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Monday, October 02, 2006


I never get tired of the pathetic prostrations and contortions conservatives engage in when they try to spin away the truth. Check out the latest moronosity:

PoliticalPro1: Tom Delay steps down when he was under investigation by the feds ----yet, William Jefferson fought it tooth and nail for 6 months. ( ya see liberals don't have the morals to get out when told to leave )

This is just priceless. The depths of ignorance, the twisting and bending, truly fantastic. If he was an olympic diver, this double-reverse-Pike-with-a-forward-360-twist would surely earn the Gold. Pol, you ignorant mouth-breather, Tom DeLay is one of the least upfront and ethical beings in the solar system. He actually tried to orchestrate a vote by his fellow Republicans to change their own ethics rules to allow him to serve as Majority Leader WHILE UNDER INDICTMENT! Not only did he avoid forthrightly accepting responsibility for his transgressions, he was actively engineering a plot to salvage his power. Fortunately for us, his compatriots gagged on the shit sandwich he was ramming down their throats, and refused, under public shaming, to acquiesce to his scheme. Please, Pol, for the sake of our guffaw-split sides if not for your own shabbed credibility, don't spit Tom DeLay's piss on our legs and tell us it's raining.