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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Some people confuse cyberspace with real life and that seems to be what you have done Kate. Don’t feel bad about it. It happens to the best of us. But you should take a lesson from this experience. They say it’s best to believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. Only in cyberspace you can’t “see” anything save some letters grouped together on a screen. So where does that leave you? Ponder this the next time a group of letters whispers in your ear, “Come, we'll bring down that room over there.” Why? Because there’s one law of nature that applies in cyberspace just as it does in real life – whatever goes around comes around. And in cyberspace you can’t see the shit coming.


AUNTY KATE said...

Carmen, only you would have a bloody clue what on earth you are talking about. No one whispered in my ear "Come, we'll bring down that room over there.” I don't feel disappointed in Lord Voo in anyway, except for the remark he made about 'taking my friends with me.' That did piss me off as it suggests that he didn't appreciate the time 'my friends' at put in manning his room or that I may do an SLINK and take them with me.

Lord Voo has a certain style, and he wants his room run a certain way. I handed in my hat because we clashed on a few administrative details. My blog was not posted to suggest in anyway that my on line association with Lord Voo has been irreparably damaged by me no longer adminging in his room. Certainly, we exchanged strong views but we are both strong people who say what we mean and don't sneak around behind anyone's back, and that aspect of the respect I had developed for Voo remains in tack.

I posted my Blog about no longer admining not to stick the boot into Lord Voo, he did not betray me or offend me in any way. We have a vastly different style, and I knew that we may clash in certain issues, and I would deal with that when and if it happened. So pull your head in dear and stop thinking there is anything to gloat about here. My blog was to stop any silly rumours before they even began about why I no longer admin in Mainstream Politics. I will still visit Lord Voo's room as my schedule permits, and I will still defend him against liars like your self who think you know what happened concerning the closure of Dommie's room.

Carmen_ said...

Methinks the others are right. You're too self-absorbed to engage in any introspection. So, you know what? I'm done with it.

Anonymous said...

Aunty Kate what's with this changing the post this certainly isn’t the original posting. The original was extremely different, you seem to be backtracking now. You are scared that you have crossed the line. The first post you put was replied to by carmen. carmen got it right. But it is interesting that you now have changed your original posting here. Back tracking does not take away the blemish you have put upon yourself. You stated that you hoped Lordmercifulvoo would learn how to run the room better or something like that and that no one has said anything you said was wrong. Why have you changed your words?

Jesus Claus said...

Where did kate change her words? I didn't notice any changes.