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Friday, March 21, 2008


That lying Pratttler has told another whopper. It's not DommieGoddess hiding under the nic happy_854 but LordMercifulVoo. Makes you wonder doesn't it? Is Voo trying to pull the wool over the Phantom's eyes? Is Dommie trying to confuse the blogging community? Are they working together? Nah .. too dumb, too chicken, too... well you get the picture. But you, Pratttler, are definitely trying to fool me. Take that you lying ho!


Anonymous said...

By Lord Voo....

So, now I am the Pratttler? lol Too funny. One thing for sure: If I have something to say to you, I don't need to ever hide under any name to tell you that.

Now, Claus, we all know who the Pratttler is, don't we? LOL

It certainly isn't me. LOL

Thy Lord Voo

Anonymous said...

"It's not DommieGoddess hiding under the nic happy_854 but LordMercifulVoo."

Can't read, Voo? It says you're happy_854 NOT the Pratttler.

Anonymous said...

t'was a freudian slip *wink

Anonymous said...

Either way, I am neither the Pratttler or Happy_854.

End of that.

As a footnote, never think, as well known as I am, that I ever have to come as another name to tell anyone specifically and particularly just what I think of them.

Now, get that understood.

Thy Lord Voo

Jesus Claus said...

Voo,l are you lurking around SI under an assumed nic? How devious. ;)


The Pratttler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Pratttler said...

Anonymous said...

At 11:35 AM Mitsuk said...

"Prattler: Why have you waited SO LONG to write about all this? I think it is time to MOVE ON!!
Dommie has left paltalk... let her go, I am sure she has moved on with her life... leave her be dammit!"

Incorrect, Dummie is hiding out in PT as happy_854.

3:46 PM

The Phantom Blogger the liar is you. You are incorrect is blaming me The Pratttler for saying something that was said as a comment by an anonymous poster (being anonymous just isn't my style, got to feed my ego don't you know) to my post "Was LordMercifulVoo Banned"

I do want to thank you for letting me know about a 'hidden handle' held my DommieGoddess, now I know where to look for her.