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Friday, April 25, 2008


I never cease to be amazed at palpublicans and their strange egoistic attitudes. Palpublicans go as far as to speak for God, letting all know that God only blesses America & It's allies.

Whenever a palpublican is cornered in a debate with facts, they resort to name calling and 'God-speaking', never failing to say God Bless US or America is blessed by God.

I'm confused, isn't God to be the father of all mankind and he loves all of mankind equally? Isn't the Christian version of God a loving, compassionate, fair and all forgiving God? Now if this is true, doesn't logic tell us God blesses all of mankind, no matter what region of the world they live in?

Well don't trying telling any of that to peppermint1172, for God speaks to and through her as she has informed us by this statement:

peppermint1172: America is the greatest Nation on all the Eart besides Israel we are blessed by God

DangerRus: Do you really think GOD endorses political unions Peppermint?

DangerRus, kudos to you for speaking up and asking that very important question. Although I will admit I fear the answer, if it is yes then insanity might be an issue for peppermint, if it's no then it confirms that palpublicans lie and attempt to control people through their faith.

Maybe if I try logic geared towards the religious palpublicans that they swear by; the bible, and I graciously turn to the Gospels; particularly to the parable of the rich man and his servants, I can get the palpublicans to listen. The parable of the rich man and his servants in essence says--to those who are given much, much is expected.

No one can deny that we; Americans, have been given much--arguably more than any nation in the world's history--but what are we doing with our abundant resources? We squander them on war and preparations for war even as those preparations destroy our environment. We spend $18 billion a year caring for nuclear warheads we house--enough warheads that we could target every country on earth with 10 warheads. We have the equivalent stockpile of 155,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs, and Mr. Bush wants more. How could an all loving God bless a country that delights in war and apathy and turn his back on all other countries?

This religious 'ideologic' of palpublicans, does NOT make sense and in fact goes against the principle of Christianity and its benign God, as I understand it.

I feel as though I need to close this post with some positive words of Christians, for not all Christians feel they are the only loved children of God and I wouldn't want to leave the impression all Christians are like palpublicans.

Oh, oh I got it, this should work:
"It is not for him to pride himself who loveth his own country, but rather for him who loveth the whole world. The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens. - "Baha'u'llah,
oopps did an 19th century Persian say that?

They don't call me Facetious Muse for nothing


Anonymous said...

Antiamerican, God blesses the US.

tommyjohnson44 said...

Wait who wrote this article was it Facetious muse or Rev Wright? America delights in war, only fools and liberals believe such nonsense.
Wonder why America has only been attacked once by another country? Personally I believes its because of those nukaler "sic" warheads which we spend 18 billion a year to maintain.
I wrote a college paper once on why the US should not agree to a nuclear freeze with the Soviet Union. Ronald Reagan and people like me realized at that time the Soviets had an advantage and would never agree to cuts in the future as long as they held the advantage. Reagan spent billions enhancing our military and building up our nuclear arsenal and ultimatley by putting us in debt was able to win the cold war.
Personally to win a war I would prefer to go into debt instead of exchanging nuclear missles but what do I know I think just like a palpublican.
Now if I were a paliberal I would assume there are better ways of making peace. I would look back through history and realize that all disagreements were settled by sitting down holding hands and singing songs. I thought it was awsome the way Hitler was stopped from exterminating everyone who didnt have blonde hair and blue eyes by sitting down together and singing koombaya. I bet Japan could have been stopped if we had sat down and just talked it out.
Why is it people like you have been wrong throughout the worlds history?? Why have your methods never worked?? Why have you been rejected time and time again at the polls? Why do people like me think people like you are naive and clueless? Why with your brillance haven't you solved all of the worlds problems like war, hunger, disease, genocide etc??
I don't know the answer for sure but I have a good theory. I think its probably because you are simplistic in your thinking, you believe there are no black and whites only grays, you believe true evil doesn't exist, you believe wars have only been fought to feed the militarial industrial complex, you believe the weakest shall survive, you never learn from history, you put your faith in man not God, you believe it takes a village to raise and idiot :), you believe that if you are given just 4 more years you will fix everything, you believe man is the highest power in the universe, you believe with enough money you can correct any problem, you believe in power of the goverment and not the individual, you believe absolute power corrupts unless that power is in your hands, you believe supporting the country is good only if your party is in the majority, you believe only those on the right lie but those on the left never do, you believe it is okay to keep people poor as long as doing so will keep them voting democrat, you believe its kinder to give a man a fish instead of teaching him how to fish AND last but night least you believe Jesus has returned as Barack Obama NOT!!

AUNTY KATE said...

TommyJohnson whatever you paid for that 'college' education you lay claim to, was too much. Ask for a refund.

I would also suggest that you take a look at the precarious position the citizens in your country find themselves today and ask how many RIGHT WING Govts have you had over the past 300 years compared to LEFT leaning Govts. The USA is the richest economy in the world. Those of you lucky enough to have a job and a roof over your head, pay taxes until it hurts and yet the USA is the ONLY developed country in the world that does not have a universal health care program funded through the taxes you already pay, or at least affordable health insurance, so that when people get sick they don't have to stress over losing everything they worked for all their lives. That would reduce the number of people throwing sick relatives over balconies out of sheer desperation and stop the dumping of homeless people from hospital beds onto skid row, with Colostomy bags dragging in the dirt.

If you think your country incurred a debt fighting the 'Cold War' take a look at what the illegal invasion of Iraq has cost and ask yourself what you got out of it. The debt is around 3 trillion dollars. Can your college education tell you how many 0's that is? Do you somehow feel miraculously safe from another 911?

If 19 dumb arses from Saudi Arabia, who could not pass a VFR private pilot's flying course, which my 12 year old grand daughter just sailed through, could cause such havoc, imagine what Russia or China or Iran could do if they had a mind to.

TommyJohnson you said: "Why is it people like you have been wrong throughout the worlds history?? Why have your methods never worked?? Why have you been rejected time and time again at the polls? Why do people like me think people like you are naive and clueless? Why with your brillance haven't you solved all of the worlds problems like war, hunger, disease, genocide etc??

Now think about it TommyJohnson and try not to have a brain freeze. Your country has had MORE war mongering Republican Govts in your 300 year history than Democrat Govts. Oh I know that the Democrats have been lying no good bastards also. Especially that scumbag Lyndon Byrd Johnson, who was up to his mother's Pumpkin Pie in the assassination of JFK. And this says what about your country? It says you have got the Govts you deserve because even after a stolen election, and your precious 2nd Amendment not enough of you had the balls to take your country back.

We are seeing a bit of an awakening in the USA which I hope translates to necessary change. Not that you have any real power left to do much. Obama may be the sleaziest snake oil salesmen and fraud the USA has known to date, but given the alternatives on offer, it is still worth taking the risk that he is on the level, and if the people of the USA can and will get behind him, there may be a glimmer of hope on the horizon. "God Bless America" You are going down in history as the shortest lived 'superpower' in the history of the world, with a debt your great-great-great grandchildren will still be paying off. That is if you and your rat bag cohorts in Israel have not blown the bloody planet to smithereens.

W F G said...

Based on the behavior of what seems too many Christians, I'd think a party would not want to have their support. I'm probably best off not hearing from them that God approves of me. But modern Christian music alone is enough to make me doubt their sanity.

tommyjohnson44 said...

HA HA HA Kate good rant!! Let me pick out a few sentences to laugh about. "Those of you lucky enough to have job and a roof over your head" Kate I really don't believe you are that stupidddddddd. I hope you do realize that 99% of all Americans have a roof over their heads. I hope you realize over the past 7 years unemployment has averaged less than 5%. I hope you realize someone throwing a sick relative over a balcony is an act of stupidity just as anyone who believes this happens on a regular basis is stupiddddddd. I've never figured you for the sharpest knife in the drawer but if somewhere in your simple little mind you believe for a second half the crap you just spewed you are quite insane.
Now on to September 11. Because of blow hards like yourself and whacky groups like the ACLU in America the US Goverment was not able to stop hijacked jets from killing 3000 people. NORAD at the time concentrated its satellites and radars looking for threats from outside the CONUS "Continental United States" Kate I believe China, Russia and Iran are all outside the CONUS so DUH we would have seem them coming.
Kate part of your post sounded just like something Rev Wright would say let me quote it for you "You are going down in history as the shortest lived 'superpower' in the history of the world, with a debt your great-great-great grandchildren will still be paying off". Kate its getting hard for good conservative Americans like myself to distinguish the left wing anti-american whackos who live outside my country people like YOU from those who live inside my country like REV WRIGHT. Why is it you pathetic leftists are so bitter and anti american? Im not sure of the answer but I have a theory. I think its probably because you are simplistic in your thinking, you believe there are no black and whites only grays, you believe true evil doesn't exist "see previous post on subject for the rest of my answer"

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does, Tommy. Stop and look around you and ask yourself where this superpower is today?

Right wing americans remind me of the frog in the saucepan, slowly warming and blissfully unaware.

AUNTY KATE said...

TommyJohnson: There are about 1,000,000 homeless people in the USA. Some are EX Vietnam veterans, with a fresh influx of mistreated Vets back from Iraq. Living in a cardboard box in a park is NOT a roof over one's head. As for the unemployment stats. A 20 hour a week job that pays $5.00 an hour is hardly FULL TIME employment. You need to get out more.

tommyjohnson44 said...

Well Kate I was off on my math a little. I said 99% of people had a roof over their head. If you say there are 1 million homeless in the US that means 99.66% have a roof over their head.
Minimum wage in the US is $5.85 per hour. July 24, 2008 that increases to $6.55 per hour. 2.5% of US workers make min wage and many of them also make tips. If you add in tips only 1.1% of US workers make min wage
53% of that 1.1% are between 16 & 24 years old and many are in school.
Kate never let facts get in the way of good old America bashing. Once again in your lame attempt to bash the US you talk about people working 20 hours a week for $5.00 an hour which is probably about the same percentage who throw relatives over a balcony because they can't take care of them!!!!!!

AUNTY KATE said...

TommyJohnson: You really are a total moron. It is irrelevant is someone earns $5.00 or $5.85 per hour. The point is TRY LIVING ON THAT! Even with tips. Table service people pulling $5.85 per hour are not usually working in establishments frequented by the well heeled in society, were tips might amount to something.

You can't dilute the misery of 1 million homeless people by screaming that is only a small percentage of your population. You are the USA you dimwit, the richest economy in the world. This is NOTHING to brag about.

AUNTY KATE said...

Oh sorry Tommy, the minimum wage is now $6.55 per hour. Gee I bet that means party time for those lucky devils.

Tommy 16 year old kids with NO skills earn around $10.00 an hour in this country, and we can still afford to provide everyone with an excellent universal healthcare program.