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Friday, April 11, 2008


Left is a picture of Pal-Talks very own 'lively_oak', taken this morning as she received due recognition for all her hard work and commitment to Sen. Barack Hussein Obama's Democratic nomination campaign. The award came in the form of a needlepoint image of her chosen candidate and included a message of thanks for her 'eloquent and vociferous support'.

The little lady was obviously delighted but applause was interrupted by a heckler shouting " Illuminati, tower 7, Loose Change", in what onlookers said was ' a strange monotone voice'.

It is reported Lively made a quick exit screeching " Voo, Voo, Voo." Local Police when asked said that a female, named only as 'Suzannef1' had been detained, and under new laws, was currently being transported to an undisclosed site for further interrogation.

Later Lively said "Fucking bitch."


Carmen_ said...

Now that's funny! Don't take it personal lively. You gotta admit this is funny as hell.

Mitsuk said...

Let me preface what I will say with this I TOO am short... (to lively)

That being said, DNC, this is the best comedic writing I have seen on the rattler.

The only improvement would have been "lively oak called hillary supporters sons of cunts and threatened to stick her purple dildo up their butts for refusing to support obama..."

Keep them coming dNc lol

TO CARMEN: your posts are funny as hell too