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Sunday, April 06, 2008


Dear Rattlers it must be time that some of the desperate and dateless women on Paltalk, who clearly have an obsession with my alter -ego AKA Aunty Kate, got a life.

isabellah-1 seems to have an incurable affliction, coupled with her delusion that she 'slapped' me off the mic in LordMercifulVoo's room. Now this stupid woman voted for Bush twice. Shall I say more. Hardly necessary.

Now vixee and her little side kick SpiritoftheRuins are snapping at my heels at any given opportunity and leaving the room does not seem to stop the invective.

The room text below was sent to me some time after I had left mylady_arwen_1's room after Vixee and Spirit of the Ruins arrived and started attacking flynn62 without provocation. These bitches hunt in packs like all good dogs. All chance of a decent discussion continuing was lost. Now Flynn was doing nothing to warrant this attack except he was being critical of the government of the USA. I guess Vixee and Spirit of the Ruins have been closeted Bush supporters all along.

Now dear Rattlers take a look at this room text. See if you can spot anything that Spirit of the Ruins said that could possibly warrant Vixee mentioning my name for any reason. This is clearly an obsession. I do hope it is not any kind of unrequited love. It is very disturbing to see women obsess over other women, it is kind of spooky really. It is usually males who do this when a women refuses to show him her tits. Vixee if you read this dear I am NOT showing you my tits.

arwen..have you been up right thru .. i saw you around 1 am my time

doppleganger_1: When was the LAST time Americans rioted??? lol

Q-UK: the jews got the karma!

SpiritoftheRuins: hey pitts

stainless-john301: you are divided and all think of them selves

vixee: oh spirit you mean to say that kates enlightenment and brillance did not soothe you?

Still-Here2: lol spirt , ole superkate strikes again

Youngblood_USA: Apparently they aren't happy.

Still-Here2: lol

shyann_4: Emomz gtsy

Raisin Cane: oh god

mylady_arwen_1: yes ive been up since 2am its now 1pm

shyann_4: Hi Still

SpiritoftheRuins: lol vixee...and Still...good grief imagine living with that rant daily

See what I mean Rattlers? This Vixee woman is a borderline stalker. And it gets worse.

Now this is even more bizarre. Spirit of the Ruins was referring to Raisin Cane who had been dotted for singing at the mic. In Vixee's booze soaked brain she thought she was talking about me. I am glad there are 17,000 ks of deep blue ocean between me and this obsessed lunatic.

vixee: let cane have th emic

pittsburghsteelers2k7: dopple never a need too

SpiritoftheRuins: omg really have no mercy on my headache

Youngblood_USA: and THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

vixee: geez all she was doing was serenading me

Raisin Cane: he likies to hear himself reiterate

doppleganger_1: never the capability to

shyann_4: Hi Misty

altonemuk1: yes sniffing too

mylady_arwen_1: ok im going bitch lol#

Still-Here2: lol

vixee: yes cane he is a willing slave

SpiritoftheRuins: vixee <---nut magnet

pittsburghsteelers2k7: lol ok dopple thats not true

Raisin Cane: yup

vixee: loooooool spiritttttt

SpiritoftheRuins: lol

shyann_4: Hi Lady Wicca

Youngblood_USA: I will not submit to tyranny.

shyann_4: Hi Boo

emomz: awww,I will bake a cake with a saw for young and nooger

pittsburghsteelers2k7: when has britain stood up to their govt

Raisin Cane: YUP he is black .... for reals

doppleganger_1: Constantly

stainless-john301: pittsburg every day

vixee: kate is pissed that i will not bite spirit she needs more ammo for her venom


Now Spirit of the Ruins and I came to some grief a while back when she was screaming into the mic that she hated WHITE Christians.

"I will never forgive them," she said.

I have no affection for what the Christian invaders did in my country either, but I don't blame Christians in 2008 for that. Spirit of the Ruins was unrelenting in her hatred for the white Christian rapists and murderers and cuts their decendents no slack. Well don't look now Spirit of the Ruins but Vixee is a WHITE Christian. She is also a racist bitch who has no respect for Native Americans. She is on record calling Mitsuk and Kenonwes "scalpers".

Spirit of the Ruins, may not show Vixee her tits, but she would have us believe that she is a Native American. If this is true, she is more than a hypocrite even aligning herself with someone who used a vile racial slur like that against other Native North Americans. You can fool some of the people some of the time Spirit of the Ruins but some of us were NOT born yesterday.

Well dear Rattlers now that I have that off my chest, I do feel better. Now I shall get back to more meaningful pursuits and hope that by the time I venture into another Paltalk room these silly women will have found another object for their obsessions. I can't help being fabulous...***Smiles***


geezus claws said...

Anyone that takes the time to copy and paste text from a chat program, then analyze and dwell on it to the point of posting it on a blog is clearly in need of help. You put the L in Loser. Just turn off the computer and walk away, just for ONE day. I'm betting you can't do it.

AUNTY KATE said...

GEEZUS CLAWS: The room text was sent to me from a friend who thought the behaviour was bizarre. Now this is just a little bias of you my dear. This is the VERY first time I have put any room text in a blog to demonstrate a point. I see other Rattler bloggers do it all the time and in Isabellah's case and several other 'pets' they doctored the text to suit and have been sprung.

If I recall, it was the Rattler's own editor Jesus Claus, who invited me to submit to the Rattler and it has often been an effort to fit in with other things I am doing, but I try to please.

There was nothing to 'analyze' in the room text I posted, unless of course one has a degree in psychoanalyzing female stalkers and their behavior.

As you have been the first to respond to the blog dear, clearly you come looking for snippets of gossip and swipes at Paltalkers, because for the MOST part that is what the Rattler is for. Now you are complaining because I gave you what you seek. There is just no pleasing some. You are off my Christmas list, you ungrateful person.

Anonymous said...

The obsessed calling someone else an obsessor. Damn Kate, to even post about such a petty thing shows you are more obsessed than either of the other two women you continue to rail about! You are very fond of bragging about what a wonderful and full life you have, so why doesn't it seem to make you happy? Happy people are not obsessed, dear. You are clearly not happy. I do hope you find out why and correct it before the anger eats you from the inside.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kate's new paltalk rule:

if you mention a chatter in their absence, you are a bordeline stalker


talk about obsession

AUNTY KATE said...

Woof! Woof! Woof! Anonymous barking bitches.

AUNTY KATE said...

Anonymous Bitches: As I said to Geezus claws, you come to the Rattler hoping to get some of 'catty' swipes at other Paltalkers, your appetite for such trivia is insatiable. And low and behold I give you what you seek and you get all bent out of shape. None of you ungrateful wenches are getting a Christmas card either.

Go on be brave and post your nic, you spineless, no talent losers. What are you afraid of? Afraid that you will end up the subject of a Rattler blog? Have no fear I doubt that you are interesting enough for even BigMac to bother with.

Anonymous said...

"someone" sent you text?? lmao come on kate everyone knows you stir shit then return under a different nic to see what people say about you! fuck talk about obsessed! no one could be more obsessed with you than you are with yourself!

AUNTY KATE said...

Anonymous 9:22 I think I know you you are dear, you have a certain identifiable voice to a professional writer. So let me say to you. Mentioning a person who was not in the room not once, but three times, and doing so with NO connection whatsoever to the conversation, is either an obsession, or some other mental disorder that may need treatment.

a said...

Oh dear this has brought the bitches out tonight. Woof! Woof!...btw you all need a bath, badly!

Anonymous said...

And the winner IS ?

Anonymous said...


"As you have been the first to respond to the blog dear, clearly you come looking for snippets of gossip and swipes at Paltalkers,"

4:48 PM

Anonymous said...

SMH ???? this makes no sense at all. It must be Vixee fallen dead drunk onto the KB again.

Anonymous said...


"As you have been the first to respond to the blog dear, clearly you come looking for snippets of gossip and swipes at Paltalkers,"

4:48 PM
12:15 AM

IsabellaSays said...

kate? calm down would ya? ffs everybody talks about me when i'm not in the room-- don't sweat the small stuff-- relax, take it on the chin lol
it's chat.. no biggy.. we love ta bite each other once in awhile-- keeps us honest ;)
adios mi amiha:)
classic es muy muy guapo
oooo la la !!

AUNTY KATE said...

ROFLMAO here, Issabitch that all you silly women are taking ANY of this nonsense seriously. Talk about "come in spinner".

Paltalk and the Rattler 'bitchy blogs' are not meant to be taken 'seriously' if they are I am missing the point. lol I have written blogs with a serious content, as have other contributors. But this blog about Vixee was meant to be as silly as the woman herself. Did you like the visual of Raisin Cane flashing her tits as she serenaded Vixee with "Our Day Will Come" Sometimes my wicked sense of humour just goes right over the head of you Americans. Never mind, people around here get it.

One just tosses in a line and waits. I didn't have to wait long to get the silliest of the silliest, jumping up and down.

Issa, I do respect you a tad more than the other gutless anonymous posts, notwithstanding your never to be lived down record for voting for GWB twice!

Have you written letters of apology to every American you know? Or are you just hoping that will believe you have seen the light and are genuine in your fight to get Obama elected. It is Obama you support isnt it. I had a feeling it was Hillary, and then I thought nahh no even you would be that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Kate why are you obsessed with other women's tits? Shit this must be the 6th time you mention the tits of other chatters! Fuck get a life woman!

Anonymous said...

Kate is an obsessed nutcase i kinda feel sorry for her she is not too bright at all and has an extremely over inflated sense of self importance. It is rather disturbing.
Kate most of paltalk cannot stand your retarded lying self important babbling .try getting off your high horse sometime and you may find others to be more receptive to you.
You sunk yourself kate so do not blame others for not liking you when it's obvious you do not even like you. You have created so many identities for yourself where do we start aboriginal but white as snow,kate what are you like 1/50th abo? like all the american white trash is 1/50th native american. pilot, business owner, millionaire. etc etc. you have spewed far to much bullshit to name here. and you do this in an attempt to make yourself appear important or credible.This is obvious to anyone with a brain. so in conclusion kate paltalk is much more enjoyable without your presence. so please just fuck off back to from whence ye came!!!!

AUNTY KATE said...

****BIG YAWN**** for the gutless anonymous posts. Can't be bothered wasting my literary talents even responding, except to say to the last post, you left out a few things, I play two musical instruments, to a reasonable level of skill, and have published poetry. I can't help being fabulous and you clearly can't help being infuriated by the fact that you don't even have the courage to put your name to a blog. For your information dear, there are about 12 or so Paltalkers who seem to go all wobbly whenever I enter a room and start hissing and spitting and many many more who send me IM's if I am away working, as I have been recently, telling me that I am missed. I am fine with that.

Luna Bananathong (Princess) said...

Good on you Kate. We should expose all these stalkers and bastards who hunt in packs. Im still recovering from a sustained assault from the intellectually challenged Charl77 and some other Sophie cohorts. And Wizard The Old Goat is still stalking all and sundry on Paltalk and giving us the shits. Name and shame!!! More power to you.