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Sunday, April 27, 2008


I was in slink's room tonight. I could not believe my ears as an admin, rainbase, encouraged the suicide attempt of a room chatter. He not only said it ONCE, he said it at least 10 times. He said for the chatter to slit their wrists, and then goaded them to actually do it.

After the incident on paltalk where another chatter was chatised and goaded to kill himself on cam and that chatter then proceeded to hang himself, this incident in Slink's room was unbelievable. And Slink did nothing about it, as room owner. All he did was post "LOL"

Rainbase, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are an admin, someone who is supposed to know the rules. You are supposed to know paltalk TOS. Yet, you break them with the encouragement of the room owner!


Anonymous said...

Isabella closed her eyes while rotating her head as she tried to work the kinks out of her tired neck and shoulders, it had been a long day, and now here it was almost ten thirty at night and she still had a pile of reports to go over before tomorrow's big meeting!!! Deciding to take a five minute break, she stood up and stretched, and for some reason, she cupped her full chest through her blouse and tweaked her rapidly hardening nipples!!! All of the nervous tension in her body seemed to have gravitated to her pussy, which by now was literally dripping and throbbing in anticipation of a much needed orgasm!!! "Not now," she moaned, "I've got a lot of work to finish up," but in her heart she knew that only way that she'd ever get done was if she could get some relief for her now erect clit!!! Forgetting momentarily that while she was alone in her office and on the twenty eighth floor, the blinds on her windows were wide open, offering any amateur voyeur who happened to be peeking a perfect view of everything she was doing!!! As she continued to caressing her breasts, her breathing became much more labored until finally she jerked up her dress and began furiously fingering her wet cunt until her whole body shuddered as it was consumed by a crushing climax!!! She collapsed back into her chair gasping for breath as the cool air wafted over her very satisfied pussy, while an hour later after finishing up her paper work she snapped of the lights to her office and headed off for home to a hot bath and a warm bed!!!

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Isa held on to the edge of her desk and struggled the six feet to her waiting chair, where she plopped down hard with her cunt still twitching like crazy, when she finally was able to speak, she said softly, "You know my name, but I don't know yours, why don't you introduce yourself!?!" "He stood there with his now spent pecker swinging gently back and forth and replied, "I'm Charles, and I work late almost every evening!!!" "Well," Isa sighed softly, "I don't work late every night, but I'm sure gonna start!!!

IsabellaSays said...

wiw-- so THIS is what everyone was talkin about !!
I've been called lottsa stuff-- but i was never a character in a porn story !!

well done author!!
ps... i wish you would've chosen a different idenity of the guy in the adjacent bdlg... heheh

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Isa is one twisted pinko leftie grannie! Her deprived sexual fantaisies go well beyond the boundaries of bad taste(Don't you feel any shame?)
This is proof that this anti -American traitor is addicted to smut( which she denies in other blogs).
I wont reveal my nic as she's already stalking me from one room to another.
I knew that Isa had a serious drinking problem but never realised the level of her sexual frustrations.
Isa do seek help for godsake!

IsabellaSays said...

well , i cannot take credit for the author of the copy/paste sexual episodes that have replaced pal users nics in their stories and posted them on blog after blog.. but i have noticed that so far, charlesny, myself, gary4nudes, frisson1, and now wax on wax off have been featured in the copy/paste sexual scenarios lol

somehow the anonymous copy/paste artist thinks that by posting these stolen copy/paste stories and replacing pal nics is evidence of genius !!
umm.. well, .. no, it's not, but hey!! everybody got to read a bit of your library aonymous !!

lol funny stuff :)
adios :)

Anonymous said...

ur right Isa it is a really stupid exercise.I will apologyse anonymously to the people whose names are in those cut and paste stories.

I will no longer post this garbage

Hope JC will kindly delete those.

Isa, Frisson, Charles, Wax on Wax ,Gary4nudes.

Peace to all!