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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


The Internet is all a buzz about who a certain paltalkian teddy bear in beast clothing could possible be. A popular paltalkian of the banana-belt who's known for their mean-spiritedness, oftentimes coming into SI rooms to flame the fires of racism and sexism to the growing delight of other neocons, sends money anonymously to chatters in great need? Who could it be that has sent hundreds of dollars to a woman about to lose her home due to legal bills accosted from keeping her children safe from abuse? One so clever at keeping their identity mum they even used a secret password when sending money via Western Union to those in need.

That would be amazing enough but that wasn't the only action of this paltalkian and their generous actions of a true humanitarian. Some other such action occurred when another SI chitchatter who was not able to afford even macaroni was rescued by this beastly chatter of anonymity with a gift of $200, again with claw-tracks being well enshrouded.

I guess this goes to prove Never judge a beast by it's roar.

They don't call me Facetious Muse for nothing


Jesus Claus said...

I'll bet NO ONE will be able to figure out who this is referring to. He's such a shit, who could believe he's really a big softie?


FacetiousMuse said...

He? Are you sure its a male lol

YOu little spoiler you lmao

Anonymous said...

I bet the mystery man is

Mag Potient---do I win a prize..

Anonymous said...

Can't be Brutie....He's broke

FacetiousMuse said...

anonymous 1 sorry to say you are incorrect

anonymous 2 really he is?


IsabellaSays said...

my guess is crabfisherman

Anonymous said...

It's the country bumpkin xxxmwxxx. Hey MW, you ever get that mone back from msnikki yet. I bet that just burns you up huh?

FacetiousMuse said...

Isa, are you right or are you wrong? Just ask yourself this, could you see crab being a softie ;O)

Anonymous said...

yeah I can see crab being a softy, a soft dick!