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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Name: lively_oak
Age: 'NONE of your BEESWAX!'
Location: Effingham, IL
Occupation: Yarn magnate
Astrological sign: Taurus/Virgo rising
Car: Vespa LX10 motorscooter
Hobbies: Collecting Obamanalia, listening to Obama mp3's, Obamabrator, inflatable Obama, writing Obama poetry, making people love Obama, Lite-Bright, singing
Favorite politician: Barack 'He's sane' Obama
Favorite author: B. H. Obama
Favorite food: Obama-cakes
Pet peeve: Obama haters, Obama critics, Isabellah, cLumpmeister, needle-pricks, price of yarn!, Hillary the whore, pussy-eared whiners, red dots, that stringy spit when you brush your teeth, moths, yarn-burns, lint, rude and pushy Paltalk participants

Our little munchkin room-wrecker is currently organizing a Motorscooterists for Obama (MOFO) trek to Denver in August. In June lively plans to enter the annual Illinois Stitch-Off with a massive needlepoint portrait of 'a certain someone ;)'. Recent acquisition of a bullhorn has been a real 'boost' for her nightly neighborhood 'vote for Obama' vigils as well. To top off her well-rounded life she intends to patent her new hobby called 'Obamakins' which involves the use of fancy yarns, knots, and her special paste to create 'delightful' Obama figurines.

Paltalkers are grateful to lively_oak for enlightening us to the hitherto unknown marvels of Mr. Obama. We are also overjoyed she has finally accepted a personal savior.


Anonymous said...

LMFAO...Now That's Funny

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