Search Ratttler

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


JC said in his Orwellian post ..."Country in perilous shape." How do we get the things (people need like healthcare), via government or unity to the people? It's certainly difficult.

In the evenings am working on the "healthcare united campaign," to defeat Bush's submitted plan ~ 196 billion dollar cut to Medicaid and Medicare (Over a 5 year period), and most people that we call seem to not care, or seem to think that "people should just get a job."

It's truly sad the ways we hold one another in misery... the ways we pretty much kill one another. Why in the world shouldn't a sick person be able to access health care, when being sick implies the inability to work?

This bizarre anti-logic feedback loop thinking of republicans ... you should be healthy and work hard, but no health care for you/you should not abort babies/but single mothers should live on 5-something dollars an hour (minimum wage), that many seem to be brainwashed with via their fantasy world tv... sigh.

Here is the petition if you'd like to sign it.... to keep elderly and sick with the healthcare they need. Please take a look thank you.