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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Truthserum discovered something far more amazing than Mother Theresa... something far more holy... the holy grail of all holies.....


Anonymous said...

Nice peice of toast

Social Issues Truth Blog

Anonymous said...

How prophetic... his career actually is toast

Anonymous said...

Truthserum is a boring half with who wants so badly to hang out with intelligent people he makes himself the room clown/jester in order to do so.If you listen closely you will see He never really says anything or debates an issue he just yells and scream about things in a very vauge manner and about general issues, when confronted with someone who disagrees he yells louder (attempt to bully) he might try to imitate them (which he does rather poorly) insults them as much as he can. Sure truthserum is funny at times. but when the rubber meets the road he is just not at all intelligent and has some severe anger issue as well as mental instability (have you ever heard him beat on his desk?). He knows this as well as anyone.