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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Well dear Rattlers, a week in Paltalk is a long time. It will not be long before the word gets out that I have turned in my admin hat in Lord Voo's room. It is not a rumour. I did indeed tell Lord Voo that I would no longer admin for him after he showed no regard for the admins who were running his room, and even less regard for the chatters who visit his room, unless of course you were a known room disruptor guaranteed to generate some drama.

Lord Voo had, in the opinion of many, handcuffed his admins to deal effectively with the tsunami of racial attacks that seems to be incumbent with the election campaign currently underway in the USA. There was daily confusion among the admins and the chatters about what the rules were with regard to 'racial baiting', and racial slurs. One day when matters were way out of control, Lord Voo made his grand entrance and snatched the mic, he declared that there would be NO racial slurs or attacks in his room, period! Relieved to hear this I posted that into the room welcome. NO warning for racial slurs. And for 12 blissful hours this calmed the room down. But the next day I returned and every vile racial slur in the book was being plastered all over the room. I promptly started to red dot the offenders, other admins followed suit to make sure the offenders got the message it was not going to be tolerated.

The next day Lord Voo sent a IM to his admins advising of his rules, which had changed from NO racial slurs PERIOD, to warning offenders in text, if they do it again, take the mic and tell them at the mic to stop. If they still persist, red dot for 5 mins, if they still persist then bounce.

Are you with me here Rattlers? Can you imagine the pandemonium? While two admins in a room with 110 people, many of them out of control gremlins, tried to work within these parameters.

I lodged my protest to Lord Voo that this made his admins work much harder than I thought volunteer people may be willing to do, just to keep his numbers up. Lord Voo would not budge.

Then he appointed sillyfandango and bigmac_2008 as admins and left yours truly to deal with them with no real power to stop their destructive sortie.

Last night was another hellish experience, and no one's idea of fun, for the admins in Voo's room trying to bring some kind of order to the chaos.

lively_oak, a fine little chatter, if she restricts her intake of RED BULL to 20 cans a day, got into 'war' with Admin sophia_175, who was at her wits end with Lively's antics and room disruption. Lively tested Sophia's patience to the point where she bounced Lively for something I knew Voo would not support, and that was text scrolling in the room. Red dots are all we were allowed for text scrolling. Meanwhile the room is flying with msvlj703, and weetbix101 the two newest admins doing a fine job of writing the 'warning messages in text' for the numerous race baiting offenders and even more racial slurs. There were red dots all over the place for the offenders who did not heed the warnings in text. Speakers had to be asked to wait while Admins get the mic warning to offenders. What a bloody shambles. The known shit stirrers were screaming 'we'll tell Voo' My reply was they could tell the Pope, I didn't give a shit.

To assist the chatters and the admins, who needed to give the warnings and call time, I asked all of the admins to use red font, so we, and the chatters could see each other. This was working like a charm until AbettyHRH entered the room with red text. Abetty was respectfully asked to change her font, and told why we would like her to do so. Ms Abetty, a friend of Lord Voo's was adamant that she would keep her font red. This was of course picked up immediately by the known room disrupters, who all changed to red font. I asked Ms Abettt and all smart arses to give the admins a break and work with us. They were all adamant that they would do as they pleased. WorthyOfUrAttn, advised me that Ms Abetty was a friend of Voo's and an Attorney no less. I really didn't care if Abetty was a friend of the Pope and sat in the bench of the High Court, she had no jurisdiction in a room I was trying to run. Ms Abetty would not c0-operate, so I slapped a red dot on the arse of our learned friend and left it there. The other offenders in the room got the message and changed their font. Calm was restored enough for the chat to flow again.

Miss Lively was released from her bounce and came back the room with renewed vigor to continue the war with Sophia, and also push my patience to the limits. Ms Lively was given several cautions, a red dot and finally sent to bed, with no more RED BULL, until the morning.

Today was a brand new day! I had been for an early morning swim, read the newspapers, popped into this blog and had a great laugh at cLumpmeister's delightful posting. I went into Voo's room. Several Admins IM'd me that they were at their wits end with Lively Oak and wanted to bounce her. daniel_england_00 could take no more when Lively jumped in the mic calling the men "sons of cunts!" and reminding them they they all entered this world via a cunt! The word was repeated without benefit of any other words to make any sense of someone screaming "cunt cunt cunt" into the mic. Daniel red dotted Lively, and felt the need to apologize to me for doing so. I told him that he made a good call.

paleoconservative was next on the mic and he never had much of any real value to contribute. When I am not wearing a hat I put the little cretin onto ignore and divert my attention to something else when he speaks. Lively was next and for reasons only known to her she changed the topic to her belief that paleoconservative was a pedophile. IM's to me asking "do you really want this room to empty?" bombarded my screen.

Lively was stopped at the mic and told she could not call people 'pedophiles', it is a Terms of Service violation of Paltalk:

(b) transmitting any unlawful, threatening, abusive, profane, offensive, defamatory, or hateful text or voice communication or Images or other material, or any racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material,

Lively was given a 5 min time out. Paleo was next at the mic. He was asked to move along and get back to a political discussion. Before he could to so there was a room raid of mic jumpers, that had to be dealt with. As Paleo took the mic about a minute or so later, I saw that Lord Voo had removed Lively's red dot and her hand was back up. How smug she must have been feeling that she could run to Lord Voo and he would override an Admin's decision without any discussion with the Admin who dotted her. Now perhaps if Daniel England or one of the other Admins who may be intimidated by Lord Voo had dotted Lively, the situation may have ended there with the whole room observing that the Admins in the room had no real power. Lord Voo, who could take a page out of George Bush's manual for destruction of a nation vetoed my decision and became the 'Decider guy' even though he had not witnessed the events leading up to Lively getting dotted. Unfortunately, it was me who dotted Lively, and I have yet to meet the man who intimidates me. So I had some private words with Lord Voo, who should have left it there. But no, Lord Voo, ever the showman had to take the mic and ask Lively why she lied to him in IM about the dot. He did support my decision and told Lively that she would keep the dot on. Gee, thanks Lord Voo, we had that under control, and did not need you dropping what you were doing in Classicmfree's room, to berate the Admins and tell us how incompetent we all were and if we could not run the room without you, you would close it. To that I say, Lord Voo I have had more experience in senior managerial positions than you have had bloody birthdays! I am sure I can run a chat room without the need of supervision or interference.

Lord Voo and I took this to a private room where Lord Voo mistook me for someone who would listen to his rants. He was advised to cool it or the discussion was terminated and we were done. He allowed me to give him a full account of what had gone down in the past few days and how his silly restrictive rules for admins was making the job harder than it needed to be, or that I felt I or any of the other admins would tolerate for long. Well Lord Voo was not listening, all he heard was a woman telling him how to run his room. He started the rant again and going off onto tangents, bringing all kinds of extraneous bullshit into the discussion. At this time I had lost all respect for him and said, "well fuck you." Oh dear, this did cause him an affront. He was hurt that I would reduce the discussion to that level, after all, were we not adults? I said "yes we are adults and as an adult, I am telling you what I think of this bullshit" I apologized, but that fell on deaf ears. He kept ranting about me swearing at him, and how we should have a better level of communication than that. Yes well, Lord Voo, when I work with people and show them my unwavering loyalty, I don't expect to be told that if I don't like your rules I can "leave and take my friends with me." My choice is to leave, and whether or not my friends wish to continue to work so hard for you with NO APPRECIATION or consideration for how difficult your ineptitudes have made their job, that is up to them.

I returned to your room later in the day under another nic. There was no discussion of any substance. Lively was jumping around like a demented pixie telling people "we can say anything we like in here" The welcome message in the room asked chatters to keep 'race baiting to a minimum' With that kind of an opened ended MO I am glad I won't be having to deal with what some of the chatters might call a MINIMUM.

I wish to thank the excellent Admins I worked with in Mainstream Politics, notwithstanding the disastrous choice of appointing SillyFandango and BigMac. We all worked very hard to help Voo create a good room, but Voo does not want a GOOD room he wants a BIG ROOM, without doing any of the hard yards himself. He did not spend much time in his own room today, there was too much drama to be had in a mud slinging contest with his old adversary Bobby Boom Boom McGee in Classic's room to show his admins he appreciated their time by being a participant in his own room.

I hold no hard feelings for Lord Voo, and I will never join the backstabbing bastards who would tell lies about him. I stood by him over the closing of Debate Central because I trusted that he was doing the right thing. It is a great pity, and Lord Voo is the loser here, that he did not extend that trust to me.

This is a huge year for me, as I will be traveling back and forth to the Northern Territory to undertake a Degree in Community Services, Sport and Recreation, which will give me the skills I need to work in Aboriginal communities developing programs for youth health and welfare. I am looking forward to going back to 'country'. This is going to reduce the time I cam spend on Paltalk, which is going to send cheers of relief rumbling down Republican corridors. But I have made so many great mates on Paltalk and I won't be able to stay away completely. When time permits, and my co-admins are available, I will be opening my room The Hot Seat International Political Chat room. It is a room with a bit of a difference. We chat about a range of political issues and world affairs, play audios, stream videos, play music if it suits us and generally have a good time. My zero tolerance for racial attacks and room disruption guarantees that the room will never be a big drama filled room, that so many like to visit. But we like it, so come visit us in the HOT SEAT when you see the room open.

Thank you dear Rattlers it has been fun blogging with you but I must bid you a fond farewell and wish all peace and light.


IsabellaSays said...

really didnt care if Abetty was a friend of the Pope and sat in the bench of the High Court, she had no jurisdiction in a room I was trying to run.

ya see kate, this is WHY you are handed your ass in rooms-- you are a control freak who tries to UN OTHER PPL'S ROOMS !!
ffs woman, buy a jock strap, u need it

adios and good riddance :)

IsabellaSays said...

run too

IsabellaSays said...

i think it's high time to write a lil post of my own on here JC... heheh

scrooge 01 said...

Good riddance.

This woman just prooves that she's unable to work together with other admins. If you want Kate as an admin to a room you need to appoint submissive admins that follow Fuhrer Kate like little sheep. If she does not get her way she will cause havoc. This is why it doesn't surprise me that she's still single, you'd have to be a nut to get into a relationship with her.

You failed Kate. You wanted to control a room with 110 people with broad rules of your own in which you could bounce and dot as you pleased. You need to learn to stay more in the background instead of becoming the room. You have double standards provocating people that have a difference stance then you.
Let loose Kate you are not a hotshot manager anymore, the people that come to the room are not your employees or slaves on which you need to dictate.

God have mercy on those aboriginals you want to "help"
Watch out they don't kick your ass out, like we the people did in Mainstream Politics.

darrington said...

Me thinks Voo is regretting the closure of Dommie's room. Since he had to open up his own room, he now realizes why he closed his room in the first place. The backstabbing, whining and bitching about admins, chatters and rules makes for less than enjoyable paltalk experience.

His first mistake was to make Auntie Kate an admin and then a superadmin. Like he didnt know she was a control freak and would take over HIS room? LOL.

His second mistake was to make Lively Oak an admin. Again, what was he thinking! She has subsequently had her hat removed by voo, but still, what were you thinking!!! LOL

His third mistake was to make KC Gentz an admin. Again, what was he thinking!

The next phase in the life of a room owner is the revolt from his admins, who wont like his defending certain admins over another. Or an admin he brings in where many other admins will bemoan the decision to appoint.

The final straw will be when the admins revolt and they cause the room to close or the opening of another room in opposition to voo's room.

Does this all sound familiar? Of course it does, this is what happened to Dommie's room. LOL

Paltalk, room owners and admins who have their own agenda will inevitably conflict and cause the demise of a room.

Anonymous said...

kate keep in mind you are a good person. Understand the points some are putting forth.Pull back, regroup, and consider the idea of less affrontal dictatorial control.Things might be a bit clearer.

Anonymous said...

well no one should have to suffer through lively oak that munchkin is insane and has a voice that could be used for torture not to mention the textbook OCD she displays.

Jesus Claus said...

I like lively, but you really can't have her calling people pedophiles on the mic, that's a bit beyond the pale.


Anonymous said...

"toe says" much attention to a known bigot and hater....who claimes the wanted poster (fbi) that says binladen is wanted world wide for terrorist proof of his innocence...a person who rants that all whites should be pushed into the sea...who aligns with aryan nationers.....than trashes all who are just a plain old truly amazing!