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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ordinarily I don't visit the blogs concerning Paltalk, but I have made this week an exception to the rule to set the record straight on the plethora of misinformation and lies concerning the destruction of the room formerly known as Mainstream Politics in Debate Central.

It came to my attention that S_LINK90 was posting a link to a blog in his room, which he strongly denies is his work, that gave an 'anonymous' account of the events leading up to LordMercifulVoo finally listening to the nagging of his friends to reopen his room and not allow a couple of morons to ride on the coattails of his popularity any longer.

As I read the blog titled 'The Best Drama on Paltalk' I found myself roaring with laughter at the baldfaced lies, with holes in the story big enough to drive a MACK truck through. Talk about E&O's (errors and omissions). The blog ought to have commenced with "Once upon a time..." It was a poorly written work of fiction. The blogger had also left out some very important pieces of information. In particular an audio in Voo's possession of a discussion he had with Slink shortly before the collapse of the old Debate Central, where he was plotting a 'coup' against DommieGoddess "the psychotic ugly fat bitch" to paraphrase one of Slink's more kind remarks. The blogger also failed to appreciate that even the most mentally challenged among us can see through bullshit.

The Rattler asked for comments from Paltalk chatters who have the low down on this latest drama, that has almost seen Slink have a cerebral hemorrhage trying unsuccessfully convince intelligent people that he is the 'good guy.' Too many are very well acquainted with the MO of this little cockroach.

To make this story come together it needs to be explained that a few weeks before Der Crystal Nacht that resulted in the destruction of the old Debate Central, Lord Voo had handed his admin hat in to Dommie in protest of the way the room was operating.

Anyone who is acquainted with Lord Voo on Paltalk will know that as chatters go he is a legend. His style is too flamboyant for the faint hearted, and his vitriolic abuse leaves adversaries cringing in the corner. But love him or hate him, Lord Voo is an advocate for justice, both on and off paltalk.

The Admins in Debate Central had been dubbed NAZI's and any decent chatters were gathering in mylady_arwen_1's room, where for the most part the admins have at least double digit IQ's and Arwen does not give Admins latitude to bounce chatters on a whim. Some do, of course, but Arwen does not condone it. Debate Central's better admins were left wondering why they subjected themselves to the daily torture of associating with people who needed the difference between a racial slur and a swipe at a religion explained everyday.

Now that Voo was no longer wearing a hat in Debate Central the power drunk NAZI admins felt even more in command. One evening Voo challenged a decision from LittleBitNotALot, and we shall leave the reader to ponder where her deficiencies are. Little adopted an attitude with Lord Voo that said "if you don't like it, fuck off" Voo didn't like it, but he has never been one to retire from a conflict. He unleashed a Voo style address to Little's abuse of power, and was bounced from the room.

Great peals of laughter filled the text window from people who don't mind injustice being meted out. It seems to be a Republican party torture and 'waterboarding is ok' kind of thing. There were but a handful of people with the intestinal fortitude to speak out against Little's abuse of her admin power, and they we all bounced from the room for doing so.

Voo IM'd his 'mate' Slink to get the code to return to the room for the purpose of addressing LittleBitNotALot (of gray matter) more firmly. Slink, refused to play ball and would not give Voo the code. He couldn't be having Voo verbally beat up on his cyber squeeze, especially as they had not 'gone private' yet that evening. Voo called Dommie at home and she gave him the code. Voo returned to the room. Little may have needed a thick fluffy towel to clean up the mess after Voo spoke his mind, and it is doubtful if Slink got his jollies that night!

Not only did Voo rip into Little for what she did to him, but also for how they were running the room in general. The NAZI style of admining was keeping good chatters from going to the room. Every day the line up for the microphone was reduced to people who could hardly string a coherent sentence together. It was noted that while Voo was giving Little some correction none of the other Admins came to her (Little's) aid. Not even Slink or abby_1312. With mates like that, hey? The next day the plot thickened and for those who like a little juicy fact with their gossip it goes like this.

It was a dark and stormy night...when Slink and his gang of backstabbing conspirators, which included Abby, Dommie's best mate, an Aussie Sheila who fits a quaint OZ expression 'dumber than bat shit' decided that had had enough of that upstart LordMercifulVoo. They reopened 2Way Street, the writer went into the room and received an IM from Lord Voo that he had been banned. Slink and the writer went into a private room for Slink to explain why Lord Voo had been banned.

Slink put forward all kinds of reasons why Voo was banned and none of it made sense in real terms, except that Slink was totally pissed off that Voo came back into the room with a hat and slammed Little. During this conversation Slink was querying how Voo got his hat back, as he had not given him the code. I knew that Voo had called Dommie and she gave him the code because he told me he had done so. Slink was advised of this. Now he was really pissed off. Dommie had, in his mind, betrayed him and the other admins by giving Voo the code, and then taking her phone off the hook so he couldn't contact her. But dear chatters he (Slink) did not know this fact until after he had reopened 2Way Street, with the purpose of destroying Dommie's room. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first know the rest.

Slink told me that I was welcome in his room anytime, I thanked him and said, "No I won't be supporting your room, I stand by my mates. " A concept I am not sure this homegrown Repuke understands. It is also an Aussie thing, a code of honor most Aussies, even dumb old Alfie would appreciate.

So what we had was a real dilemma. Debate Central was open but meritman was the only admin. Slink had taken all of Dommie's other admins with him. As anyone who has ever run a room would know it takes some planning, or in this case plotting, to have an admin team ready to go when a room opens.

For some reason Slink didn't want meritman, too smart would be my guess. Dommie and tucherb were nowhere to be found. One can only guess what shenanigans they might have been up to. So the room known as Debate Central was left floundering with ONE admin and in danger of total collapse unless meritman could and would put in an unknown number or hours on his own. Neither meritman or Voo could appoint admins so Voo jumped in and offered a solution. He said that he would reopen his room (Mainstream Politics Resurgence) and everyone could migrate over there until the problem could be worked out. meritman closed Debate Central and we all moved to Mainstream Politics, which went to #1 for a week and held that position by a country mile ahead of ALL the other rooms.

A week passed and still no sign of Dommie or Tuch, isn't love grand? Then late one evening, after Voo had gone to bed, Dommie appeared with an announcement about how she was glad the room (Debate Central) had closed because the needed a break, her health had not been good. Then she gave the BTW, "I didnt give Voo the code to my room he already had it" Now that WAS another Pork Pie (lie) right there, which Dommie was forced to admit in front of Tuch this week. To use an expression from a very funny Aussie comedienne Miss Effie, "How embarrassment!"

Dommie must have been feeling gutted by what her 'friends' Slink, Abby and Little had done. Voo who is more heart than bluster took pity on her. He offered to give Dommie a hat in his room, but Dommie refused, she needed to be the Diva. So Voo agreed to MERGE the rooms. The writer was an admin in Mainstream Politics and was not at all happy about taking a hat in the new room. It was felt that Dommie could not run a bloody pie shop, and with two failed rooms behind her it was a reasonable conclusion. Tuch had always seemed reasonable but getting close to a seat of power, a chatroom SuperAdmin sent a rush of blood to his head.

The writer lodged a protest that day but agreed to take a hat out of loyalty to Lord Voo, as he had done a very noble thing to help a friend, when his busy schedule did not really allow for it. Tuch did NOT like the fact that the writer took a hat with some trepidation, and had made no bones about it. It made him nervous. He wanted his DommieGoddess and himself to be the 'stars' of the show, not Lord Voo. Or was there some other hidden motive? The writer suspected there was and said as much to Lord Voo. However, Voo's friendship with Dommie was solid and he wanted to show her that he had not reopened Mainstream Politics to destroy her room.

A couple of weeks passed and with new and better admins the room was regaining strength and fending off the damage done by the treachery of Slink and his cohorts. Then the writer learned that they (Tuch and Dommie) had taken the admin hats from tung fu and Lord Voo. The reason for taking Tung Fu’s hat was that he also admined in Slink’s room. And for Voo no reason was offered, not even to him. The writer was very hostile that this had happened to tung fu, who was an excellent admin. It was suggested to Tuch that he give Tung his hat back or take the writers. Tung was reinstated. This left Voo without a hat, which was rather extraordinary after all Voo had agreed to lend the name of his VERY successful room, Mainstream Politics. It seemed rather idiotic that Voo no longer had a hat in a room which had been his.

Could Tuch have been rolling too many of those funny cigarettes to think it would fly? The writer was indeed vocal about this in private with Tuch. Tuch sat in wait for the writer to put a foot wrong. An opportunity came for him to apply the red dot, claiming that I used a racial slur. Here we have living proof chatters that dope does kill brain cells! The poor darling does not KNOW that Muslims are NOT a race. Anyone who knows me knows that I detest bigots, and used the term 'rag head' to highlight a chatter's hatred for Muslims. Tuch and I exchanged words privately and I do recall calling him a total moron, who does not have the brains to run a toy choo-choo train on a small and repetitive track. He was told in no vague terms what the writer thought about the underhanded way they had treated Voo. It concluded with the writer suggesting that he (Tuch) stick the admin hat in a warm dark tight place. (I just don't work well with fools) The writer was banned from the room immediately. My goodness, they could not risk having the beans spilled about what they had done to Voo. The story that Tuch likes to tell is that HE took the writer's hat and it is a blatant lie.

Now the plot thickens. Tuch told Voo (and I heard the audio of the chat) that he took his (Voo's) hat and banned him because Voo protested the stupidity of the writer being banned. For mercy's sake, Tuch could write an episode for Desperate Housewives if we could sober him up enough, or reduce his intake of the mighty weed. Dear chatters, that was just another lie in the litany of pork pies (lies) being peddled about this silly business. Voo's hat had already been taken by Tuch, before I resigned as an admin, if you recall this was the reason I resigned. So dear Paltalk chatters, those who give a damn, there it is.

The blog The Best Drama on Paltalk needs to be renamed the Most Useless Bullshit on Paltalk. Have any of the Rattler regulars bothered to read the posts to the blog after my expose of the facts? Slink is squealing 'liar liar pants on fire' but ran from a private chat today like a bat out of hell, when Voo challenged him in the presence of Dommie and some of the other principal players in this cyber-soap opera.

It is was a great day for all Paltalk chatters when Lord Voo reopened his room this week. It is good to be back in a free-flowing room that does not continually have a line-up of hands that reads like the cast of characters from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Aunty Kate.


Jesus Claus said...

So there was all kinds of back room double dealing going on. What about these allegations that Voo is artificially inflating his room numbers?


Bill said...


Anonymous said...

"Bill" if you want to hide who you are maybe you should try limiting your {...} I think we all know who Bill is.

Jesus Claus said...

I don't know who bill is.


Carmen_ said...

What a crock of shit. Ten pages of nothing but cow manure. Racial slurs were not allowed in Dommie's room. Period. Doesn't matter what you were using it for. Everyone who uses a racial slur thinks they have a good reason for it. And stop lying about why Voo opened his room. We all know he wanted to sink Dommie's room. You're right about one thing, putting together a team of admins takes time. That only proves you underhanded bastards had it all planned. Next time save us the space. All you had to say was "Yeah.. we ruined Dommie's room and we're proud of it." BTW Kate if you think Voo is the only one with recording equipment or that he never recorded YOU you're a moron.

Anonymous said...

Racist slurs weren't used in dommie's room? what world are you from?

Anonymous said...

When you're a paltalk STAR, rules don't apply to you and your lapdogs. Everyone is a moron except for your 'decent' friends and every room you are in should be grateful that you grace them with your presence! When you open your room ( or with your friends) it MUST be the TOP room. When you enter other's rooms, they are always accountable to you and must bow to you. If they don't, you start an abusive tirade, bully the admins and owner. When you don't get your way, you play the poor poor victim and start your false victim drama until you are bounced AND banned.

Many have seen this pattern repeat itself over and over in the last years. You're no 'heroine', you're a pathetic old woman with narcissistic personality disorder.

Yes, you weaved a web alright. A web of selfengrandizement and narcissism. A web of inconsistancies and utter hypocracy. One day you decry male chauvinists, and the next day you laugh at extreme chauvinist abuse by Voo.

Kate, there is NO wiggle room, no grey area here! Get a grip on reality! Verbal abuse is : VERBAL ABUSE, even if you and your friends are doing it!

LordMercifulVoo: HAHA

Any DECENT person ( male or female) IS and should be APPALLED at this abuse. But since you are not decent nor have a functioning moral compass because of your obsession with popularity and POWER, nobody expects you to publically state, for once, that you find such statements and abuse repulsive. That by itself says more about you than you can EVER spout on mic or write on blogs or books.



PS you are only trashing tucherb because he had the integrity to not BOW to you. Shame on you for trashing him and even insinuating that it is a sin to have a private life and stay off paltalk for 1 week. You're pathetic.

Jesus Claus said...

I dunno, I don't think kate ever said she had a problem with verbal abuse. You should have seen the stream of invective she was blasting WorthyorUrAttn with earlier tonight.

Kate is no shrinking violent when it comes to verbal abuse, but this is paltalk. Gird your loins and wear your titanium cup.


Anonymous said...

Kate is absolute correct with her analysis.

I find it hilarious that many actually believe that I "planned" this, when I provided Dommie her chatters back to her upon her initial return. Obviously, if this was "planned" I would not have practically begged Dommie to reopen her room, and I most certainly would have never closed my room. LOL Such silliness.

I think some have a grudge against me and they, in demonstrating great and exhausting desperation, have been trying to get mileage out of this issue; however, with the recordings, the aforementioned individuals have run out of gas, are stranded and are unable to thumb their filthy ass a ride back to civilization.

Kate, you are terse and lucid, and I could not have stated this better myself. The facts are quite clear and evidenced via the proof. And, by the way, Kate, I have never recorded you; but, even if I had, who cares. Perhaps people should not say things they do not want repeated, hence - such tangled web we weave. And, more poignantly stated: Perhaps one should stop weaving when one is inextricably tangled.

Thy Lord and Merciful Voo

Anonymous said...

Jesus Claus

for Kate, it's 'superiority' and 'righteous battle' when she, voo or her friends are doing it, but watch when someone else does it, THEN she'll go on a rant how despicable verbal abuse is, how the person is a misogynist, bully, etc.

double standard! Thats now narcissists see the world. They are allowed to do and say whatever they want, but loudly decry when someone else does the same! get it?

Anonymous said...

exactly claus.
spot on bro

Anonymous said...

I have it on VERY good authority that Slink, Voo, and Dommie are playing you all. They created this little "incident" and then proceeded to stir the pot, stand back and watch the ensuing drama.

They are now laughing their asses off watching all you paltalk morons go ballistic over voo chastising an admin......blah blah blah.

How does it feel to be "played"? LOL

Anonymous said...

to clear things up :

I adressed Jesus Claus in my above comment. I didn't post as him.

I'm the bullshit-detector and I wrote the comment about the double standard

Jesus Claus said...

No, bd, I got you. I knew you weren't me. So, do you really see that kind of double standard a whole lot? I need to pay better attention ;)


AUNTY KATE said...

Firstly, let me address some of your comments Carmen and advise you that I was at the meeting where the notorious tape of Slink's plot to overthrow Dommie got its first public airing. You weren't.
language, it was used to make a point, and would not have been repeated. A caution in text was all that was needed. If you were dotted for taking swipes at religions you would never get to speak at the mic, and what a blessing that would be.

Carmen, you have nothing to bring to this table but some old scores to settle some either Voo or I proving you wrong with some silly piece of trivia.

As to Voo recording me, I never say anything about ANYONE in a private session I would not repeat to them. I have divulged a great deal about my private and professional life to Voo, and NOTHING has ever come back to me and I can tell you the same would be true of him. I know Voo's real name, when he lives, his professional registration to the bar number, and much more. That is the best gauge that someone is of good character, nothing you tell them ever comes back.

Now run along all you can do is observe here, you have no FACTS about what happened.

Now for ANONYMOUS AKA Bullshit Detector. I usually don't bother with spineless anonymous posts, but I do KNOW who you are. Are you for getting I did a VERY comprehensive Chinese Horoscope for you? I can read you like an open book. If you have any doubt about the penetrating insight I have into your personality, and character strengths and weaknesses, just read the report again. Don't fret dear I am a thorough professional even though you got your reports and one for your lover, with a compatibility chart absolutely free. HOURS and HOURS of work. I would never divulge the content. Except to say that one does not need to do your chart to know that you are all the things you accuse me of being. Go and read about your Tiger again. You have to be stroked 24x7. And your Goat makes you one of the laziest people around who'd rather beg than work. Your attempts to sponge off people on Paltalk are well known. So you run along and join your ex-buddy Carmen, this little drama is not about you, and it certainly has nothing to do with verbal abuse to me. Which I suspect you tossed in to make yourself feel involved.

Observers to the left please, and take your cigarettes, and coke snorting equipment with you.

To LordVoo, people reading this information can either take it or leave it. That does not alter the facts.

I dealt with the attempt by Carmen to make me go "oooo...Voo has taped me?" Who gives a damn if you have? In fact I have said some things to you I wish I had taped so I could have sent an audio to a few arseholes and saved time having to repeat myself.

JC....I nearly peed myself laughing at the comment that I can't take verbal abuse. What the imbeciles who try that crap with me can't take is that I come back with a volley that lays them out on the floor. Then they go running to a room owner wailing "Kate abused me" Bloody useless people, who think that a mature woman of my age and experience could not sit a few chat room losers on their arses. I count among my Pals on this program and in my private life, the most intelligent and decent human beings one could hope to spend time with on or off line. For every person who dislikes me there are two more who think I am ok. I am happy. ***SMILES***

As to the rest of the anonymous posts, I'll pass on a comment I don't respond to coward who don't have the guts to sign their name.

Bullshit Detector got lucky just to prove a point.

Anonymous said...

horoscope? you have me confused with someone else. Is it your paranoia or just dementia?

now run along and have your ego stroked by your cheerleaders

bullshit detector

Mitsuk said...

Well I too have followed the events that led up to the breakdown of Debate Central.

1) Voo was bounced from Debate Central because Littlebit didn't like what he said (she had no business doing that, but she figured since Voo no longer was an admin that she could get away with it)

2) Voo asked S-Link for the room code and S-Link protected Littlebit and the other admins there that night by refusing

3) Voo called Dommie who gave him the code and Dommie made herself unavailable by phone to admins who were bitching and complaining about Voo getting a hat and returning to give them a piece of their mind

3) The admins pouted like little school girls, including Little bit and Abby because Voo refused to take their abuses

4) S-Link, Abby, Littlebit, Jeremias, Extra Ordinary Molly and other admins jumped ship on Dommie and later blamed Voo for their conniving ways

5)Voo has recorded conversations where S-Link called Dommie a "psychotic bitch"

6) S-Link had been plotting for sometime to open his own room and this he saw as an opportunity to do that

7) Voo stuck by Dommie in light of others turning on her

8) Tucherb was handed Debate Central by Dommie, they later banned Voo. This was an act of betrayal as well.

Kate hit the nail on the head in describing the events. I was there when Littlebit bounced Voo. She had no business doing that because she disagreed with him. Many of S-Link's buddies and Dommie's former admins are squirming now because S-Link's blog filled with lies has been challenged.

Who has the top room numbers in Social Issues now? It says alot about who is more respected... doesn't it?

And for those of you posting as anonymous, find some courage and name yourselves.

AUNTY KATE said...

Mitsuk: Not matter how they spin this it remains a web of lies and deception. Too many people KNOW how things went down the night meritman was forced to close Debate Central. There were at least 40 people in the room and they ALL heard what was happening and WHY. We could ALL see that Voo was not lying, 2 Way Street was on the room lists.

Some folk just don't know when the gig it up.

AUNTY KATE said...

Carmen: With regard to the time it takes to create a list of good admins, it DOES take planning to hit the ground running with ALL but TWO of the Admins from a once large team.

When Voo's room reopened, there were such a small number of admins 3 infact, and we worked long hours around the clock. I got approximately 8 hrs sleep in the first 48 hrs of opening. The admin numbers are growing fast as good chatters want to help and are volunteering.

Carmen some people JUST don't know how to pick a winner, I'd stay away from the race track or casinos if I were you. You are not imbued with good judgment.

Carmen_ said...

FYI: You can't get into a room with the code. Not unless you've been added to the admin list by the owner. There is an option to allow anyone who has the code to enter it with a hat. But that option has NEVER been used by Dommie. If it was my room I'd post the code here so you could check it out.

2) AuntyKate is just another word for nappy-headed ho. And you're stupid too. You have no idea what I know or what Voo and I have discussed. I have a good mind to post some of his pm's. That'd teach you to stay out of affairs that don't concern you.

3) Everybody left Dommie's room because Voo had an active hat. They didn't leave because they wanted to undermine Dommie's room.

As for you Voo, we've been friends for a long time and I have no desire to make you an enemy. I have long learned to accept you just the way you are and not try to change you. We've had some disagreements but that's all water under the bridge now as far as I'm concerned. However, friends let you know when you're acting badly -- and, in this case, you've behaved very badly. You never even considered what your actions would do to Dommie. And after seeing how badly she's hurt you still refuse to quit. You haven't done anything to anyone else... they're all in Slink's room doing the same thing they've always done. The one you hurt was Dommie and, for that, I think you need to make amends.

To the nappy-headed ho I say mind your own *&^&*( business and maybe I'll decide not to hurt you.

Carmen_ said...

Another thing: The code in Dommie's room hasn't changed for months. It hadn't changed the day Voo was bounced, so there was no need for him to call Dommie to get it.

AUNTY KATE said...

JC.....Yes I have heard the clowns claiming that Voo artificially stacks his room numbers. It is a laughable conjecture, but with Mainstream Politics hitting triple digits consistently I can understand how a room struggling for double digits would think this. It has not occurred to the mathematical genius of the Admins of 2 Way Street, from whence this fantasy generated, to consider the closure of Debate Central, and the sharp decline in the number of chatters going to their crappy room now that there is another decent room open.

Losers are losers for a reason and they will always look elsewhere for the cause.

AUNTY KATE said...

Carmen: You lose any chance of anyone even blogging with you when you use what is well known to be a racial slur. Using the term 'nappy headed ho' to describe a young female Black American basket ball players lost that jerk his career. You don't have a career or any reputation that you need to try and protect, but to call an Australian Aboriginal woman a 'nappy headed ho' is akin to trying to insult a person from Japan by calling him/her a Kraut! Stay off the bottle girl, you can't have many braincells left.

Carmen_ said...

Listen you nappy-headed ho.. I know what the term means. It has nothing to do with your race although you are a white woman. It has to do with you being disheveled and a slut.

Art L aka Wolfdancer said...

what is this? the children's hour. cut me a break. Dont you get enough of this bs on pal, now you gotta bring it to the blog. I use to like the rattler, this stuff will make me think twice about coming back. Grow up. Just like rooms on pal talk, its not about the numbers, its about the content.

Jesus Claus said...

Actually, Wolf, I always wanted The Rattler to be a combination of mockery and gossip, and now we've got a little more on the gossip side. Don't worry, when I see conservative stupidity, I'll still be there to make fun of it.


Anonymous said...

One would do well to know the facts before speaking on matters that one is fundamentally ignorant.

There simply is no drama, but there are hurt feelings, and some attempted to use my being given back my hat by Dommie to suggest that I "destroyed" the room. LOL The room was destroyed because there was a coup, led by one who pretended to be Dommie's friend and was stabbing her in the back.

Question: Was Lord Voo wrong for sharing hurtful information with a friend, Dommie, who trusted a third party, and such third party pretended to be Dommie's friend but, and behind Dommie's back, the third party:

(1)Slanders Dommie's reputation, (2) Calls Dommie a "fucking psycho", (3) Says Dommie is a "got damn fucking psychotic bitch," (4) States that Dommie is a "a big fat bitch and [that] she's not even a cute big fat bitch," (5) Attempts a coup against Dommie while the third party is still admining for Dommie, (6) Attempts to recruit people for a coup and none of those persons informs Dommie, (7) Claims that Dommie is in love with the third party, (8) Admits that the third party informed others to lie to Dommmie about particular issues, (9) Demonstrates no gratitude that Dommie gave the third party a room and (10) Attempts to use a chatter being given a hat in Debate Central as an excuse for reopening the third party's room when the third party had planned to open such a room all along?

Whoa! Now, this is arduously and painstakingly difficult to answer, no?

If, per chance, any of you on this board were a friend of mine, and: (1) You knew I trusted a third party, (2) You knew the third party was calling me psychotic, a bitch, trying to undermine my room and claiming I was in love with the third party, etc., and (3) You neglected to inform me of such conduct by the third party under the claim that you did not want to hurt me or any other such excuse, I would never consider you a friend, and I would never forgive you.

In fact, I would even go so far to logically conclude that you are, implicitly, part of the third party's behavior via your acquiescence. Thus, if any of you intend to do the same to me, please never speak with me again as I simply do not want to be associated with those who foresee me heading toward an entangling web, and you, in your ability to destroy the web by speaking out, sit back, instead, and say nothing and allow me to be inextricably trapped.

Some here tell more about their character of being implicit web weavers than what they intend to tell.

Thy Lord Merciful Voo,

(Notice no one has posted on the board that Kate is fundamentally inaccurate with her material facts? Do you find that odd? LOL I don't because the truth needs no defense. Sigh.)

Sillyfandango said...


Carmen_ said...

"{If} you neglected to inform me about such conduct ... I would never consider you a friend, and I would never forgive you." Well Voo, that includes you doesn't it? How long did you have that tape before you gave it to Dommie? I think it was on youtube before Dommie ever heard it. And it didn't sound like you'd taken offense to anything Slink said. As a matter of fact it sounded like you were encouraging him -- trying to get Dommie off his back. And since you cut the first part of the conversation it's impossible to tell who started it. But I heard YOU sugges that she was jealous of lola. He only added a few comments about that AFTER you had suggested it. And might I remind you of your pm's to me? YOU'RE the one who wanted the room closed because the others had retreated to a room where you couldn't abuse them anymore. And only AFTER you were banned from every room in the Social Section. So don't try to tell me that you did all this for Dommie's sake.

AUNTY KATE said...

Lord Voo,

The silence from Slink and his cohorts is not surprising, they would have to try and contradict facts that more than at least 40 people witnessed and could attest to if they felt inclined to respond. Misuk and Blak who were witness to the night Debate Central closed have left posts. The two people who are 'crying liar!' Carmen and Tosca (who is too spineless to post her nic) were not present on the night in question and heard none of the audio evidence of the planned 'coup' which was in progress sometime BEFORE Slink reopened 2 Way Street. They are just two sad women who both have an axe to grind with Lord Voo and Aunty Kate, because we don't take any crapola from either of them.

AUNTY KATE said...

SILLYFANANGO....and I make eye contact with you with some caution, I have never been a chatter on Yahoo in my life.

Anonymous said...

Kate, I notice that another day has passed and not one person could undermine one material fact that you shared. LOL

I know some hate to know this, but I think some surreptitiously intended that the Big Bad Lord Voo was finally going to get his "just deserts."

But point they forgot ....

I am the one who brought dinner. LOL


Thy Lord Voo

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, Kate, another point:

Some are backtracking, even with their venom, upon discovering that I did not lie about one thing. LOL

Is this backtracking another example of weaving a web and finding yourself entangled? Perhaps I shall give them some scissors, a razor, a chainsaw or maybe my sharp tongue to slice them instead of the "thread"?

And why do those who claim they love a person go to the room of the person who called that person horrible names and attempted a coup?

Oh, I know why! Because they are backstabbers, TOO! LOL


Thy Lord Voo

Carmen_ said...

Nappy-headed ho,
I imagine ... no, I'm certain... that the people in Slink's room don't give a care what you think about ANYTHING. You must think others believe you're as important as you believe yourself to be. The only reason I'm writing here is because Voo got me involved in this. Otherwise I wouldn't be talking to either of you about it. But I've made my point.

WFG said...

So glad to be avoiding this.

I don't even have a tinfoil hat, Clause.

Jesus Claus said...

WFG, clearly some bad mojo went down here, and we're just trying to get all the facts out.


Tosca said...

Kate, you were right about one thing: I was not there. In fact, for the last 8 months, I've been pretty much GONE from Paltalk. You might not have noticed, but I really don't give a shit about what goes down in these rooms, hence I haven't protested anything nor have I wasted time making comments about people I don't give a shit about either. Paltalk drama isn't even on the top 20 list of my priorities!

I was alerted that you mentioned my nic on this blog, thats why I feel compelled to respond. However, everyone who knew me in rooms knows that I've been away and don't give a shit about rooms or which room is top or bottom. I have more much better things to do with my time. If I ever come into rooms, I come to discuss issues and that's it. Please don't use my nic to make a point about something I was neither a participant in, have no connection to, nor give a shit about.

thank you

Anonymous said...

auntykate_1: Welcome! 4 mins @ the mic. All sides of politics heard. There will be NO warning for racial slurs of kind. Enjoy!

WTF is this? Since when does VOO have a designated time limit in HIS room? He never has a time limit, he might "encourage" those on the mic to get the fuck off the mic, but a time limit?

VOO, instruct your admins, will you!!! ffs.

WFG said...

Facts, well, I can't have any on this matter, but I'm speaking generally, not solely about whatever's going on here.

Anonymous said...

Kate, you're a nazi bitch you belong in the barn Abo.

Anonymous said...

Well the facts seem to be fairly accurate I guess it just depends whether or not you support the way voo acts and think that is how discussion should be conducted.Kate backs voo for this behaviour but bounced Bigmac who is an admin for far less than that but along the same lines.
And when you look at the lies of dommiegoddess like telling her admins she didnt know how voo got a @ and she wasnt there and how upset with voo she was and she didnt approve it.Can you blame them for leaving? the issue with the way voo acts had been brought to dommies attention many times before all admins feelings were well known to her. she stabbed them all in the back and let voo get away with it. So she must have been so angry about this happening the solution was obviously to open a room with voo for doing that. Then decides tucherb is the next sucker to play and pawns the room off on him while she hides under another nic and lays low. So tucherb bans voo for the same shit he was booted from debate central which is carrying on screaming yelling degrading women. just being an ass basically (and kate cheers this when voo does it but boots bigmac for a light version of voo)which is no surprise. then kate is banned again no surprise. So voo opens a room which he had been talking about doing for months , it's around election time he wants to make newsweek again. LOL. So if there are any 2 people to blame for this it's Dommie and Voo. plain and simple dommie for just kinda being dumb and voo for being such and ego case that he just cannot let things go see the whole issue could have been avoided had voo been adult enough to just pm dommie and let it go, instead he came back with a @ and continued to have to show how big a man he thinks he is to a few women by berating them and making himself the room issue to show that 'aint no muthafuka goin be a babootin him' (wow big man....not) thats about all there is too it. I think most men would just let it go and pm dommie and have her talk to little the next day. What do you think?

Jesus Claus said...

All of that may be true, but what about Slink's behavior? He's a dirty backstabber, and it was Voo that revealed that to Dommie.


AUNTY KATE said...

Aunty Kate says....

Anonymous 9:58 you wasted the fours hours it may have taken you to compile that load of bullshit, because I never respond to people who don't have the guts to put their name to their work. It is worthless.

a said...

Aunty Kate says...

Tosca, you can fool some of the people SOME of the time. Run along dear. Even without my insights into your personally we KNOW your voice by now, so deny all you like. You did not HAVE to sign your name to be detected.

Mitsuk said...

Yes the facts presented by Voo and Kate are accurate. But anonymous some of your assertions are just plain wrong. You said that Voo had for months planned to open a room, that is a lie. Ask Voo, he’ll tell you. You also said that Kate supports Voo but not Bigmac… what is it about Bigmac and Voo that is supposedly similar? You are accusing them both of what… being misogynist? This is fallacious and WRONG. I’ll address this later in this post.

But mainly you propose that the focus of all these discussions should be reduced to how Voo acts? The conundrum isn’t backstabbing, conniving or betrayal by others… all those things are justified because people don’t like how Voo acts? Those are appropriate responses to not liking how Voo speaks?

My mother has a couple of sayings that she used when I was a kid in similar situations where there are disgruntled parties. They would be useful here as well: TOUGH TITTY! Or this one: IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, LUMP IT!!

Neither you or anyone else has mentioned that Voo has always spoken within Paltalk terms of service and within Dommie’s room rules. What would be the justification for censuring him and in an A room at that? Oh… so we employ rules for some and not others. If someone is offensive to you… then they should be red dotted, bounced or by using the extreme measure of ban. How are you going to apply such nonsense? People will surely run away from a room where rules are for some and not others. We see some of that already in poorly-run rooms and that is why some of the rooms never have more than a few in them, because of uneven application of rules or because of the ambiguity of room rules. Some people like that ambiguity because it strikes fear in chatters and the room becomes a haven for those who all sit and agree with each other.

There is one critical act that happened that I believe is central to the whole controversy. I don’t believe enough emphasis has been placed on this incident during the discussion. Littlebit bounced Voo because she didn’t like what he said. So the conclusion that you make, anonymous is the cowardly admin, Littlebit who bounced Voo was justified. And as well, other admins such as Abby, S-link and the rest of the pack were justified in doublecrossing Dommie because Dommie didn’t censure Voo. She may not have been honest about how Voo got the code initially, but that should not necessarily be read as her betraying admins. She may have been trying to get people off her case, as I understand she was away from Paltalk at that time and was taking a much-needed break. However, I am not speaking on her behalf, just offering my perspective on her actions. I don’t believe Dommie to be a mischievous person, in fact I think she is too trusting of despicable people sometimes.

Anonymous, you posed the question should the admins be blamed for leaving Dommie? I say yes, because their only excuse was that Dommie betrayed them by not allowing them to abuse Voo with their admin powers by giving him the code so he can return to the room to give Littlebit and Abby a piece of his mind. But that wasn’t even an act of betrayal on Dommie’s part. She was merely allowing Voo a right of response to people that were power tripping on him. How is that unfair?

I have a question of my own: what threat did Voo pose to anyone, other than him giving them a piece of his mind?

As I stated earlier, Littlebit bounced Voo because she didn’t like what he said. This was an abuse of power. She had no business doing it. She figured because he no longer had a hat, she could pull a power trip on him. She was wrong!! She mistakingly believed as well that she could paint herself the damsel in distress and cry boo hoo, I am a woman, he is a mean man who is abusing me, act.

If there is one scenario that annoys me as a feminist, is this: a woman is horrible to a man, abuses him and mistreats him and when the man retaliates in self defense, is painted as a misogynist asshole who just wants to subjugate women. Now women, know that if you pick a fight with any man, be prepared for him to defend himself. Do not come back and say woman hater, woman hater!! You started it, now be prepared for the consequences!

The message here that I am getting is this: Dommie, you should have buckled under to weak people, women who are screaming sexism and demanded you stifle Voo. Dommie should have allowed herself to be blackmailed into casting Voo aside because some people dislike him. That is pathetic. I don’t understand this silliness.

There are many conclusions I draw from this:
1) Don’t trust people who aren’t deserving of it. When they show you warning signs, act on them.
2) Women should not cry fowl when they hit men over the head and he defends himself.
3) Trust my gut, most of the time my gut is right… I NEVER liked or trusted S-Link. I expressed that to both Dommie and Voo on numerous occasions which leads me to #4...
4) Relating to #1 and #3… when people show you who they are, believe them.

Voo hadn’t been plotting to open a room for months. Ask him, he’ll tell you the reason he did open was because people begged him to at this time. They wanted a room after Debate crumbled.

The comparison between Bigmac and Voo is laughable, they are not at all alike. That should be dismissed outright as I will do right now.

Mitsuk, ps, I wish that you would identify who you are anonymous.

a said...

Mits, that was an accurate compilation of the events that seem to be eating at some of these clowns.

However, there is one VERY important point here that is being overlooked and that is. Slink opened the room the day AFTER Voo came back with his hat. At that time SLINK and the others had NO IDEA how Voo got his hat. It was me who inadvertently spilled those beans, and SLINK was shocked that Dommie had give Voo the code.

So SLINK's room had been in the planning for some time to hit the ground running not 12 hours after the incident with Voo and Little. And at the time of opening they did not know HOW Voo got his hat. In fact Slink thanked me in this very blog for confirming how Voo got his hat back, a fact he was oblivious to the day he opened 2 Way Street.

As I said, "Oh what a tangled web we weave" and for those who don't know this quote it concludes with "when first we venture to deceive"

Anonymous said...

Abuse voo? Are you fucking retarded? nevermind dont answer that lol the answer is alredy clear. It is so funny as well as sad the the voo cult sees no problem whatsoever with voo saying "shove a dog dick up your ass you trifling ass whore motherfucking slut stinky cunt bitch" on and on and on ad-nauseum but if bigmac utters 'cunt' he a mysoginist and should be silenced. LMAO you are so fucking stupid it defies words actually that isn't even it though is it you want to be able to speak in a big room which you wont do without voo there to back you up so you will tolerate anything he says or does and defend it while bitching about other people doing far less.
And yes that is what the issue boils down to. Voo was being his big bad self mr internet tough guy with women and being absuive and disrputive to the room so he was booted, dommie chose to reward this so fuck her. The admins did the right thing in leaving if dommie is gonna let a foul mouth wannabe tough guy who is actually just a fat tub of shit who is scared of men in real life so he acts out his frustration online berate the female admins because he wants to be star of the show.
And mitsuk please spare us your horseshit. If any other man talked to YOU the way VOO talks to women you would be appauled I have seen it happen dear so sell your shit to someone who doesn't know you.I have seen you BEG admins to boot people who have done nothing to you where was "TOUGHT TITTY" THEN WHERE WAS "LIKE IT OR LUMP IT THEM??????? HHUH??? WHERE WAS IT?? YOU HIPPOCRITE LMAO.
And yes mitsuk VOO has been talking about opening a room for months now anyone who used to frequent DC heard him say it.there is no point in arguing this.

Anonymous said...

S-link you retarded fucker...I know it is you. you are not very smart and intelligence doesnt run in your family you are the pinnacle of that evidence.
It was you that was planning for months to fuck over dommie so lets get real here. Maybe if you would stop sipping your moon shine and the get some sun on your pasty ass, things would Sink In?? no?
You need to look up misogyny in the dictionary, I’ll be generous and give you the dictionary definition here which is “hatred of women.” Because voo dishes it out to women who hand it out to them, does not mean he hates women. He does the same to men. So is he a misandrist too now?
As for Mitsuk not speaking but for being protected by voo, you need to venture outside of 2 way slink, Mitsuk speaks her mind and isn’t afraid of you or any piece of crap like you. Mitsuk has always been vocal on her views and isn’t afraid to share them. Remember when she told you she can’t stand the sight of you? Did you forget that?
You want to stain voo’s reputation cause you cant live with the shit you have done, well time to pull up the boot straps and be a man oh my god yes, I said it time for your hick ass to be a man. Stop the bullshit and lies.

Anonymous said...

OH bullshit mitsuk never took the mic in DC unless voo was there she is just a little groupie cunt And so far beyond hippocritical it isn't even funny.
And I did not say voo is a mysogynist what I said was if bigmac says 'cunt' mitsuk calls him mysogynist but will cheer voo for saying things to women far worse. Any thinking person can see this. If it is offensive for one person it is for all. all but spinelss chat cowards know this.It never ceases to amaze me how cowardly and pathetic many internet chatters are.They will sell out thier so called principles in order to keep virtual online frinds happy mitsuk is a prime example of this.
So save the bullshit.
Now as far as the room splitting and drama goes why is mitsuk even involved she had nothing to do with any of it.
Simple facts are voo acts like a jackass and was booted. Dommie backstabbed the admins and let the monkey on meth back in. so they said fuck her and left the room,
and as for voos constant claims that the "CONSERVATIVE" admins left is bullshit. lola , dawg, abby, man y of dommies liberal admins also chose to leave.
lets get it straight.
then herb banned voo for the same reason so now voo opened his room good for him now those who want to listen to a monkey on meth can those that dont want to hear him have 2 rooms where they dont need to hear him.
It is all settled

Anonymous said...

gawd s-link you are a dumb fuck I am not mitsuk. then again an inbread hick like you has a hard time to figure things out

Mitsuk said...

SLINK-- You are the coward here. I don't know who anonymous #2 is but they exposed YOU you fucking yellow bellied dumbfuck you are.

I go to any room I WISH in paltalk and I speak my mind. Don't you recall me telling you I HATE YOU? I found you repulsive and vile? You don't recall that? Are those actions of someone fearful? Anyone who knows me knows that I will tell anyone what I think of them, good or bad. And you still repulse me you coward, pink dicked, skinnyass, balding, illiterate LOSER!

Slink, I stand by my original arguments, I won't repeat myself but to say this... you are a coward. In fact, it isn't me who refuses to be in a room where I have no HAT!!! That is you dumbfuck!

You have that other blog but won't even name yourself too... COWARD!

Now speaking of cowards, why don't you venture out of 2 way? Cause you aren't protected in other rooms, stay in there with the other pond scum.

Anonymous said...

I felt badly for not saying anything to Voo when he unleashed his venomous rage on LittleBit. I guess I was mostly just in disbelief that he would be such an ass to a lady, and an admin in particular. The dot on Voo was fair and so was the bounce. Admins were told to run the room as they saw fit. If Voo didn't like it, he could have complained to Dommie instead of grabbing a hat on the sly and coming back in to destroy the room. Oh yes, and Voo DID destroy what was ONCE a good room. The reason I hung my hat in DC on my way out the door the night after this blowup was the utter lack of response by Dommie to the situation, the utter ABUSE dished out by Voo to a fellow admin, and the unrepentant nature of those involved in the whole fiasco. Now I sit in a room with thirty to fifty people most nights (SLINK's room) and I think the quality of our political conversations if of a far higher caliber than I had witnessed in anonymous trips to the new LordVoo's. Go 2WayStreetPolitics! Sorry it took so long to get my opinion on this out there.


Anonymous said...

omg.. i havent been on this rag in months and i came to see if anything has changed..... not one damn thing!

Have you people no real lives to handle? This is all so childish. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. If I heard a bunch of children arguing like this over silly shit, you would be punished!