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Saturday, April 05, 2008


TommyJohnson44 wrote:

"After Reagan brought down the USSR those tensions eased."

TommyJohnson obviously learned American history from one of those things that passes as a school in Lousyanna where getting it half right is the standard of excellence. TommyJohnson got it half right - tensions eased.

TommyJohnson would otherwise have us believe that Brain Dead Ronnie Reagan "brought down the USSR" all on his lonesome. Not only is TommyJohnson's version of why the USSR collapsed a typical neoconpoop myth, he fails to see that his own country is following the Soviet path to extinction.

You see TommyJohnson - every President from Truman to Reagan played a major role in destroying the Soviet Union - all of them. Every GI who put service before self (that doesn't include you no matter how many times you say "we") helped to bring down the USSR. Every defense contractor, every DoD civilian, every Senator and Representative, and every American ally all played a role in bringing down the USSR. Catsup Boy just happened to be President at the time the Soviets collapsed under the weight of their own economic folly. The USSR spent itself to death, TommyJohnson; it just took 70 years to die.

But even more amazing is the fact that TommyJohnson doesn't have the knowledge to understand how America is committing the same fiscal suicide the Soviets succumbed to during the 1980s. I'll bet TommyJohnson can tell us how long traitor Jeff Davis' dick was, but he couldn't tell you damnit about the Cold War. He deems American history unimportant if it doesn't lend to his narrowly constructed weltpolitik. Isn't edjumakashin just dandy in the South? Makes you want to kick Lincoln's butt!

Hey TommyJohnson, the Church stopped murdering people for knowing how to read a long time ago; undock your head from Bush's rectum and haul your ass to a library, bright boy, and you might learn that pandering mediocrity like those "schools" do in the South will be the destruction of America. Or is the dissolution of the Union still the Southern battle cry?


Carmen_ said...

Too funny.

tommyjohnson44 said...

HAW HAW those pictures are to funny. Now serioulsy Vacreep OF COURSE every president from Truman to Reagan played a part in bringing down the USSR. Of course the economic polices of Reagan and Bush Sr led to the prosperous economy under Billy Clinton right??. If Obama is elected president in 2008 and provides universal healthcare for every American SURELY you are going to acknowledge Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, the Republican congress of 1997 etc etc and give them all credit for universal healthcare right??? Noooooo youre going to give Obama all the credit just like you gave Billy Clinton all the credit for the good economy during his terms as president.
OH Reagan just happened to be in office at the time you say HAW HAW HAW.
"So the President resisted Soviet expansion and pressed down on Soviet weakness at every point until the day came when communism began to collapse beneath the combined weight of these pressures and its own failures. And when a man of goodwill did emerge from the ruins, President Reagan stepped forward to shake his hand and to offer sincere cooperation" Margaret Thatcher June 11. 2004

Here was Gorbachev speaking at a session of the Politburo in October 1986, days before he traveled to Reykjavik, Iceland to offer Reagan a groundbreaking disarmament plan, including a 50 percent reduction in nuclear arsenals. If he didn't propose these cuts, Gorbachev told his colleagues:

[W]e will be pulled into an arms race that is beyond our capabilities, and we will lose it because we are at the limit of our capabilities. … If the new round [of an arms race] begins, the pressures on our economy will be unbelievable.

VaCreep Margaret Thatcher & Mikael Gorbachov think you are a joke!!!

vacreeper2003 said...


You're the one who brought up the USSR and its downfall - I'm not sure where the Clintons, Obama, Disney World, uncolored toilet paper, the price of popcorn and and the Republican Congress came from in this conversation, but I suppose I can indulge...

First of all, Margaret Thatcher, whose legacy in the UK is far from stellar (apparently the Queen couldn't stand her), could've made those comments about any President of the United States during the Cold War - they ALL put pressure on the Soviets - the fact that the end came under Reagan was purely an accident of history - had Mondale won the election in 1984 - the USSR would've STILL collapsed and Mondale would've been the subject of Maggie's commentary. Reagan possessed no power beyond that of any of his predecessors to bring down the Soviets - Afghanistan did more to that end than Reagan. I can give Reagan credit for strengthening Saddam Hussein's hand in Iraq, though!

And tommyjohnson, it was a subject of much discussion during my freshman year in college in Fall 1980 that the USSR was in a decline and would collapse because of trying to keep up with US defense spending. The idea that the USSR was spending itself to death was nothing new under Catsup Boy.

As for the economic policies of Reagan and Pappy Bush, well, since they both ran RECORD deficits and Pappy Bush was forced to raise taxes to keep the economy out of the crapper that it resides in presently due to his inept offspring's policies, it can be said that Bill Clinton reversed the disaster his big spending predecessors left him with. What exactly did Reagan and Pappy Bush leave the economy with that let it prosper under President Clinton? And yes, President Carter didn't leave Reagan with much, but I suspect that had much more to do with him being a dumb-ass Southerner than anything else. Remember, my state, VIRGINIA didn't vote for Carter in 1976 - Lousyanna did - simply because he was a Southerner. Go figure.

If you call redistribution of 65% of the nation's wealth to some 15,000 individuals and corporations, then I suppose you're right - they left a great legacy. For the remaining 288,000,000+ of us - they did little to nothing.

tommyjohnson44 said...

A rising tide lifts all boats. VaCreep I gots a suggestion fer ya. Take that rag tag boat of yern get u sum tar and patch up all them thar holes. When the next rising tide comes along if ya boat aint fulla holes she gonna float