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Sunday, March 16, 2008



If there's one thing I hate more than anything else on Paltalk, it's a Concern Troll. This odious species of troll pretends that he supports his political opponent, and then sadly shakes his misshapen head, bewailing how he "just can't support that candidate anymore."

We just had an emblematic example of concern trolling from tyclip_1. Now, It's obvious to anyone with half a brain that tyclip is a conservative Republican, with no intention of voting for Barack Obama (or Hillary Clinton, for that matter). But rather than make his argument plainly as to why he supports the Republicans, he assumes the mantle of the "disappointed political observer," mau-mauing Obama about his supposed "plagiarism." (which even the putative plagiaree, Deval Patrick, debunked) Tony Rezko and the magical shrinking house price. And now, tyclip sadly shakes his trolly head and bemoans the racism of Obama's church.

tyclip is now on mic telling us a fairy tale. His whole family was gathered around the TV last night, watching in (mock) horror, as Obama's misdeeds were laid bare. "Oh, Obama, you could have had 9 votes from my family. Oh, Obama, how could you lie to me!" It's like a Lifetime movie, I'm ready to burst into tears here.

tyclip, we don't have a problem with you being a Republican, (well, we question your sanity, but that's beside the point) but please, for the sake of not causing us all extreme nausea, don't be a Concern Troll, don't pretend you are a saddened prospective Obama voter who "just is so disillusioned." It's a pathetic charade, and you're not fooling anyone.



Jesus Claus said...

There are so many of these Concern Trolls in SI right now. LUMINOL is probably the worst of them. There's less than zero chance he'd ever vote fro a black man, yet he pretends to be so concerned about the plight of Obama's "failing" campaign, and what he needs to do to turn it around.

Hello, let's not take advice from people who WANT US TO LOSE! That has to be in The Art of War somewhere.