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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


New word: flooging
Definition: flooding a blog

My initial understanding of the intent of the Rattler was to provide a medium for original and relevant discussions around the people and issues emanating from various Paltalk rooms. And our friend Jesus Claus is to be commended for reviving what was a somewhat obscure and underutilized site. It is with regret, however, that, with a flood of new contributors, I notice the concept of the blog is often being usurped by irrelevant and, frankly, very boring over-sized content these days. I also don't believe that knowing how to use the copy/paste function is an indicator of editorial brilliance when used as the singular content of a post.

Some have also decided to use the Rattler as their own personal aggregate site. In a recent instance, 30 of the preceding 47 posts were the work of a single contributor; most seeming of questionable relevance and abounding with pastes and ram-eating video-splashes. I could not determine the grand total as my scrolling finger simply quit on me, but there were lots more. I would urge this individual to click the 'create a blog' button next to the 'sign in' button and provide such a large volume of information in a separate venue, or else try using a short post with a link. By no means am I intending to be critical of the content or the enthusiasm, however. This is simply a case of over-abundance.

Two significant problems are being created by flooging: First there is the discouraging matter of a contributor spending perhaps hours creating an original post only to have it flushed to the unreachable depths of the page, sometimes in a matter of minutes, by gigantic pastes or other extended volumes of nothingness. The second is that, because of the now significant volumes being posted, the Rattler is taking literally minutes to load and become navigable and is consuming HUGE amounts of ram in my very fast pc - an older pc on dialup or otherwise must be having intolerable difficulty accessing the Rattler these days.

As a relatively new contributor here I criticize with a degree of reluctance and the above may just be a temporary phenomenon. But, for the sake of the blog, may I recommend that the total volume of the page be kept to manageable levels and that a stricter level of editorial control be invoked to eliminate the less-than-salient posts that serve only to obscure those who are closer to the original intent of the Rattler.



Pinko Commie Mommy Jane said...

Let me get this straight. One, your finger hurts from having to scroll down the page. Two, the posts are too big to read and it frustrates you. This is somewhat confusing. You are the same person that will sit in a Paltalk chat room for hours on end doing nothing but scrolling and reading. Or, are you doing other things. Who knows? You sound like the typical American…. “Please cut that down to a ten second sound bite because I only have a twenty second attention span.” You have quite the balls to complain my friend. How long have you been a member of this blog and how often have you written something? If you don’t like my content or anybody else’s why don’t you show us all up and post something better?

For every one complaint I get twenty complements. And the complainers are the ones that add NOTHING to this blog. Yes, you are the typical lazy American.

Pinko Commie Mommy Jane said...

"the Rattler is taking literally minutes to load and become navigable and is consuming HUGE amounts of ram in my very fast pc - an older pc on dialup or otherwise must be having intolerable difficulty accessing the Rattler these days."

Dude come on, this is funny. If your “very fast pc” is using a ton of ram to open a blogspot page I suggest you take your over priced piece of crap back to Circuit City and get your money back! lmao

Tosca said...


I enjoy your posts but I must say that I too have problems loading this page and I have a high speed connection and a brand new pc. I don't think it has anything to do with RAM but rather with the bandwidth or storage space the servers of blogger offer. I noticed this because my site ( doesn't have that problem at all. I pay for the amount of server space we have tho. So that might be it.

Apart from that, while I really enjoy your posts and I know that JC gives total freedom , the rattler has mainly been a blog for either 1. paltalk gossip or 2. original essays by contributors.

My site is different. It is an information clearinghouse where people copy/paste articles, embed video's etc. You may want to consider putting some of your awesome finds there so that the bandwidth here isn't overloaded.

I don't want you to stop sharing your finds, but I think the limitations of blogger are becoming a problem when you need more bandwidth/storage space for embedded videos. So, I invite you to join the daydream-team for your videos and political articles and you can still post your humorous pieces and commentaries here. Is that a compromise? I hope so!



Carmen_ said...

Ditto, clump. Ditto, tosca. I hadn't seen clumpmeister's post until this morning because I haven't been here for a couple of days. I used to check this site several times a day. I don't anymore. The page takes to long to load and, quite frankly, I don't like the content. If I want news I usually go to the news media. But you, jane, shouldn't take this criticism as a personal affront. It has nothing to do with you personally. It's just that we were having a lot of fun with "The Stupid.. it Burns Us" format. It was a good way to get a laugh or to further discuss what was happening in the rooms -- to make a point that might've been missed in chat. And sometimes to gather more steam for the next discussion.

Jesus Claus said...

I personally like the extra content. I was hoping when I got so many authors to join the blog that we'd have a good 5-10 new paltalk related posts a day, as there is always something stupid being said in paltalk. But it often seems the blog will languish for days with no new content. I think what people really want on a blog is freshness, of whatever type, so I like jane's contributions.


geezus claws said...

I told you pinko was clogging up the blog like a toilet, but the bitch wouldn't listen.
She don't write shit. It's all taken from other blogs

cLumpmeister said...

So have no misgivings about usurping 68% of the Rattler for your personal I understand. You seem to have overlooked the fact that I went out of my way to address the VOLUME of your input, NOT the content, tho I certainly could take issue with your recent L.Ron Hubbard post now that we're getting nasty. And, of course, suggesting you try your own blog was taken as an insult. By not addressing the issue of your excessive input in favor of a personal attack on myself you present the lamest possible defense.

Commentrary was actually inspired by an absurdly long paste of a meaningless double-spaced chat convo which I felt was outright abuse of the blog and seemed to have induced my longest ever loading time which was well over 2 minutes. If one has nothing to say it is better left unsaid. Mention of your hyper-input came only as an afterthought as I pondered how detrimental the blog-bloat was becoming from a purely technical standpoint. To mock my pc, which is kept in optimal condition at all times, is surely a desperate pile-on knock of my technical awareness whereas I'm certain you don't have a clue as to how much ram the Rattler now consumes. Typically it is now over 110mb and exceeds 200mb as the page is explored.

Your ad homs and insinuatations are suggestive of a typical self-loathing personality supplanted by a hyper-inflated ego far as I can see. Paltalk is my talk-radio station of choice for much of the time my name is listed, as it is for many others. If you seek to use that as basis for a presumptive hypothesis, feel free to wallow in your lameness. As well, your attempts at stereotyping me as a 'lazy american' are the stuff lmao's are made of. And, since signing on about three months ago, I have made numerous contributions here, not ONE containing a paste or an unoriginal concept. Had you not been so busy admiring your gluttonous 'look at me' posts you would have been well aware of that fact. But I am increasingly reluctant to spend the time and energy creating posts with the knowledge that the likes of yourself will bully it into page-oblivion in no time.

This is cleary a quantity vs quality debate and I happen to side with quality...thx carmen and Tosca for corroborating the loading problems and everybody have a nice day :)

Anonymous said...


Well you got your 5 or 10 but if that's all you wanted you coulda done the cut and pastin your own self. Takes a asshole to think that commie bitch is doin a good job.

Anonymous said...

Well said Clump!! A point well made. IMO only of course.

geezus claws said...

Hey Claus I see commie mommy stopped posting. Why aren't you begging her to come back?
Could it be that you're afraid you and her would be the only ones here if she started her mega-posting again?

W F G said...

Frankly don't even look at most of the posts, but, the ones with several scrollings worth of chat room text are way too much. Jane's posts are entertaining, and I'm not sure she's the one that's doing the long ass chate c/p posts.

W F G said...

Should say that that's largely due to time, other interests, and the fact that I'm not on PT anymore, so many can't concern me. Yet I'm still here, ocasionally. Pitiful is more than just my middle name.