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Friday, April 04, 2008


As I've said in the past, every now and again, the PARTICULARLY STUPID worm their way into Mainstream Politics...and ply their trade with all the zeal and profundity expected of a neoconpoop. And frequent turd polisher trg33813 didn't fail to please with this gem:

trg33813: GW Bush ended the civil war in Iraq maybe Billary and Obama should ask him to solve the civil war in the DemocRAT Party....

First of all, I must confess, it is refreshing to see one of Bush's rectal trolls admit the situation in Iraq constitutes a civil conflict of some sort - not even the venerable John McCain will concede that! And, Alas! That's where trg's oh-so-brief brush with reality reaches fruition. He then moves on to his characteristic barrage of cut-and-paste lies and a deplorable lack of awareness (how people like trg survive past the age of 10 is beyond me).

To make a long story short, and without ad nauseum appeals to the obvious, GW Bush hasn't ended squat in Iraq - the "cease fire" honor goes to the various and sundry warlords who are calling the shots in Iraq, i.e., Shiite Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr; Chimpboy-in-Chief is simply stealing someone else's thunder and shamelessly makes the case to the likes of trg that his Iraq policy is a resounding success; however, the truly informed aren't fooled by Bush, leaving trg (surely an acronym for "the really gullible" or "trolling republican gayzor" or something like that) looking truly foolish. I'm certain Senators Obama and Clinton hold no confidence that Bush's "fix-it" acumen would be in any way beneficial to their campaigns.

In case you're wondering what that strange "yanking" feeling is at the back of your throat, trg, it's GW Bush reeling you in - he has you hook, line and sinker, pal! Just a small suggestion for you....GET A CLUE AND LAY OFF THE FAUXNEWS CHANNEL - you really do make some of the most foolish comments on Paltalk. Public displays of stupidity are no way to spend a life, trg. Have some self-respect, man.