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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Captain William "Classicmfree" Bligh

There was quite a scuffle in Classicmfree Rules of Debate the other night. It seems the supercilious ass was being challenged by one of his appointed lackeys, and the mutiny needed to be squashed before pandemonium ensued.

isabellah-1 was the cause and focal point of this duel of wills, which, if you know Isa, is not all that surprising. She was giving admin heater13 a hard time, questioning his authority as well as his manhood. Classic was in attendance, and as he himself was quick to point out, "RULE #1: ONLY I DOT AND BOUNCE WHEN I'M HERE"

Well, Isa would not stop poking at heater, and he repeatedly dotted her, telling her to stop questioning his piddling powertripping. Finally, Isa got up on the mic and said, "OK, bounce me, motherfucker, come on, do it!" Well, it didn't take much more than a few seconds before Isa was flying butt first out of the room. All the while, Classic was lamely, plaintively pleading with heater to stop the admin rageholic outburst, to no avail.

Finally, Classic was forced to close the room to change the admin code. (BTW, I hear you can change the admin code without closing your room, but Classic clearly doesn't know this) When order was restored to the dangerously listing frigate, Isa was back in the room, and heater was nowhere to be seen. Classic was once again free to strut ostentatiously about the deck of his ship, content in the knowledge that no one will challenge his dominance of his dinghy. And somewhere, off in the misty distance, I can hear Isa laughing...



Carmen_ said...

Too, too funny. I almost fell out of my chair. And I bet isa had lots of fun with it too.

Jesus Claus said...

Isa definitely enjoyed herself. Classic was a little put out that an admin wasn't listening to him.