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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It seems like when a chatter is faced with a superior opponent, what often happen is their brain goes into vapor lock, and they find themselves critiquing the grammar and spelling of their opponent, rather than engaging in any kind of substantive argument. Thus, we have Corporal Pork Rind, who you may recall has claimed in the past to be a 3rd grade teacher. I'd be willing to bet that, based on this performance, the 4th grade teacher at his school is infuriated with all the remedial work Porkie's kids need just to bring them up to grade level. Notice that Porkie engages with a timeless classic, a vulgar reference to family:

Corporal Pork Rind: roissy.......fuck your daughter
roissywenche: look at rind..
roissywenche: too funny yeah porkie.. that was MANLY aHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Corporal Pork Rind: roissy..what's the matter? bother ya did it?
roissywenche: nope not at all
roissywenche: see i study human behavior
Corporal Pork Rind: sure it did......otherwise you wouldn't have commented liar
roissywenche: and your behavior has nothing to do with me..
Corporal Pork Rind: roissy........that's not studying you moron
roissywenche: so when you blow your little wad on a middleschool slur... it jsut makes me laugh
roissywenche: because porkie it says more about YOU than anything
roissywenche: so keep it up
Corporal Pork Rind: roissy...for someone who is supposed to be educated, you don't know how to use the word "you're" in the right context.........LOL

Now, here is where I start to get a little confused. Maybe one of you can help me. I looked at everything roissy typed, and I can't find the spot where she uses "your" in place of "you're." I think Porkie, as a grammar cop, has been spending a little too much time at the Donut Hut. No, I'm looking again, and both times she uses "your," it's possessive. Bad Grammar Cop! No Donut for you!

roissywenche: i love your immaturity
Corporal Pork Rind:'re a fake
roissywenche: well porkie i use homophones to scare the stupid
roissywenche: guess it works
roissywenche: i also make typos to make the stupid think they are smart
roissywenche: guess that works too pork
Corporal Pork Rind: roissy.......the only thing you scare are linguists
roissywenche: nah just a stupid little whiteman
Corporal Pork Rind: roissy......... "white man" is two words not one
roissywenche: see
roissywenche: fish on
roissywenche: see how stupid pork is
Corporal Pork Rind:'re terrible at grammar......educated hunh?
roissywenche: he is too stupid to realize im baiting him
roissywenche: and man is he biting
roissywenche: laughing
Corporal Pork Rind: roissy......your grammar tells me all about you........hahahahhahahahha
roissywenche: see how he keeps trying
roissywenche: lmao
Corporal Pork Rind: roissy.......baiting me? you're too stupid to know that I'm letting you bait me on purpose
roissywenche: want me to get the stupid pissant white boys like pork into a frenzy of egoism
roissywenche: ill start talking about testosterone..
Corporal Pork Rind: roissy......"piss ant" is two words

This is almost too good to be real. Let's check the dictionary, shall we?
Pissant - noun - Slang: Vulgar. a person or thing of no value or consequence; a despicable person or thing.
Oh, I'm so sorry, Porkie, your little attempt at outfoxing roissy has fallen victim to your own pathetic ignorance. I'm guessing this is not an unfamiliar feeling for you? Certainly, the word is slang, but we've all heard and I'm sure used the word pissant before. Unless, and I'm chuckling as I say this, you thought she meant to write the words "piss" and "ant," for what purpose, I can only speculate. I speculate you're a dumbass. (and I used you're correctly there, if you're keeping score.)

roissywenche: omg too funny, yes roxanne
roissywenche: never say that to a bush colondweller.. Hmapterdam
roissywenche: just like you never say SHOOT in a room of bush colondwellers
Corporal Pork Rind: roissy.........I'm far too intelligent and sarcastic to let a pea brain try to bait me without my knowledge.......LOL
roissywenche: now i got a big sentence
roissywenche: too funny
roissywenche: hey pork.. when you are EXPLAINING YOU AINT WINNING
roissywenche: guess you are too stupid to know that
roissywenche: huh
roissywenche: lmao
roissywenche: sophia smart people's brains spellcheck so we dont notice spelling errors or typos in this medium
roissywenche: however
roissywenche: the stupid do .. and i reference porkie.
roissywenche: smilles.

And of course, roissy is absolutely right, we don't expect perfect 3rd grade grammar from people in chat rooms, we all know our fingers are flying furiously and the occasional flubbed word or phrase barely causes a ripple of disturbance in the calm pond of chat room chatter. But Porkie, to try and be a grammar cop, and to then make TWO unforced errors in your attempt, well, for someone who claims to be a teacher, that's just shameful. Now go sit on a stool in the corner with your dunce cap so all the other students can laugh at you.



Pinko Commie Mommy Jane said...

Porko is the gift that just keeps on giving... I always miss the good stuff!

IsabellaSays said...

lollllllllllllll JC this is priceless!!! it almost beats tinyone out !!!
tinyone "faught" the fight !!
and lost