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Monday, April 07, 2008


It's only terrorists that get spied on...

Take a look at the truly Kafkaesque conversation we have with mark6403. If George Orwell was alive, he'd slap mark in the face repeatedly like a Three Stooges routine. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk:

mark6403: Name one.
mark6403: Name one person who was spied on.
mark6403: Who was spied on?
jaNesaw massacre: mark...........ask AT&T
mark6403: Give an example of a US citizen that was spied on for no reason.
southerncapricorn: me mark
jaNesaw massacre: mark....ask Verizon who was spied on
mark6403: Some proof please.
Jesus Claus: soc, do you see what mark is typing?
southerncapricorn: i have several phone bill list full
Jesus Claus: how orwellian is that?
jaNesaw massacre: mark..............can i ask you something?
socratico84: highly jc
mark6403: Those who were spied on were people who had direct contacts with known terrorists.
jaNesaw massacre: mark..............who's your favorite.....Hannity or O'Rielly?
mark6403: Go ahead Jane.
Jesus Claus: show me the proof someone was secretly spied on
Jesus Claus: I love it
socratico84: lol. right jc
southerncapricorn: not true mark, they spy on me because i write letters to my reps
mark6403: I don't watch O'Rielly and only listen to Hannity on the radio.
mark6403: Proof, southerncapricorn. Proof.

I really have nothing to add to this. If you can't figure out why our country is in such terrible shape, look no further than mark6403. Oh, and mark, pay no attention to those double clicks you hear on your phone. I'm sure it's nothing.



tommyjohnson44 said...

Of course we are all being spied on. Bush has nothing better to do than have the NSA listen to the phone calls of people who write their representatives!!!!
I think those who have a meaningless life like to sit and think that because they are anti american code pink leftwing whackos that makes them targets of the government. I doubt seriously the NSA or any other goverment agenecy would waste the resources to monitor peoples whos sole reason for being pissed is that they are the minority. Yes that means you liberals!!. Dont try to make yourselves more important than you really are. Nobody really pays any attention to you seriously I mean that. Well thats not true many of us do love to make fun of you on paltalk

Whack on-Whack off said...
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Whack on-Whack off said...

Country in perilous do we get the things (people need like healthcare), via government or unity to the people? It's almost impossible.... in the evenings am working on the healthcare plan to defeat Bush's 196 billion dollar cut to Medicaid and Medicare (Over a 5 year period), and most people that we call seem to not care, or seem to think that "people should just get a job." It's truly sad the ways we hold one another in misery... the ways we pretty much kill one another. Why in the world shouldn't a sick person be able to access health care, when being sick implies the inability to work? This bizarre anti-logic feedback loop thinking of republicans that many seem to be brainwashed via their fantasy world tv... sigh.

Whack on-Whack off said...

Oh here is the petition if you'd like to sign it.... to keep elderly and sick with the healthcare they need. Please take a look thank you.

Whack on-Whack off said...