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Thursday, March 27, 2008


MothersNaTiVE dreams of 8 inches...

I always get a kick out of the psychotic ramblings of MothersNaTiVE. The former nun turned exotic dancer, ("I dance nice, not nasty) is always good for a laugh. But here she is having met up with LocMuir_8, whom she is convinced is her long lost love Dan0034, and wouldn't you know it, Little Miss I Don't Do No No's is reduced to demanding to see Dan's 8 inches of manhood. Whether she envisions a toothless blowjob, or whether she actually wants to take on the behemoth, is anybody's guess:

MothersNaTiVE: bubba ,,loc is DAN.. the LIAR
MothersNaTiVE: Once DAN told me.. he as 8 inches long..I WAS SCARED OF HIM
LocMuir_8: mothers tell long tales ,about folks she's never met
MothersNaTiVE: DAN.. has nasty.. on the brain
Halie: nahhhhh Dan meant he was 8 inches high
MothersNaTiVE: HALIE... hahahahahhahaha
LocMuir_8: Halie,If I had an 8 inch dick, I wouldn't be Indian
garania: did he swing it infront of you Mothers???
MothersNaTiVE: DAN>> you brag.. about your nasty self.. hairless
MothersNaTiVE: fran.. DAN>> told me he is 8 inc.. long :*(
LocMuir_8: Mothers, having an 8 inch dick was your calling card
MothersNaTiVE: then..1 morning.. he logs.. on in his shorts.. showed me on CAM
Fransen: Mothers, you said it was 9 inches.
MothersNaTiVE: I saw his.. shorts.. only.. nd no hairy legs.. he shaves
MothersNaTiVE: fran.. DAN uses... baby wipes
MothersNaTiVE: He,,, dukies.. in hi inder wear
MothersNaTiVE: So DAN>> needs to stop baggin about his 8 inch...stuff in his pant
MothersNaTiVE: DAN>> you told me... NASTY you.. i a mad at you over a YR
LocMuir_8: mothers, now your telling the room 8 inches is nothing for you
MothersNaTiVE: I nver talked to you..OVER A yr
MothersNaTiVE: Natives.. .don't brag.. as you loc..DAN.. so...therefore.. your not native
MothersNaTiVE: loc... come on. .be real.. about the baggin...8 in.. thingy .. in you pants
LocMuir_8: mother ,are you saying your giving up the idea of an 8 inch dick,now
MothersNaTiVE: loc.. you have to prove.. your 8 inc.. too me...I neve give up
LocMuir_8: mothers has 8 inches on her mind ,today
MothersNaTiVE: locc.. i am waiting to the 8 inc
MothersNaTiVE: i never talk about EX
MothersNaTiVE: * SEX
Mitsuk: mothers you been talking about DICK for the last hour or so in text

Oh Mothers, for shame. How pitiful to see you reduced to demanding an audience with the one-eyed snake. And who knows if this Loc is even your true love Dan0034? You might be propositioning a complete stranger. If it was me, I wouldn't approach you with 80 inches of dick between us, but maybe you can make a love connection. I hear if you go on Craigslist, you can set up a Casual Encounter. Try this: "Toothless Lakota female seeks 8 inches of dirty pleasure with Alaskan polar bear. Won't do No No, but will do No No and No No, all night long."



Tosca said...

Priceless!! rofl!!!!!!!!!!

Just_April1974 said...

Thats sickening...just plain sickening! LMFAO, I LOVE it! ahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Mothers has the longest running ad on

Ultra-sexy conservative former nun/lap dancer with mixed motives and quirky speech pattern seeks man with 8 inch "no-no" and a good retirement plan. No anti-Bush callers, please.

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