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Thursday, April 03, 2008


As many of you may or may not know, certain paltalk personalities have been banned from Paltalk. These people claim that Paltalk reds, in particular Boaz and Gary, get their jollies at trapping people into doing things that can get them banned from the program. If you require futher detail, please go to and take a read of what has been occurring the past few weeks on paltalk.

I have been "played" by a certain Paltalk reds as well. I was in Voo's room the other night. Gary just happened to be in the room. He was there for a good hour or so. I asked Gary a simple question, "what are his thoughts on the socialissuestruth blog?" I asked him this question a few times, but received no response. Jesus Claus also asked Gary the same type of question, also receiving no response.

Apparently I was suppressed by Gary after I posted the question again. I say apparently because I didn't know I was suppressed. After I asked the question and received no response, I got busy doing other things on the computer and was only listening to the room audio. I received an IM from Jesus Claus asking if I could text in the room. I didn't know what the hell he was talking about, so I tried to text in the room and was able to do so. I was then told that I had been suppressed by Gary. LOL......sorry Gary, I was not aware you tried to control my text, MY BAD!!

It would appear that Gary and other Paltalk Red admins enjoy their power and like to exercise that power on chatters for their own personal pleasure. On this other blog called "socialissuestruthblog", created by CharlesNewYork, the issue appears to be similar to what occurred to me, paltalk reds abusing their power.

What has shocked me even more than these simple red dots or bans is that Paltalk Redhats can, apparently, view your IMs and listen in on your private room audio. Now for those of us in social issues, this probably is not a big deal, but for those PAID users in the adult playground and Friends, Love and Romance Sections, their IMs and private room audio would be an invasion of privacy, in my opinion. Or how about those users in Business and Finance section, Day Traders/Stocks and Bonds group, Investments group, Small Business group and so forth, what about their privacy rights?

According to paltalk and Privacy, it states " Paltalk is the sole owner of the information collected on" Furthermore, under the terms of service, paltalk has cleverly written "You hereby agree that your Publishing of such Images or Chat is at your own risk and you waive all rights of any kind whatsoever in law, equity or otherwise worldwide, and all claims that you could possibly ever assert throughout the world against Paltalk Parties (hereinafter defined) arising out of, or relating to your Publication of such Images or Chat." So, it would appear that Paltalk reds can indeed listen in to any private text conversation or audio from a private room. WOW!!! I sure hope everyone who has paid for a subscription know that nothing is PRIVATE on paltalk!!

Interesting what one can find when one is bored and does a little Googling to overcome that boredom. With the various issues and drama that frequent Paltalk, it occurred to me that these people need a forum that would be more effective than bitching about it on a blog.
Below are a few forums and places where one can give their opinion on Paltalk. Check it out. back in 2003
interesting petition that apparently was created back in 2003. "This will be delivered to the Offices of Paltalk in New York City on 9-11-2003. "
When you click on the signatures tab, there is a list of 200+ so called signatures/nics/anonymous..

this one is from May 2002 regarding bad paltalk security LOL...

this one is complaining about 'Mohammadens Your Jihad Stops Now Israel At War' room. They apparently had 1787 total signatures. I am not sure how effective this petition was, but since this blog is about complaining, this might be an effective tool. opinions on paltalk program
another place where the voices of paltalk users who have an axe to grind against paltalk can share their views.

cnet news about paltalk
interesting read about the pains of paltalk and harassment, getting redhat help and so forth. This one is dated August 30, 2007, so join in the comments.....

Interesting stuff, don't ya think?


Anonymous said...

Well my guess on pic number 1 is KermieLegs although I must say that the pig nose is an improvement over the myspace picture she has posted. If you haven't seen it google the nic and you will. It is the egg shaped head ghostly looking white girl with buck teeth.
Pic 2 must be Bigmac_2008 the voice just seems to match that picture. Picture 3 I suspect is Husker. A true Hilltard.

Anonymous said...

Paltalk red admin Boaz Frankel bragged about talking an 11 year old girl to get on cam, take off her clothes, and rub herself while he masturbated on cam.
A sick sick man, and Paltalk condones such behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Well this information regarding people being harassed by red admins is very interesting.
It appears nobody is safe.
There is no such thing as privacy. You have even more information like that on charles blog.
This is disgusting.
Thanks for exposing the evil red hats and their antics. All should beware.

Anonymous said...

Come on folks, how do you think Boaz Frankel got his red hat? Through being such a decent guy who helped other users? Nah, he's a numero uno Paltalk snitch who would sell his granny if he could get further forward.
Have to say tho, if your hughest aspirations are to be a red on Paltalk you may as well take retirement now and sit in your corner

Anonymous said...

Very very good resources. It pays to be bored on occasion.
Good advice. People who are displeased should post on these sites and have their voice really counted.

Anonymous said...

Of course that is your prerogative.
Where is the proof of all of these claims?

Anonymous said...

Move your entire Group...


Over to Talk aurora

FREEDOM from rogue Admins

Reds can't even get into the user rooms, and they could care less what your topic is, and they encourage debate.
Its a very small program, but very very nice.

Mafia Princess said...

wow ver nice blog more and more people are finding out the truth

Anonymous said...

person who posted link to Talk aurora. that looks interesting, thanks