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Monday, April 14, 2008


Is this a legit question to ask, I bet many of you are asking or rolling your eyes thinking here we go again another neo-con dissing the Clintons. Sorry, I'm a liberal.

I know there has been much talk in the past about the Clintons' criminal behavior and nothing has ever came from it. Myself, I thought throughout the years it was just a bunch of BS for the republicans to spin to 'control' the Clintons' rise. Yet, this is different, our country cannot handle another 4 years of lies and power-tripping leaders. I hope that you will watch this video, goodness only knows how much Hillary doesn't want you to.

First I want to thank isabellah-1 for telling me about this video and being courageous enough to speak about it out loud, for lately it seems if you are a woman in the US that isn't for Hillary, you are a traitor to your gender (well, won't be the first time those with open minds and intelligence get called that lol).

What I want to talk about is who Hillary's largest donor was in 2000 (Peter Paul) and how she had misspoke about who it was (a felony, according to the Justice Department).

Hillary’s seven years of misspeaking was defined to be a felony as the law was applied to Hillary’s finance director, according to DOJ Prosecutor Dan Schwaber. He said to the jury in May, 2005 at the trial of Hillary’s finance director David Rosen, that it was a crime “to deny the public’s right to know that Peter Paul personally gave more than $1.2 million to Hillary’s national campaign”.

Yet, both the government and the media know Hillary has personally denied that right since August 2000 through personal statements published in the Washington Post and official statements under oath in Paul v Clinton and to investigators with the DOJ and FEC.

Sen. Clinton's actions are in violation of the following U.S. Statutes:

2 U.S.C. Sec 441a (a)(7)(B)(I) provides:

Expenditures made by any person in cooperation, consultation, or concert, with, or at the request or suggestion of, a candidate, his authorized political committees, or their agents, shall be considered to be a contribution to such candidate. (Therefore Peter Paul's expenditures cannot be deemed to be a "soft money" contribution)

(f) No candidate shall knowingly accept any contribution in violation of the provisions of this section...

(a)(1)(A) No person shall make contributions... to any candidate with respect to any election for Federal office which, in the aggregate, exceed $2,000.

2 U.S.C. Sec 437g(d)(1)(A)(I) provides:

Any person who knowingly and willfully commits a violation of any provision of this act which involves the making, receiving, or reporting of any contribution, donation, or expenditure (I) aggregating $25,000 or more during a calendar year shall be fined under Title 18, or imprisoned for not more than 5 years, or both...

So, forgetting about Hillary's voting record (bankruptcy bill, Iraq war, Iran), her 'borrowing' of Reagan's joke and her 'misstatements' about Bosnia, Hillary is proving herself to be an elitist and out of touch with the America people. I say this because only an elitist could avoid federal prosecution and think themselves above the law and more importantly think themselves above the US Constitution.

So before you rah rah for Hillary remember how the last 7 1/2 years have been with a leader that has thought exactly like Hillary, that he too is above the law and the US Constitution

They don't call me Facetious Muse for nothing

For you Isa A special thanks to S_LINK90 for directing isa to the video by accident