - it scares the little children.

FRisson1 said...

Well said vacreeper. As the ex-wife and widow of two dedicated career military men "armchair warriors" like jay_the_jerk_off make me wanna puke.

Jay is like someone directing people to run into a burning build to save a gas can, while he stands on the side walk selling pop corn, soda and post cards.

Jay156 said...


1. A 3.5 on the insults...weak and predictable, frankly I expect more.

2. You arent in Iraq fuck...and, as I stated before, I know enough to know that entire summer vacations during wartime aren't given out...sorry, try that shit with someone else

3. Serving the military is honorable...for most. Some go to the military because they aren't intelligent enough to make it in the civilian sector. The military takes anyone who signs up. They tell you what to do, no thinking involved. Judging on your comments and your tough guy routine over the internet, it's painfully obvious that you are the dumbest mother fucker walking. I highly question the honesty of a "man" who claims he serves our military but yet feels the need to play toughguy on a blog...The two just don't fit together.

Finally, the racist crap is about the dumbest of the dumb. Saying that a vile shit pile like Voo deserves what ever is said about him doesnt come from racism. Voo is a RACIST...Being African-American doesn't negate him from being so. Voo throws around the "whitey" bullshit like John Elway. Voo berates women, he will go as far as to say he's "fucking your momma"...Creeper, you are a disgusting piece of rat shit for defending this worthless bucket of wasted jizz.

vacreeper2003 said...


You don't know much. I will be taking 1 or 2 days off every week plus 90 days of terminal leave next summer before I retire on 1 Aug. How's that for a summer vacation? In case you don't know - 55% of the Air Force hasn't been to Iraq - I have been, which is more than can be said for you coward ass. You don't have the faintest idea about how the Air Force manpower models work, so don't come around with your "I know what's going on from a safe distance" coward act.

And no, Jay, the military doesn't take anyone who signs up. The military doesn't need to do that, and doesn't. You made a liar out of yourself in a public forum. Many of us make the military a career because we really do care about the future of this country - unlike little cowards like you who ride daddy's coattails to victory to avoid military service. Making the kind of ridiculous statement you made demonstrates to all that you believe it is the "dumb" of society who die in places like Iraq, but it's OK because they couldn't make it in the civilian world. And you pretend to support the troops.

Again I say to you Jay - you're a coward of the first water, and you don't deserve to be called an American and you certainly are no patriot. You're in it for Jay and you'd send others to die so you can live large. You're a moral coward Jay - the substance of pedophiles and serial killers.

The comment JC posted wasn't anything Voo said - it was something one of your bretheren neonut nitwits wrote - and you think it's amusing and acceptable. You think Voo deserves such comments, when all Voo is guilty of is slapping you silly neocon loonies down in every debate! Get over it Jay - Voo mops the floor with you neocons - and that's what gets your goat; thus Voo deserves Sheikh's comment.

And Jay - keep paying your taxes - retired officers are expensive!

Anonymous said...

Vacreeper, you havent been in Iraq. You have been on Paltalk for years. There has been no long break in your disgusting appearance in the Social Issues room.

vacreeper2003 said...

Anonymous -

You're a liar, and you insist on making your propensity to lie a public spectacle; you don't know where I've been or what I do, and you make a liar out of yourself by pretending you do.

By-the-way stupid, the Air Force standard rotation in Iraq is 90 days. We aren't the Army and our opstempo doesn't demand we deploy for long periods of time. We don't even deploy as cohesive units, dummy! So take you and your unvarnished opinions and dock your head up Bush's rectum where it belongs!

Now, put that in your pipe and smoke it, coward-ass bitch.

Anonymous said...

Well Vac, YOU should put down the pipe!

You have not been gone from Paltalk for a long period of time much less 90 days. You are not in the air force either. You have too much time online to be in the AF. Stop the lying.

Eff25 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Eff25 said...

When I blogged, I almost never got comments. Honestly, it was mainly because I got so few of them that I quit. I'm noow thankful that I was spared such monotonous bickering as is now present here. Sometimes it's true that things can be worse.

Eff25 said...

Bloody typos