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Friday, April 11, 2008

HOWZ THAT????????????

Amazing how these people come into the room and say they want Israel off the map, and take Israel out and horrible comments like that. Persian-man_ always comes in and says it, among many others. What's amazing is that these people support Ahmedinejad and not their own people who need human rights and who want to stand by us, Israel, and to support Ahmedinejad and Hamas and Fatah and Al Aqsa is only showing that your character is that of a terrorist yourselves, arsewipes. How dare you- and to think they these people turn on their own people also in those regions shows me that their mindset is like those who throw kasaams at us each day. I swear to you keep pushing my country and when that day comes that you join those regimes to push forward violence against my country, we Israel will indeed defend ourselves. We won't start a war but we sure will end it!!!!

Why these people don't stand up against the very regimes and governments that are suppressing them bothers me, for these institutions strip them of food, water, shelter and control them through fear and suppression and then the Hamas sets up fake organizations to take funds from all over the world to harbor drugs and weapons
inside Gaza. This is fact and you expect Israel to feed the belly of the beast??? NOTTTTTTTTTT-- THESE PEOPLE SUFFER OPPRESSION AND SUPPRESSION UNDER THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS AND TERRORIST REGIMES, amazing and we Israel get blamed!!! So you little terrorists keep threatening us, don't think we wont defend ourselves, cause we will!!! Hard to imagine the mindsets of some people. And by the way we Israel have never, ever confirmed or denied possession of nukes- howz that?? And stop using the racist United Nations to claim your bullshit, it wont work!! G-d Bless Israel Always!!