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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Just when I thought I had heard every lame-brained comment that could ever be uttered on Paltalk, along come Burnieknee and Champ from Australia. These clowns make High Falutin24 and ALFIE-00 sound half-way intelligent.

Usually it is me shaking my head at the profound ignorance many Americans have regarding their own history, and this has never been more evident than the attacks on Pastor Wright, who spoke the absolute truth in his broadside on the suffering that the USA has inflicted onto its own people as well as onto innocent people in countries around the world.

Today in mylady_arwen_1's room it was my turn to cringe at the staggering ignorance of two Aussie chatters.

Burnieknee a pathetic old racist mongrel who'd put away more piss in a day than a Mob of Alice Spring blackfellas at a wake. He tries hard to get into the chat and makes 'quips' from the sidelines, that he probably rehearses for a week, and nobody but he understands. "Colonialism was good. It improved the lot of the indigenous people" or words to that effect. Now, of course Burnieknee is not an indigenous person of Australia, and I doubt that he has any friends who are. All BurnieKnee has to do to realise how idiotic he sounds is go to You Tube and download Paul Keating's now famous Redfern Address, or type Kevin Rudd's 'sorry speech' into his web browser.

Just when I thought it could not get any sillier his little mate Champ takes the mic. Champ, whom I renamed CHUMP the first time I ever heard him at the microphone, blew into Paltalk with the migration of people from Yahoo, who were dubbed the Yahooligans for their appalling bad manners in chat rooms. Most have settled down now and some make a valuable contribution to the chat. Not so with young CHUMP, he even embarrasses the Yahooligans.

CHUMP made extraordinarily stupid statements today in his attempt to 'race bait,' but none so silly as when he said that the "Colonialists brought food with them, which saved the 'natives' from starving." Will someone please tell this kid what the significance of THANKSGIVING DAY is in the USA? In turn I will explain to CHUMP that when the First Fleet sailed into Sydney Harbour in January 1788, they had already been anchored in Botany Bay for some days. They were on starvation rations and had only enough water to last a few days. In other words they were goners, if the Eora people. who had lived along the shores of Port Jackson for over 40,000 years, had not shown Capt Philip and his motley crew where the fresh water Tank stream was, and went hunting for Kangaroo, which they shared with the starving strangers. Over the next three years the colonial invaders showed their appreciation by wiping the Eora people off the face of the planet and stealing their land.

Such is the gross arrogance of these WHITE RACISTS, who think that what they brought to my country was better than my what my ancestors had for thousands of years. We did not have hunger and disease, we didn't have drunkenness, homelessness and poverty. We did not have child abuse, and women were not raped and brutally murdered as they are in my country today.

CHUMP is under the impression that Aboriginal people were just hunter gatherers who never farmed. CHUMP should take a road trip to Brewarrina some time and visit the Biames Ngunnhu or fish traps, which had been harvesting food for the Ngemba people and hundreds of neighboring tribes before the Pharaoh's walked the earth. And the next time he is in a bookshop, heaven forbid the sky might falls if that ever happens, but he could pick up a volume or two on Aboriginal BUSH TUCKER, which will list thousands of plant species and the nutritional and medicinal purposes of each and where to get them.

Another classic statement from CHUMP was that Aboriginal people did not record our history. That really got a laugh from the people who were watching and listening from behind the screen. CHUMP, Google "DREAMTIME." This is the white man's name for the 'Altyerre' or story of creation, which is lives in the spiritual lives of Aboriginal people today. It recounts the epic journeys of our Spirit Ancestors and tells how they created all the animals, plants, rivers and mountains, that gave birth to the people. It also taught Aboriginal people to live in perfect harmony with the land and nature, setting the pattern for traditional Aboriginal culture which has survived for over 40,000 years. Aboriginal history was kept vibrant and alive through song, dance, art and storytelling and now that hundreds of Aboriginal languages have been put into written form, we have books. How sad, Burnieknee and Chump that you have all this richness of culture all around and you don't see it. It is your loss.

But hey, Burnie, you have the local boozer, the TAB and let's not forget the shopping mall where you and Mrs. Burnie spend so much of your free time. "You beudy!" What more could a man want?

Chump, you get to draw a welfare cheque to make up for the loss of income when you are too stoned to get your arse out of bed and go look for work.

Let's not even spare a thought for the suffering that was inflicted on my people so that you can enjoy these luxuries of post colonial Australia. Well don't worry boys, we don't need you, we never did. We survived in spite of the injustices and disadvantages, and what gives you cretins the shits is that you know I could buy and sell both of you on a cold day at an auction. Isn't that a pisser? LOL.


Anonymous said...

Obama will be the MC Hammer of politics in 2 months .................. Gone, Forgotten, A lost fad ... The Macarena

Sorry for the bad news, but I'll come back to say I told ya so in 2 months

AUNTY KATE said...

Dear Anonymous Rattler you confuse me for someone who thinks that Barack Obama has more then a snow flakes chance in hell of being the next President of the USA. He is the best of a bad lot, but that won't get him there. The candidate has already been chosen in my opinion and it isn't Obama. Barack Obama is beautiful man, whom I think believes everything he says. But he is a pawn in a very dirty game of divide and conquer that the USA plays so well. So go and gloat somewhere else you ignorant fool, American's are the losers here, and while I think there are millions of you who don't deserve a good man like Barack Obama there are millions more who do. You don't happen to be one of them.