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Saturday, March 29, 2008


This is not actually Boy George, it's wolfchat at a Boy George Convention. He won 2nd prize in the lookalike contest

wolfchat just got finished on the mic, where, after burping up a smelly bellyfull of Coors Light (the beer equivalent of an Appletini), he proceeded to regale the room with a rendition of Boy George's classic "Karma Chameleon.

Now, if you know anything about wolfchat, you already know he has a serious foot fetish, which he is not afraid to fully admit to. Me, personally, I never got the attraction some deviant men feel toward the feet, but just for wolfchat, here's a little eye candy:

Ok, I apologize, but the pictures I saw when I typed "nasty feet" into Google Image Search were a little too disgusting for me to print. I'm sure wolfchat would gladly lick Chardonnay off of some of the diseased toes I saw, but it's a bit much for me.

Anyway, wolfchat is the typical ignorant "let's bomb 'em all" kind of conservative, the kind of conservative who makes us all less safe, the last 29% vestige of Bush support. Unfortunately, the room has been infested with troglodytes like Prestly, lordhawhawhaw, drclean, Megasone, and Tn_Pokerstars_Player78, so the average room IQ has descended precipitously. wolfchat is now challenging Red1dogg2008 to a WWE cage match. Red had better be careful, wolf might hit the mat and start slurping on his toes, and no one wants to see that.

Now wolfchat is telling us he is proud to be trailer trash, because the rest of us are ghetto rats. He did just say that Red1dogg2008 is boring, and on that at least we agree. Sometimes I think Red's been into the Coors Light a little too much himself.

Hard as it is to believe, wolfchat is now speaking the lyrics to Queen's "We are the champions," as a form of argumentation. And then he says we cannot match his intellect. This just after misfitbru62 laid down a quote from Aristotle from 300 BC, and wolfchat responds, "I don't care about 300, 400, 500, 6000 BC, this is 2008, motherfucker!" And then he brags about his 157 IQ and his ability to bench press a small pony. A psychologist would have a field day exploring the byzantine pseudo-masculine proto-homosexual ravings of this foot freak.



Anonymous said...

I never imagined wolf to be young and slender, as that pic suggests.


wolfchat said...

i don't give a fuck what you write about me you homo ass packing shit dick JC. you actually think people give a shit bout what you write or don'. and I don't care who thinks what of my pic, i have been on webcam many times, sometimes naked so blink on that one.

JC thinks he is a powerful ghetto rat because he has admin in the number one politics room in paltalk. I should say politics is a stretch in that room, if you don't like obama you are labeled a racists, they only like to agree with each other in that room. A room that allows the resident troll lively_oak to scream, it is quite repulsive. but they are typical libs hahahaah, yeah it is ok to hate whitey and say typical white person but how dare you say anything like that when it comes to blacks who have been so boohoo oppressed, you know obama said something right in all them lies, blacks oppress their selves, obama the divider

now go suck on voos dick a little harder jc


Jesus Claus said...

Judging by your raging foot fetish and your obsession with Boy George, I'm not the one who has to worry about deviant sexuality here.