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Saturday, April 12, 2008


As i woke up this morning the paltalk came to mind so i log on.. only to be injected into a heated conversation, but as i begin to read what was in text i was even more intresting.. the "ranger" was spuing out what he had left in that mushroom brain of his.

First he begins with the "INJUNS"
>>abn ranger: INJUNS
>>abn ranger: INJUNS love alcohol
Nikname1_: abn is that bad?
>>abn ranger: INJUNS love poverty
farmer3843_3: Liberals farm blacks,fertilize them with welfare,then reap the votes.
politicaljunkie4u_1: ppl need a dildo when thier are men like dik wolf
>>abn ranger: INJUNS are all alcoholics
Moderate Conservative45: ME TO WOLF
Raisin Cane: I don't understand gutter talk .... come back and ADDRESS ME WHEN YOU HAVE BETTER TERMINOLOGY
politicaljunkie4u_1: there

Beach7: Reservations make you proud??
politicaljunkie4u_1: we want no one like you in our clan
>>abn ranger: YOUNG INJUN savagaes are HOT HOT HOT
Raisin Cane: gosh
Nikname1_: u molest your daughter?
politicaljunkie4u_1: you self hater
Raisin Cane: wow .....
tor462: i., cherokee
>>abn ranger: Coderate Conservative = 100 percent pure liberal
and if that was not enough he then went to "LIBERALS" & "BLACK"
>>abn ranger: Liberals blame the white man for blacks
Raisin Cane: I know you better than YOU KNOW YOURSELF ...
Raisin Cane: *smiles*
>>abn ranger: LIBEALS BLAME the white man for poverty
wolff662002: rush is a comedian...
Nikname1_: all serial killers and pedophilia are white male crimes
*** grouper_6 has joined the room ***
politicaljunkie4u_1: kkk you prove your hatred more and more
iaskwhynot: :'(
Nikname1_: also serial killers
>>abn ranger: 99 percent of pedophiles are LIBERALS
Beach7: Your the one balloonig it MC
wolff662002: please go to the choctaw nation ..have a good time..enjoy..and gamble
>>abn ranger: Conservatives are good men
>>abn ranger: Liberals are pure evil in many ways


wolff662002: the ways of the people are not to bawl baby all the time..and to Overcome and thrive
politicaljunkie4u_1: rg...omg...hon how are first moments back online
>>abn ranger: ALL LIBERALS blame the white man
>>abn ranger: ALL LIBERAL LEADERS are white men
RG_SWAN: So good to see you!!! How have you been???
grafixx99: damn abn. you sure looked dipped in a bag of flour and ready for shake n bake
>>abn ranger: WHITE MAN = Made life BETTER for INJUNS of the old west
>>abn ranger: INJUN = Savage Drunk
yes people, this is all comming frome a guy that had a 21 year old pregnant prostitute on cam showing everyone he was fingering her.. nice and good guy don't you think???


geezus claws said...

What kind of LOSER are you that would make you copy and paste 2 hours worth of text? You're so addicted to Pal that you have to relive it on this blog? My GOD get a fucking life !!!

Art L aka Wolfdancer said...

JC-you have sunk to an all time low by allowing this racist BS on your blog

Jesus Claus said...

We don't shy away from showing what kind of racists infest PalTalk. People like abn ranger need to be exposed for the scum that they are.

Art L aka Wolfdancer said...

It's Bad enough we see it on Paltalk all the time but to allow it on your blog is shameful. I guess that's the difference between you and I; I moderate comments on my blog, I won't let any racist, sexual, stuff in the comment section, other than that people can post what they want. I'm not blogging cause I want numbers but care about content.u

Anonymous said...

i dont have any issues with seeing racism chatted about on the blog, but claus,, these idiots are flooding your blog with crap.
this turn pasteing huge text chat lines is lame bro.