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Friday, April 18, 2008


Have you ever sat in an SI room and counted how many times neo-nuts scream "Liberals just want to cut and run" and yet it's only neo-nuts I ever see 'cutting and running'.

Take tommyjohnson44, as seen here. We all know that tommy is known for always saying liberals cut and run, it's like his battlecry, tommy screams it so loud no one would ever suspect he would cut and run. Well surprise, surprise, it seems little tommyboy just might not be the staying sort he tries to portray himself as.

Oh hell why don't I just let you see for yourself.

Mystic Sea Maiden: After getting a 25 percent cut in funding for the Violence Against Women Act and for the Victims of Crime Act by President George Bush, local victim’s advocates are worried about how services to victims will be provided.

Mystic Sea Maiden: look it up tommy

Mystic Sea Maiden: bush made those cuts and wants to make more for 2009

tommyjohnson44: i dotn believe you mystic

tommyjohnson44: please give me a link

Mystic Sea Maiden: this was budget plan in 2008 go read about it tommy

Mystic Sea Maiden: this is the actual 2009 budget cut plan by bush tommy

Mystic Sea Maiden: will you go read them, tommy are you man enough?

tommyjohnson44: mystic im reading and youre dishonest

Mystic Sea Maiden: this is from site you said it isnt While Congress saved the VOCA Fund from elimination, $35 million was cut from the FY ‘08 the VOCA cap.

Mystic Sea Maiden: President Bush’s 2009 budget proposal, released Feb. 4, proposes a devastating $120 million cut in Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) funds, caps Victim of Crime Act (VOCA) funding at the lowest level in 6 years, does not provide any increases for Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (shelter) funding, and ELIMINATES the $2 billion in the VOCA reserve.

Mystic Sea Maiden: tommy are you going to say that Break the Cycle, Family Violence Prevention Fund, Girls Incorporated, Jewish Women International, just to mention a few are lying about bush cuts?

tommyjohnson44: im going to bed

*** tommyjohnson44 has left the room ***

Now I'm no expert but it does seem like tommy is, an expert at cutting and running that is. Yet, you've got to give him credit, he did say please.

They don't call me Facetious Muse for nothing

BTW here are those links mentioned above for those of you that might want to read more about how baby bush is cutting funds to programs for victims of violent crimes. Register News & Stop Family Violence


Anonymous said...


Jesus Claus said...

This is a constant refrain from Bushbots, Muse. They never want to face up to the things Bush has done, even when the evidence is pushed right into their faces.

I mean, look at that post I had a week or so ago, when that neonut was asking "Name one American that has been spied on!" As if the very fact that our government can and does spy on us isn't an affront to our sense of justice.

And just last week, Bush confirms that he and his top advisors met in the White House to decide what kinds of torture would be acceptable.

I have to ask, are there any conservatives out there with a shred of intellectual honesty or conscience? Because all I see is them covering up for the worst crimes without the slightest thought to how damaging these losses of freedom are to us as a nation. Shame on you, tommyjohnson44, for not being a better American.


FacetiousMuse said...

anonymous, they the first step is admission. I wish you the best on your 12 step program to intelligence.

FacetiousMuse said...

JC I'm still amazed at the ignorance one must have to not know the facts. I used to think tommy was a decent, if misguided person, but after the comments he made last night I'm rethinking that oopinion.

tommyjohnson44 said...

AH facetissuemouse you forgot the part of the conversation where I asked Mystic many times if she favored or opposed federal funding of faith based organizations that help battered women. Im guessing she doesnt support it. How hypocritical of anyone who would gripe about funding cuts who would oppose federal funding of faith based oganizations.
I support federal funding of faith based organization who help battered women and feed the hungry. I also give my share to charities that help the poor of course im not a pat myself on the back liberal I am a compassionate conservative
Of course there are many fools on the left who also believe Bush cut VA funding. Any simpleton can look that information up on the internet.
JC stop crying about being spied on. Nobody in the Bush administration is spying on you.
OH facetissuemouse do you support federal funding of faith based organizations who help battered women, hungry children,etc etc? If you dont you are a typical "im so compassionate let me pat myself on the back liberal" who is really all talk and no action. All hat and no cattle. By the way how much do you personally give each year to chairity? Probably very little which means you are a phony and dishonest liberal

FacetiousMuse said...

tommy, again your ignorance is shining through, those that know me, know very well how much I give not just in money but also in time.

I volunteer for an abuse women shelter, along with being a child advocate, feed the hungry, I assist in building homes for the homeless and I also volunteer for local food bank/soup kitchen.

Again tommy your assumption is incorrect.

BTW tommy how much do you do to help others? Ever gave your coat to a homeless person? Ever buy dog food for a homeless person's pet? Have you ever taken an abused woman back to the home that was hell to collect some clothes? Ever held a infant born with HIV? Have you ever volunteer at a soup kitchen and look into the eyes of parents and children that are hungry? Ever see the shame in a parents eyes that they cant afford to feed their children even though they are working two jobs? Ever held a child tell their mom, no mommy it's ok I'm really not hungry or Daddy I dont need shoes yet.

Why is I think your answers to all questions will be no?

tommyjohnson44 said...

Ahhh you see thats the difference between people like you and I. A coat to a homeless person? How about many many bags of clothing from myself and my wife over the years to the battered womens shelter "run by the Catholic Diocese" and also to the homeless mens shelter in our area.
You buy a can of dog food we take in stray animals. You take an abused woman back to get her clothes while we take in people who have no other place to go. You listen a child tell her parents "its okay im not really hungry" while I give single mothers jobs so their children never have to say that to them. You dont even wanna go there with me little muse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No seriously you sound like your heart is in the right place and you do help others but so many people especially on the left NEVER practice what they preach. SO MANY on the left talk the talk but don't walk the walk. I've been awakend dozens and dozens and dozens of times in the middle of the night to extricate battered bodies of adults and children from automobiles package them up and ship them to the hospitals. Slogged through ponds to pull dead people from submerged vehicles, had to look a grandfather in the eyes and tell him "yes sir Im sorry to inform you your 2 granddaughters are dead" etc etc etc etc etc for 25 years!!!! Ever drive up the wrong side of the road with traffic coming at you doing 60 mph because that was the only way you could get to an accident to help people you don't even know??? Ever woke up at 2am Christmas morning to help save the life of someone seriously injured in a vehicle accident. Ever threw up because it was noon in the middle of the summer and u were suffering from heat exhaustion because you were dressed in bunker gear and you were working inside an overturned vehicle trying to get the occupant out and the combination of heat and blood all over made u have to puke?
Right now we are planning a fund raiser for the family of a young man seriously injured in a vehicle accident which occured here this past weekend. This past weekend we had our annual 3 day fund raiser to raise money to buy equipment to help people often times we dont even know. We also use the money to give to families after they lose their possesions in a house fire to go out and buy things like personal care items clothing and food if necessary.
Hope you didnt bet anything my answer to all the questions you asked would be no because if you did you sure lost that bet!! :)

FacetiousMuse said...

Tommy, do really think anyone believes you? Tommy to give clothes that you and yours have finished with and have no use for is not the same as giving the coat you are wearing off our back. YOu take in stray animals,, taht is great (something I'm well known for doing) but have you ever helped a homeless person to be able to fed their pet, which is not a stray, or do you tell the homeless person if he/she really loves their pet they will be willing to be seperated from it?

You give a lovely home to women that have been abused? And you give single mothers jobs so their children don't go hungry? Wow so it that a question on your employment form? So you sit and do the safe things, you don't have the guts to look into the eyes of our forgotten, you don't walk the streets at night to help a prostitute escape a life of being used and some pimp beating her. You never see the pain in one's eyes that have to let their best friend go.

You tommy walk a safe line, never risking your little box of thought.
Wow you go to an accident at 2am, why werent you there before the accident happened. Why do you give only clothes you are done using, why do you believe no child goes hungry or without medical care?

No Tommy you don't want to go here with me. I came from the forgotten, abused, hungry and I overcame, but never will forget. Tommy and what I do I never expect repayment not even in the form of a tax credit unlike yourself.

So tommy you go ahead and keep telling yourself you are better than others as you give your throw aways to the forgotten

tommyjohnson44 said...

Well what you chose to believe is irrelevant it really is.
I don't have the chance to look many homeless people in the eye because there arent many in my parish. You see my parish is made up of mostly christian people. You see my parish has many conservatives. You see small town america doesnt get bitter and cling to their guns when things get tough they help each other.
Ummmmm wonder how many homeless people there are out there who have hungry pets??????????????????
Ummm where I live we dont have many facetious mice who go around giving cans of dog food to stray dogs. Guess how the stray dogs in my parish survive, THEY EAT SCRAPS!!!!!!!!! Facetious mouse how do u think deer, bears, sparrows etc survive without canned food?? THEY FORAGE!!!!!
Geesh you sure skipped over the part about saving peoples lives. How many lives have you saved??
Walk a safe line???????????
Driving against oncoming traffic to reach an accident is walking a safe line??? Driving in the blinding rain when you can hardly see to reach and accident is walking a safe line?? Being in a river at night with a search light is walking a safe line?? Going inside a burning home to make sure noone is inside is walking a safe line??
OH you have guts because you can look into a homeless persons eyes or does the guts part come in when you walk the streets at night and look into a prostitutes eyes?? Which is harder? Now George Bush and people like myself support federal funding of faith based organizations who help people like prostitutes get off the streets. Why do I have a feeling you and people like you oppose such programs because they are Christian based. If you do oppose programs like that you are the ultimate hypocrite.
OH when you personally know a woman is single, has several kids, is not working and isnt receiving much in the way of government assistance you just kinda assume she will use some of the money from the job you gave her to do things like BUY FOOD you don't really need to put that question on the application.
Now with about 100 square miles in our district I can't always determine where the next accident will happen so I can be there before it happens. Each night I used to pick a different curve to sleep next to so I could be there before the accident happened. I did that for a couple years then came up with a better idea. I would sleep at home with my pager next to my bed so if anything happened at 2am my pager would alert me as to the location so I could respond. I know its not as good as being there BEFORE the accident happens but its the best I can do. I got tired of stray dogs foraging at night trying to eat my toes while I slept in the curve :)

FacetiousMuse said...

Tommy I used to have respect for you and think even though we disagreed on some politically issues overall you were a good guy and I even defended you. But to have you cry out for praise for doing YOUR JOB; a job most feel a calling for, a job that you act like it exempts you from any wrong-doings and that all should be in awe of you because of your job.

Tommy, there have been firemen that set fires and kills innocent people including children.

Tommy there have been nurses that kill infants

Tommy there has been policemen that abuse.

Tommy there has been doctors purposely infecting children with HIV/AIDS.

And in all these 'professions' many many times one choices such a job for the risk factor, for the rush and not out of any inner light ofor for humanity.

So Tommy brag all you want, you go ahead and try to have others in awe of you, but know it can't work on all, some are bonded to see the truth.

Some realizes and faces reality everyday of their lives and they know a good profession always has its bad apples, we usually call them "RUSH JUNKIES".

Thats why they call me Facetious Muse