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Thursday, April 17, 2008


I thought I wuz BUCK_46?

In the social issues paltalk room, "Smartest Person of the Month Award," some
interesting things were being said..... There were some very
smart people in this room, which led me to ponder which of the roomies might win the
award. Jonathan Bethel and Sensibly Forward struck me as co-competitors for the
award. Scarlet Begonias is an activist regarding puppy farms! Wundebar Scarlet.
Annie was quite wise and peaceful, and recognized that peace, and those whom want it
is the more desirable path to follow. Yea for Annie. Many other interesting, honest
down to earth folks there debating Peta, animal rights, and pondering conflict and
the appropriate reaction to conflictual circumstances in life.
It is easiest to post some of things being said in quotation style:

Jonathan Bethel:
"Ain't no left winger; ain't no right winger, am the middle finger."
"Paltalk is like Jerry Springer on acid"

Patriot til Death:
"Ever tried to pull a plum out of a Christmas pie without your thumb?"
"Little Jack Horner sat in the corner playing with a girl named Mary. He stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum and said "My!, what a queer looking cherry!"My!, what a queer looking cherry!"

"'Bad Dog Sit' belongs to punta, rather than to peta."

Yes indeed just bringing up the word Peta makes certain people crawl with seething
hatred.. they cannot resist the temptation to become very graphically descriptive
about their hunting trips, and which animals they have stolen lives from, how they
did it, how long it took the animal to bleed to death. RG Swan posted a neat video
in the room last night:

Nothing like an animal showing creativity to cause cognitive dissonance in the minds
of gun toting savages, that seek their thrills squeezing the life out of defenseless
furry creatures.


W F G said...

Speaking as a Virginian, but not for all Virginians, hunter or not, and I am not one, PETA is an embarrassment, and so is Robertson. Who's worse? I'd say Robertson, who, if you wait long enough, will probably recommend a hit squad against Newkirk.

Squirlee said...

Somebody needs to look out for them furry creatures.