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Friday, March 28, 2008


Super delegates met today in Denver, Colorado to discuss recent developments. Clinton supporters gathered outside to demand that House Speaker Pelosi order them to vote for Hillary. The Denver police were called to the scene where three Billarys were taken into custody. Their names have not been disclosed as yet. But, according to eye witnesses, bigmac_2008, hillarypaul2008, and KermieLegs were leading the pack of angry women who surrounded the building after Pelosi declared publicly that super delegates must follow the will of the people. Fire crackers and flares were found in their fannie packs. In protest, Gloria Steinem and Geraldine Ferraro burned their bras in front of the police station where they are being held. Other protestors were seen wearing John McCain tee shirts. Regretably, photographers all fled the scene when the bras came off and no pictures were taken.


Tosca said...

Very interesting! I'm wondering where Saint Casey was. Was he also burning his bra or crying over the megaphone?

Carmen_ said...

Good question. I forgot about that. Saint Casey of NY fainted at the scene of the bra burning ceremony and was transported by ambulance to the Men's Clinic where his penile implant was removed. It seems he was using it to try to put out the fire and got stuck while discharging.

Tosca said...

poor sucker! But now I'm confused. Does that mean he was always really a she-man or a drag queen with too much testosterone?

we'll probably have to send our ratttler chief investigator mothersnative out to verify since she is the expert on the 'inches'

Anonymous said...